In the Stars for August

We are at the peak of the summer season as the transiting Sun is moving through its own fire sign Leo which represents leadership, pride and self- esteem thus the symbol is the Lion. This is a great time to notice who your leaders are in any group.  Do they display the positive traits of leadership like courage, generosity, service, follow through and completion or the negative ones like pompousness, arrogance, intolerance and autocratic ambitions?  These are all characteristic of Leo energy. In these last few weeks of the summer we can be channels for generosity, playfulness, basking in the Sun as the Leo energy may inspire us to relax and appreciate loved ones.
Leo natives are proud, courageous, creative, generous, fun loving, determined and dramatic sun signs. They love to be the center of attention and can be conceited, snobbish and intolerant of others. They seem to exert a type of nobility as they can be the most generous towards others whom they love and encourage. Happy Birthday Leo! You are likely to have positive reinforcements this month from Mars moving in Sagittarius and Saturn both whom form a supportive trine of energy to Leos drive for power and strength.
The Planetary Shifts
Mercury moves retrograde on Aug. 31rst so this last week of Aug will start to show all the miscommunications, mistakes, and things going off in different directions that are typical of Mercury retrograde phases. However, this is a good time to do research, finish old projects, and review things as Mercury is moving through practical analytical Virgo who loves to attend to the details, organization and research. Mercury in Virgo goes direct Sept. 22nd.

Mars moves into Sag. Aug. 3 and Saturn turns direct Aug. 13 also in Sagittarius.  This station will feel like a dramatic shift in the energy. The important thing about a Saturn station is that it sets forth the pattern of commitments you will follow for the next 6 months. Therefore this is a strong time for important decisions about the path that you are likely to pursue this year. Both Mars and Saturn are the greater malefics of the planets and moving together in Sagittarius we are likely to continue to experience and view strong debates regarding religious wars, ponder various religions, philosophical karmas with other cultures as Sagittarius represents foreign lands, belief systems, higher law and religion.  Perhaps we will have the moral courage to balance our codes, ethics and justice systems. Mars, Saturn and Neptune will continue to square agitating the energy for Mars is action, Saturn represents the force of restrictions and limitations which can cause suffering; frustrations like driving with the brakes on. Neptune  represents: illusions, dreams, fog, and imagination. This could be a difficult time to discern; what, which, direction to follow as you may need one more month to be in suspension before taking action.

Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are in meticulous Virgo pulling away from the T-Square we had for most of the summer, so things should start to move along now with a better sense of the details and direction for future plans.  However, we will go into Mercury retrograde for most of late Aug. and through Sept. 22nd.

Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn squaring continue to bring about the energy for sudden dramatic events, involving forms of rebellion, change and demands for the reforms of government.  Hopefully, our evolution through this time of change and tension will continue to show us better ways to use our energy for harmonious social systems and cultural exchanges.

The Lunar Cycle for August
A positive week starting Aug. 2nd we have the New Moon in the creative fun loving fire sign Leo, Mars shifts into Sagittarius. The week will be productive for most activities yet take your time starting new projects.

The First Quarter Moon in the intense mysterious water sign Scorpio occurs Aug. 10th. This can be a time to research, work tirelessly and develop your new projects. Moon in Scorpio quiets and internalizes the energy most people may appear to be moody and withdrawn.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius occurs Aug. 18th. The Lunar Eclipse can be powerful for most Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius sun signs. It brings awareness and insight to those who are willing to balance between the conscious self and one’s subconscious forces. This is a good time to perceive the growth of this lunar cycle.
The transiting Sun shifts into the practical analytical earth sign Virgo on Aug, 22nd initiating in the fall and harvest season.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 24th in the fun and curious air sign Gemini. This can be a great day for networking, communications and social engagements that seek to fulfill ones sense of social curiosity. The last quarter moon is a good time to finish up projects, organize and clean things up as we get ready for a new cycle of activity in the next new moon cycle starting Sept. 1rst  Solar Eclipse in the practical earth sign Virgo.

And as always the planetary energies can incline our course but we make the free will decisions.
Peace and Blessings

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