In the Stars for June


In the Stars for June
This spring season ends and the summer season starts on June 21rst.  The natural cycles continue despite any major global unbalances we bring on to ourselves as the earth/ Gaia maintains the balance of life on earth. The Sun is now moving through the curious air sign Gemini which puts an emphasis on social networking as communications systems get a boost and friends become more important as they open opportunities to us.
Gemini is ruled by Mercury this supports the intellectual drive, the dexterity, and fluency we see in Gemini Sun signs. They love all forms of learning and excel at brainstorming on a notion that may give them more in life. Gemini natives love to share, discuss and excel in their pursuits remembering most of the details of whatever they may be hoping to find.  Research appeals to their intellectual appetite as their interests are broad they may like to travel in their pursuits. The Gemini native is centered on making friends with everyone and so appears to be popular. This friendly curious sign has both positive and negative sides to the personality that is why it is referred to as the twins, Castor and Pollux who are flexible or skeptical, happy or sad. They are folks who love to explore new things always looking to know more yet they may flit from one thing to another they must learn to focus and finish their tasks. The can be forward with their progressive ideas and are always reaching for a brighter star. This year Saturn makes a strong impression on Gemini as it opposes their Sun helping them to find that focus for their valuable goals and ambitions. Knowing your limitations one of Saturn’s lessons can help you lift up and out of the fog.  Jupiter also comes along and squares their Sun adding in the possibility of growth and expansion. Neptune may bring them the hazy a notion for more clarity and truth with their perceptions. Neptune may also aid here in further psychic expansion to those inclined to search for deeper meanings. Happy Birthday Gemini!

Planetary Placements for June
the Solar Equinox occurs June 21rst the first day of summer, yay! The transiting Sun starts moving through the cautious emotional water sign Cancer thus shifting the energy from outgoing flirty air sign Gemini to an internal intuitive self-protective focus of Cancer. This is the longest day of the year in this Northern Hemisphere as it starts the celebration of the return of the light hoped for during the Dec. winter solstice.
The theme of uncertainty continues this month.  Mercury the trickster of the planets, the messenger of the Gods moves through and out of the slow, laborious security centered practical earth sign Taurus and will shift into the witty air sign Gemini which it rules on June 13th this will be felt like a lifting up and speeding up of the energy for connections, communications, contracts all get a boost after this date. In addition, difficult communications or hard work will give way as Mercury in Taurus and Mars in intense Scorpio will end their friction and those tensions will ease up. More flow will become available to our actions around the end of month when Mars turn direct motion.
Venus planet that represents love relationships, healing and values moves through Gemini conjoining with the Sun and then opposes old karmic Saturn in Sagittarius bringing in lessons and  gravity to anyone who is spaced out and flirty in relationships as Saturn always delivers the reality check.  This aspect makes for an increasing awareness of meaning and hopefulness of social connections, conduct, moral platitudes for some Gemini folks, and a need to explore more optimistic productive avenues as Jupiter in meticulous Virgo squares into these planetary focuses. Jupiter moving forward now in meticulous analytical earth sign Virgo gives expansion yet it is conjoined with the diverse North Node energy in Virgo adding smoky mists of uncertainty regarding the direction of the hoped for growth this month.  Mutable signs of the zodiac are: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces the planets in these signs are four this month a mutable grand square which can lead many of the above mentioned signs into a swirl of indecisiveness with regards to decisions and actions. However, it may be best to remain cautious this month as we pull the veils away from our eyes as reality verses illusion due to Saturn Pisces square aspect this month. Our security concept about time and space may change giving us a new set of realities to consider. Whatever the reality is there is always imagination to work with to bring about new designs for security and growth in life. We are inner-dimensional all the time so reality can always shift with a change of consciousness. Venus in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio form a beneficial trine to mystical Neptune in Pisces giving us a more creative, imaginative, romantic and nurturing energy to share and enjoy later in the month.
Uranus planet of revolutionary sudden changes continues to electrify our new awareness and Pluto which represents transformation; the challenge of the cycles of life, death and rebirth are still within square aspect initiating those challenging changes specifically to the cardinal signs affected: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn.

The Lunar Cycles for June
June 6th is the New Moon start of a new cycle for life and growth in the air sign Gemini triggers our feelings and aspirations for the new growth and development this month. It joins the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, North Node, Neptune and Saturn opposition of the grand mutable square that is bringing about all the uncertainty.

First Quarter Moon in Virgo on June 12th in meticulous Virgo joins Jupiter and the North Node and squares Neptune, the Sun and squares to Saturn. Again we have the activation of the grand square this month challenging our ideas, feelings, ethics, and direction of growth and expansion. This may be a really good aspect for those who like to be creative and flexible with plans and projects.

Full Moon in the fire sign Sagittarius opposes the Sun in Gemini right before the equinox triggers the grand square with Saturn and the Full Moon conjunct pulling on the other planets. Best to be really flexible consider things for their fun interesting possibilities. Dreams may be heightened during this lunar phase. Perhaps this is the night to watch the stars if the summer weather permits it.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs June 27th in the warrior-like fire sign Aries. The last square of the Sun and Moon finishes up this growth cycle. This may be the time when the plans we’ve entertained for the last 3 weeks can come to fruition. Clean up your space and get ready for the new energy in the next lunar cycle next month.
As always, astrology teaches us a way to navigate the energies that abound all around us to choose wisely.
Peace and Blessings







