In the Stars for April


In the Stars for April
The invigorating spring season picks up speed this month of April as the Sun moves through the fire sign Aries and we start another cycle through the tropical zodiac, think of it as a way of looking at the energies available for our growth and evolution. Aries is the start; it inspires us to move forward with the inspiration liken to a seed bursting forth reaching towards the Sun for its growth and life.
The Aries Sun sign is full of vitality, vigor and verve, we may experience a more energetic time as people may move about focused on their individual initiatives. Aries being a fire sign, represents the principle of the” I am the light” daringly goes forward to express its unique expression. Aries must be first in line and can be determined to rush into things sometimes without foresight but nonetheless a courageous impulse to follow their intense inspirations. Aries can be first at any new venture and always seeks the limelight in any field of adventure pushing forth despite limitations or restrictions. Aries likes to be active and in the last few years Aries natives have been pushed around by the Uranus/Pluto square aspecting their Sun to move, change, and be perhaps innovative with their life expression. Happy Birthday Aries! Try to take on projects that you can finish up.
Weekly Planetary Aspects
This first week of April, the transiting Sun in Aries is conjoined by Mercury and Uranus both in the impulsive fire sign Aries which makes for an energetic time where we may selfishly pursue only our individual instincts and wants. The Sun squares Pluto and this may trigger some challenges especially for the Sun signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn whom have been having changes to their ego identifications, Pluto transforms what it touches.
The New Moon April 7th, begins this monthly lunar cycle in the fire sign Aries and conjoins with the Sun, Uranus both in Aries and squares Pluto this could be a challenging week full of shifts and changes in plans and in awareness. Some likely ways the energy can be of benefit is to know that this is the start of new things, so you can plan as new ideas are abundant this week.
Venus planet of love and values will shift into the passionate fire sign Aries and will trine Mars in the adventurous fire sign Sagittarius its consort; a lively time time for those in relationships or looking for romance. Mars in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius will go retrograde until June 30th. Mars will conjoin with retrograde karmic Saturn also in Sagittarius later in April bringing some caution and perhaps frustrations to Sagittarius, Gemini, Virgo and Pisces natives who may feel this aspect as a wave of resistance to move past it yet with the awareness that caution may be a good thing. Jupiter in the analytical earth sign Virgo retrograde and Saturn in Sagittarius will form a challenging square perhaps inspiring those mutable Sun signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces to sort through the details, find new values and ethics in the spirit of service.
Saturn went retrograde in Sagittarius late March. This is significant because whatever ideas, plans or decisions you made or have been contemplating up until March, will be pursued for the next 5 months as Saturn retrograde periods gives us that inner commitment to pursue our personal challenges and obligations and bring things to their conclusion. Think of this as a train track to follow for the next five months.
On April 13th, the First Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer squares the Sun in Aries.
We can now make decisions this week to either finish projects or to pursue the launching of new ones before the end of the month when Mercury goes retrograde.
Mercury planet of communication and networking will shift into the placid materialistic earth sign Taurus and later in the month we go retrograde motion until May 23rd. Mercury retrograde periods are good for research and creativity. Things do go in unexpected ways schedules may change, machinery and computers may breaks down. This is a good time for patience and in Taurus Mercury may be slower than usual however very practical in its approach to material things and concerns like money making schemes.
The Sun shifts into the material practical earth sign Taurus on April 19th, bringing in more peaceful vibrations. Taurus slows things down so we can appreciate what we have and enjoy the earth this coming Earth Day celebrations April 22nd while the Full Moon in Scorpio brings more awareness to the deeper meanings of life.
The Last Quarter Moon finishes up this lunar cycle and this month’s calendar in the objective air sign Aquarius which promotes progressive ideas. Take time to sort through to what you want to continue to grow in your life as we move forward into this new cycle of the zodiac in this wonderful spring season.
This may be a challenging month; with five planets moving in apparent retrograde motion, yet they help us deepen and strengthen our awareness.
Astrology teaches us to be aware of the energies available and to choose wisely.
Peace and Blessings

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