In the Stars for December




In the Stars for December
The positive Sun now transiting through the fire sign Sagittarius showers us with enthusiasm to further our goals. It is the season for giving as we are encouraged to be jovial, optimistic, outgoing and sincere right before the transiting Sun goes into the practical serious earth sign Capricorn on Dec. 21, the Winter Solstice point the longest evening here in the northern hemisphere. Traditionally we light candles and adorn the fir tree; celebrating the Yuletide and all holiday celebrations going on this winter season in the hope that the Sun will return again with its warming light.

Sagittarius Sun signs are optimistic, adaptable outgoing folks who like to aspire to the heights of their ideals. They are always busy with the aim to get their ideals off the ground. They need freedom of expression, and room to have many adventures in their life for they are natural travelers and philosophers otherwise they can be unhappy, arrogant, dogmatic and high horse riders, who can be tactless, irresponsible and capricious.  But generally they are freedom-loving people who need their space around them. Happy Birthday Sagittarius! It is has been a tremendous year to work on your goals, and to develop the discipline to carry them through to completion as Saturn has been conjunct and going over your Sun. This represents a time to understand your limitations around your self-worth and to resolve any issues which may be holding back. A good time for growth and good luck!

Planetary Aspects
Mercury will turn retrograde station on Dec. 19th in the practical earth sign Capricorn. Mark your calendars! If you are making any major decisions, like signing contracts or purchasing major items do it before or after the retrograde. Most likely you will find that not all the information was there in the beginning of the negotiation and after the retrograde is over things change or go in different directions when Mercury turns direct. It is best to finish up projects, give plenty of time to schedules, traveling because the pace of time changes. So plan things but don’t execute until after the retrograde is over on Jan. 8th, 2017.

The transiting Sun in Sagittarius conjuncts Karmic Saturn also in Sagittarius for the first two weeks of December, there is likely to be a tone of serious or focused energy during this time.  Perhaps, we as a collective will revisit the goals and ideals we share around our rights for freedom of speech. We could devise and put forth some realistic plans to ensure those rights. Saturn in Sagittarius will bring about karmic retribution, perhaps new teachings around our belief system. We reap what we sow.

An urge for the new and innovative is afoot, as Venus will move into Aquarius away from restrictive security seeking Capricorn where it was cautious about any moves or investments. With Venus in Aquarius, we are more likely apt to entertain unconventional values within relationships but from a point of view of a cool detachment yet concerned with humanity’s welfare.  Venus conjuncts Mars who is also in Aquarius where it seeks out the original, innovative and unique way of doing things. The two may impart more friction for us to break through the conventional forms and seek out more innovative ways of holding value about relationships, partnerships and negotiations. Mars seeks self –determination, choices for change and stratagems for those freedoms.

Jupiter in Libra brings growth and expansion within the collective mind is the response to humanitarian values as we seek to grow the spirit of sharing and cooperation as Jupiter in Libra enhances our minds with the spirit of justice, harmony and balance. As the masses organize against tyranny true leadership will emerge from the group mind which is appearing more adverse to self -centered interests.

Going forward more chaos Uranus in Aries goes direct Dec. 29th at the New Moonphase squaring Pluto in Capricorn bring about the needed impetus for those changes to take place. All those who are aware of the call are emerging everywhere some are laying down their lives to make the world pay attention to the need for a new organization centered on human rights. The question of the day is:  are we aligned with the greater forces of change based on thinking in terms of abundance rather than of the fear of scarcity and survival of the fittest based on Darwinian values? Some are listening to the humanitarian calling, as history repeats itself we do have choices to evolve. The needs of the whole are greater than that of the few.

Neptune continues to impart mystical vibes while it treks through Pisces which it rules. All the mutable signs:  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces are under Saturn’s in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces influence.  This may seem as if you are urged to discern the real from the unreal, the ethereal and idealistic notions in your life. Some may find it to be a confusing or inspiring time depending on how flexible you are.

The Lunar Cycle for December
We started this lunar cycle Nov. 29th with the New Moon in the fire inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. Starting those new projects and finishing up things you may have laying around is a good way to start this cycle.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 7th in the mystical water sign Pisces. Venus shifts into detached Aquarius. Our energy may drift during this day as the moon will be void of course. Avoid major making purchases or decision until the next day when the moon shifts into the dynamic fire sign Aries.

The Full Moon occurs Dec. 13th in the curious air sign Gemini. Social contacts are a plus on this day. Good for networking and celebrations going on this week. And if you are still purchasing gifts this is the week to finish up before Mercury goes retrograde.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 20th. Mercury goes retrograde in Capricorn just before the Winter Solstice on the 21rst the shortest day of the year when the Sun enters practical earth sign Capricorn. 
Your patience will be tested during the next few weeks, so take your time during the holidays because of the retrograde. It may feel as if all the joviality got taken away like the story of the Grinch who stole Christmas.  It’s rather the time to look beyond the material world and see into the light in ones’ heart to find the real gift of this season.
Happy Holidays!
Peace and Blessings