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Full Moon Scorpio/Taurus

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Full Moon in Scorpio brings intense yet internal forces for change and transformation. Scorpio/Taurus helps us to find security within our innermost sanctum. A wide array of emotional responses could involve shedding, cleansing, letting go of old beliefs, old anger and resentments. Fixed notions are challenged under this lunar influence. Mercury moving direct but still riding with Uranus continues to bring about out of the blue perhaps radical information to the surface this week. Find peace within yourself and in communication with nature.

Author: Yahaira Volpe, Clairvoyant Medium

YAHAIRA is a nationally known clairvoyant medium with 30 years experience helping people heal and expand their lives. With the help of spirit guides, Yahaira shares insights on relationships, career choices, life lessons, past lives, future probabilities and deceased loved ones. Book a session by emailing Yahaira at or calling her cell at (928) 203-6461.

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