Void of Course Moon


The first Quarter Moon was void of course in Aquarius on election day Nov. 8th.  The void of course moon tends to make things go in different directions and one is most unlikely to like the choice they made afterwards. A feeling of unconnectedness may prevail. Unsatisfactory and unexpected results may prevail the candidate of this election. Historically, campaigns have not gone well for the candidates chosen under a void of course moon, i.e., Nixon’s  second term, Dewey, Goldwater, McGovern regardless of party. Perhaps this may explain the current dissappointment with our election turnout and results in who represents our collective mind in U.S.A. The natal moon of the U.S.A. chart is in Aquarius. The Moon in Aquarius represents the collective mind that of being objective, individualistic within the whole with a strong desire for freedom, rebellion, innovative, intellectual searching for the freedom to express ones beliefs. We may see more of this trend for freedom, the revealation of the tryrannies that rule others free will this month.