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Sun in Cancer

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Its the Summer Solstice time again the cycles continue with some regularity within these new weather patterns. The Sun in the emotional water sign Cancer influences a more inward yet action orientated energy. We may emotionally pursue our interests but based more on looking for those feelings of nurturance, security and sensitivity. Thus we may feel a bit more reclusive then usual this month. Happy Summer Solstice!

Author: Yahaira Volpe, Clairvoyant Medium

YAHAIRA is a nationally known clairvoyant medium with 30 years experience helping people heal and expand their lives. With the help of spirit guides, Yahaira shares insights on relationships, career choices, life lessons, past lives, future probabilities and deceased loved ones. Book a session by emailing Yahaira at or calling her cell at (928) 203-6461.

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