In the Stars for March


In the Stars for March

The Sun has been transiting through the imaginative mystic water sign Pisces. This sign signals the end of the winter cycle and mid-March brings the Vernal Equinox when the Sun enters the fire sign Aries.

The Pisces Sun sign is the most fluid sign of the zodiac as it ends the cycle. The symbol of the two fish swimming in opposing directions while fastened together by the silver cord of life symbolize the dual aspects and confusion attributed to Pisces. Pisces natives are: romantic, imaginative, sensitive, psychic, introverted, giving them strong deep emotional inner life that they must sort through to feel love and compassion as faith verses worries and fears which can dominate their consciousness. Because Neptune and Jupiter rules Pisces these folks can be very kind, sympathetic, receptive, intuitive and humble and conversely dualistic, vague, indecisive, secretive, careless and often are not very adept at dealing with the physical world. They may have high hopes that they reach for through their use of their sharp creative visualization skills. What they imagine is likely to become their reality as they have a strong desire body. Their best traits are when they have developed their spirituality and allow it to shine as they can bring joy to many through their unending generosity and sacrifice. “I have faith”, is the keyword for Pisces. Happy Birthday Pisces! This year Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune make significant aspects to your sign. These aspects can strengthen your personality by manifesting challenges that allow you to see your true path that allows you be your own authority and find your solace in spiritual creative quests. Find faith to believe you are always provided for by Source and stay optimistic. Music is a source of deep comfort for Pisces as it is the language of their soul.

This month features the Solar Eclipse and the New Moon in Pisces on March 8th. This new energy is likely to feel very expansive on the psychic intuitive side, but because Pisces can fluctuate we may be also be attuning to imaginary things and fears or apprehensions. Neptune and Jupiter both aspect the moon lending more of an exaggeration to this New Moon initiatives you may creatively imagine. Plus Saturn forms a challenging square which may add a reality check to this planetary configuration. March also features the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd, in the air sign Libra which brings forth the polarities of Libra air harmony and balance the spirit of cooperation and teamwork opposed by Aries fire initiative and independent action. Eclipses represent a time of powerful changes, challenges and insights. This is a time when things that have been simmering come to a head with new beginnings in the air. Look at the houses in your natal chart will show the issues and actions needed.

The Planetary Aspects for March
Mercury moves into Pisces as Venus planet of love, relationships and values does as well. Lending sensitivity to communications and relationships. Mars planet of action and passion moves into the fire sign Sagittarius and joins up with Saturn also in Sagittarius making for some mixed energy mid-month as they square the inner planets Sun, Mercury and Venus. This can be a challenging time that pushes decisions to the forefront however frustrating things may seem and we may be overly sensitive as Jupiter retrograde also joins in the square in opposition to the Sun Mercury and Venus in Pisces. It may feel like a time of dual thinking, fogginess, confusion, frustration and sluggishness due to retrograde Jupiter. Saturn turns retrograde March 26th this transit of Saturn determines our commitments to projects and plans for the next 5 months the things we will commit to and follow through to completion.
Uranus planet of sudden change and insights continues to square Pluto in Capricorn both urging us to change and reform our thinking, the framework for controls our civilization lives by. We all feel some sort of change is needed as we move forward in this Age of Aquarius. Line up with what you believe in and all else will follow. Neptune planet which helps us attune to the more imaginative, psychic, ephemeral continues its trek through its own sign Pisces where the more spiritual vibrations are affecting our consciousness some of it creates illusions, fog, and the idea of surrender to a higher plane of inspiration. This transit affects the Sun signs: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces the most.

The Lunar Cycle for March
The Last Quarter Moon sums up the previous cycle in the fire sign Sagittarius. This is the last phase of the moon where we can finish up projects, directions chosen, and a good time to rest as we await the new moon. The Moon in Sagittarius brings idealistic feelings or passion, restlessness and adventure. It’s a good time to go outdoors play and appreciate our surroundings. This is a time when our higher aspirations for self-improvement can be fostered.

The New Moon Solar Eclipse is exact on March 8th ushering new energy in mystical water sign Pisces. We may glean what desires are on the horizon and hope for positive manifestations this month. Some may experience this Solar Eclipse as a renewal of their faith in spirit.

First Quarter Moon in Gemini occurs on March 15th, traditionally known as “Beware of Ides of March” signifying the mid- point in the month when Julius Caesar was assassinated which changed the Roman Republic to the Roman Empire. It is observed by religious factions as a turning point in history. It is a curious time especially with the Moon in Gemini as we can indulge our intellectual curiosity. This mid-point in the month does bring in the change of energy as the Sun enters the charging fire sign Aries the start of spring time. And we feel that awakening of our energy a good time to cleanse the body by eating more greens and fruits.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on March 23rd, brings the energy to a heighten level. The Sun in Aries yearns for initiatives and independence while the Moon in Libra seeks teamwork, cooperation and harmony in relationships. This can be a good time to socialize to start new networks and experiences. The full moon may affect the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn as it is a time of awakening and insight.
The month finishes up with the Last Quarter Moon in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This may be good time to finish up projects, organize your space and find time to evaluate the month and rest up get ready for the new cycle. Anything that needs transformation and reform will show up in your life this week.

As the celestial zodiacal stars have their movement and orbs we can be the masters of our destiny by making informed choices that is the study of Astrology.
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