In the Stars for March



In the Stars for March
Pisces represents the last of the cycle of the celestial zodiac winter in the northern hemisphere and a release or finishing up of the 12 sign zodiac cycle. In the imaginative water sign Pisces ruled by Jupiter (traditionally) and Neptune (modern times), we have the overly sensitive, psychic, intuitive energies of Pisces at our fingertips. Expansion of the imagination and a merging with the higher realms are possible since we can be more impressionable and susceptible during this time. Some folks like to find escapist avenues to deal with this highly emotional time to recharge their batteries, before the bursting of life coming up in the spring. We can be over sympathetic, illusive, receptive and humble. The vagueness of perception due to the Piscean influence can affect our decisions without reasonable cause so watch what you think you feel during this time as Neptune is in conjunction the transiting Sun. Last week, the solar eclipse has awakened many to new awareness and insights which will show up in the next 3 months. The Spring Vernal Equinox shifts the energy March 20th to a more charging action orientated drive when the Sun moves into Aries.

Pisces Sun signs are generally introverted sensitive souls who do care about others as they like to share their compassion. Like flowing water they may appear to be unstable and fluid. Because they have deep emotions and are highly impressionable they feel more than is palpable on the surface of things, thus they may need to contend with their search for security. Most find it necessary to attend to being financially secure first than attend to their spiritual yearnings later in life. Try to see the spiritual and material realms as a synchronous symphony. Music is your muse, and for some your sanctuary in life. Sympathy and mutual caring are the best ways to understand and reach these sensitive types. They are best when in positions of caring and most may sacrifice themselves to serve a higher cause. If you are a Pisces spend time alone in nature preferably to soothe your emotions and find your balance. Happy Birthday Pisces! Some of you are having strong spiritual searches as Neptune has been passing over your Sun making things perhaps unclear and uncertain yet urging you to seek the spiritual light in your life. Neptune rules Pisces the sign of its dignity which signifies a vivid imagination, a strong ascetic tendency, and a potential for spiritual attunement to all that is. This is a great time to merge with the oneness of life.

Planetary Cycles for March
Mercury in the water sign Pisces until March 14th when it shifts into the fire sign Aries will shift the energies from imaginative, uncertain, and introspective with our thoughts to a faster pace, immediate charging and direct expression of ideas.

Venus also in Aries turns retrograde March 4th, retrograde planets give us time to deepen and strengthen the energies they represent and by transit in the fire sign Aries it’s time to delve into the inner most passions of our values before Venus goes direct April 15th at that time take action on that which you are passionate about. Mars the consort of Venus which represents action, strategies to attain our physical desires shifts from the charging fire sign Aries to the more placid practical earth sign Taurus. This can add a tone of peacefulness, acceptance and practical applications to our energies. Taurus does not like to change and may cling to security. Some may find these energies more useful towards gardening, securing materials, such as looking for practical gains with their resources.

Jupiter the planet that represents expansion, wisdom, growth is moving retrograde motion in the justice seeking air sign Libra. During this time we can continue to develop concepts for mutuality, justice and cooperation as new laws are in the works. New principles that benefit partnerships and business are probable during this transit until June 10th when Jupiter turns direct motion. Jupiter in harmonious seeking Libra, is in aspect opposing Uranus planet of dramatic changes in fiery Aries, urges a strong focus on freedom of choice based on justice and fairness. Opposition to our personal freedoms are continued to be revealed and people are inspired to stand up for their rights we see this now happening on the global level. Change is the only constant. Also severe weather is part of this dynamic for change.

Saturn planet that represents limitation, tasks, lessons, cause and effect, time, Karma is moving through the last degrees of the fire sign Sagittarius. For mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces this transit has brought the tension and restrictions. For those who are aware can move beyond their perceptions of limitation, low self-worth and gain a sense of strengthening their ego while this transit last. However, those who are unaware will deal with the karma of limitations due to stifling ethical, moral, religious and spiritual concepts.

Uranus and Pluto in square aspect continue to bring about the fall of limiting organizations. Uranus in Aries wants innovative, radical, charging initiatives while Pluto the planet of regeneration stands for the breaking down of structures that limit our security ambitions in the earth sign Capricorn.

Neptune in its own sign Pisces moving 12 degrees, second decan which is ruled by the Moon, continues to imbue us with a heightened sense of perception and feeling. We can garner more insights into life, inspirations, and a new hope for a future golden era.

The Lunar Cycle for March
First week the Moon will be First Quarter in the curious air sign Gemini. The first quarter phase starts the waxing growing period of this cycle. Any new projects can be analyzed for their potential developments. Gemini encourages our abilities to make connections, network and socialize around our ideas.

The Full Moon on March 12th in the analytical earth sign Virgo may awaken the urges towards having a cleaner more efficient diet, do spring cleaning as this phase can reveal more fully the new growth you’ve started early in the month. Virgo/Pisces polarity looks for the balance between the facts and imagination. This is good time to balance your intellectual with your feeling self.

The Last Quarter Moon in the earth sign Capricorn the Sun shifts into the fire sign Aries March 20th. This last lunar phase encourages new initiatives, decisions and action. Finish things up and re-organize this week.
The planets incline and we get to make choices on how we use the energies, each one attunes and uses their free will in this cosmic of life.
Peace and Blessings