In the Stars for May
The spring season develops as nature starts growing all the vegetable plants, flowers and trees all filling up and out. Although the weather can be rough and erratic in some places, the seasons continue to be regular and constant. The Sun is transiting through the practical, earthy and security minded earth sign Taurus this month lending a practical perspective to our attitudes and affairs. The Taurus symbol is the circle of spirit with a half crescent representing the life force being conserved and capped by the crescent. Taurus stands for purposeful action, steady drive, determined effort endurance, reliability, conservatism and fixed attitudes. During this time we look for security in the things that have value to our sense of esthetics and may not want to make too many changes this month until mid-month especially while Mercury is retrograde through May 22nd. This fixed Taurus energy will shift May 20th when the Sun enters the curious intellectual air sign Gemini. From the Book of Changes, I drew this hexagram for this month, Enduring, which states: Consider a flowering plant its new leaves stretching open, reaching for the life-giving sun; its roots anchoring deep into the earth, drawing sustenance into itself, as if prompted by an invisible imperative it forms its blossom and develops its fruit, thus Taurus is a time of Enduring.

Taurus is ruled by Venus which makes for Taurus natives to be earthy folks that are lovers of beauty and the arts. They are charming, loving, affectionate, and because they crave love and security they can be possessive, jealous of people and things. They are a fixed earth sign which means they are attached to their opinions, this may trouble them at times however it secures their interest in things. They can be flexible and sensible yet stubborn and always sure to get their business done and secured. Usually they are mild mannered and patient until they are crossed and can then we can see the temper. They are great loyal friends and expect others to be reliable like themselves. Happy Birthday Taurus! The transit of Pluto through Capricorn has been aiding your growth with changes and transitions in a progressing way to keep you evolving. Keep moving with the flow of energy not against it; what runs smoothly and naturally is a good course to follow.

Planetary shifts for May
Mercury retrograde occurs until May 23rd; it started its retrograde trek on April 28th. It moves through the earth sign Taurus which helps to focus and strengthen the mind and affects communications and connections in a very sure practical way like financial and material considerations are important, do not take any major risks but research, check things out, be sure it’s a practical move. If things are going to break down they surely will under the retrograde as things can pop up suddenly or fall through. Pace yourself with traveling and schedules during this time. I like to think of Mercury retrograde periods as a periodic learning curve.

Venus planet of love, relationships, art, healing, and values, is moving through practical security minded Taurus this month lending more stable and security minded vibes to our values and some may feel like indulging in purchasing pleasing things or food. Mars planet of action, Venus’ consort is retrograding through the idealistic fire sign Sagittarius and conjuncts karmic Saturn also in Sagittarius which makes for some frustrations with strategies, goals, and directions. It may seem as if our goals are not quite clear to us this month. Many people born in 1956-58 are having a second Saturn return which is felt like a summing up of a 28 year cycle and the beginning of a new one. Sagittarian issues come to light, like intellectual responsibility, morality, religious, political, freedom of speech, traditional vs broader expansive views are weighed during this time.

Jupiter planet that rules optimism wealth, expansion, travel, will move direct May 10th it has been retrograding through the practical analytical earth sign Virgo. Jupiter in Virgo gives us a time to evaluate our work ethic and to sharpen our discerning minds. Perhaps we can be more sensible and not so gullible this year. We can now sense things moving forward middle of May with growth and opportunity especially for those involved with the arts, fashion, and health and healing.

Uranus in the fire sign Aries asserts independence and prompts change and Pluto in Capricorn promotes an orderly change and may inspire positive growth for global governments. They continue to square each other through their respective transits affecting changes to governments and usurping power as they shine the light on corruptions everywhere. This is an exciting time for world movements and earth changes and here in USA we will have Pluto line up to its natal position at 27 degrees Capricorn starting Feb. 2022 in the USA natal chart signifying similar challenges which were faced in 1776.

Neptune in its own sign Pisces continues to help those water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces evolve to a more spiritual level. Jupiter which represents faith, hope and expansion while Neptune lends mystical energy to all it touches especially our imaginations, psychic attunements to other realms both planets have been in opposition lending sensitivities to those open to the other realms and by the dissolution of faith we can reach for greater joy. We may be struggling with our religious and spiritual conflicts, like who is right or wrong to believe such and such, as the story goes. How can we all believe in the Oneness when we cling to our own versions of deity? This aspect can give us more insight into the illusions we create for ourselves. However, utopian dreams and ideals are pulsing through some of the current world affairs positively though they show where the hope lies yet the unreliable and deceitful agencies continue to confirm dishonest tendencies amongst leaders.

Lunar Cycles for May
The New Moon starts this lunar cycle May 6th in the fixed earth sign Taurus this is a good time to look at what projects or plans you want to give further energy to as Taurus energy can be more concerned with practical and matters that help to ground you like things that allow you to feel beautiful, secure and pampered. New moon phases are always energize us also Jupiter turns direct motion in Virgo this adds to the progressive energy natural to the new Moon.
The First Quarter Moon on May 13th, in the creative fire sign Leo begins a new phase of productivity and fun. This weekend can be mixed with challenges to change and grow as Venus and Pluto form a beneficial trine.
The Full Moon will be in Sagittarius on May 21 and the Sun enters Gemini on the 20th plus Mercury will station to move in direct motion on the 22nd makes for an eventful weekend full of optimistic energy for all to play with.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs May 29th in the mystic water sign Pisces. This day can be complex and highly intuitive good for creative work. The last quarter moon is a good time to summarize your projects, plans and areas of personal growth.
This concludes another month in the cycle around the zodiac. Remember we are the deciders of our destiny by making the choice to use the energy for our best expression.
Peace and Blessings