In the Stars for February



In the Stars for February

February features: Groundhog Day, the countdown for spring to arrive in March and Chinese New Year celebrates the year of the Monkey a good omen for the year, Ash Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day and this is a Leap year that is 29 days- still an irregular month perhaps part of the Aquarius energy.

The transiting Sun is moving through Aquarius this brings an outgoing self-expressive positive energy. Aquarius encourages us to communicate with objectivity our humanistic ideals through involvement with group work and sharing original ideas that may be unconventional. The symbol for Aquarius is of a male figure pouring energy from a large vase into the earth. Some of the possible meanings behind this symbol: is that we are to develop compassion, progressive energy programs, sharing, one humanity, social reforms and the understanding that we are energy vibrational beings. Life is moving faster in this Age of Aquarius.

Aquarius natives are outgoing disseminators of knowledge who are likely to be a friend to all people. Their path in life helps them grow a greater awareness of the endless possibilities in their quest for knowledge. They can be unpredictable, unconventional, and holding an objective attitude that makes them appear to be detached or on another level and possibly spaced out yet they are loving folks.  They are a paradox to understand for they can be stubborn with their own views, inconsistent, conceited, rebellious, ego centered and yet tolerant, unselfish, patient, and allowing others to be their unique selves. Impersonal and detached are traits of theirs that shows an interest in all types of people and anything that is different. Freedom to do as they choose is important to them some are likely to develop or invent things and they do like popularity. Happy Birthday Aquarius! Mars in Scorpio may challenge you this month yet in general your Sun is not affected as strongly right now by the outer planets Uranus and Pluto as other Sun signs are. Do as you will but harm no one.

Most of the hassles with communications and systems breaking down should be over now. The good news is that Mercury, the trickster, is moving in direct motion now through the ambitious earth sign Capricorn and will shift into Aquarius and move into alignment with the Sun and Venus in the zodiac this month. We can experience a greater level of objectivity and concerns for others, a good time to develop new ideas and values to pursue.

Mars in its own powerful water sign Scorpio will challenge us to develop strategies and persistence with our ventures, our ideas and concerns. Now we can move forward in some respects.

Jupiter is retrograde in the analytical earth sign Virgo. Since Jupiter is the planet of expansion, wealth and wisdom in Virgo we may find ourselves delving in more to access all the details of our work ethic, service, and any plans for investments are scrutinized well to use caution. Jupiter retrograde last until May 10th.

Saturn continues its trek through Sagittarius inspiring conscientious intellectual responsibility and serious views based on traditional concepts. Themes like ethics, religion, philosophical precepts that we are responsible to maintain or reap the karma of what we hold important. Saturn can represent austerities, lessons in the limitations we create for ourselves. Those mostly affected are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces natives. Look to understand were you feel the most limited and that’s where you can change your perceptions thus your reality.

Neptune represents forces that affect us generally to inspire our imagination, grow spiritually, develop our psychic abilities and intuitive faculties. In Pisces it strengthens these faculties towards the intangible qualities of our human experience. The water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are most affected by this transit to help them grow to a new spiritual understanding or enlightenment.

Uranus and Pluto continue to trek forward in Aries and Capricorn both forward moving cardinal signs. The square ignites changes and challenges to Sun signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, the effect is more dramatic if you resist. In general, this is a time for invention, courage, and ambition for we are all stirred to breakdown the old and initiate new paradigms during this long transit ended in 2019 when Uranus enters Taurus.

The Lunar Cycle for February

The New Moon in the objective air sign Aquarius occurs Feb.8th.  This is the Chinese New Year. The year of the Monkey and this moon encourages outdoor activities, friendships and a time to observe with detachment and allowance. New moon phase is great to start new projects and launch initiates. We may see signs of spring and some bulbs can be planted.

The First Quarter Moon is exact Feb. 15 in the fixed earth sign Taurus. This first sun/moon square encourages decisions that may be stressful. This is a good time to work with the tension and make a move forward. This is a time to grow, develop with concentrated effort.

The Full Moon in Virgo on Feb. 22 brings in the new energy as the Sun is in Pisces. Awareness is the key to the full moon phase. Pisces helps us to develop feelings of empathy and compassion above its opposite Virgo which is more focused on details and critical views. Balance is everything.

Astrology is the study of the celestial movements through the Zodiac a way of navigating time on our earth plane. We can choose how to use the energies that are available, a good way to see this is like a weather report where you choose the appropriate clothing to wear on not to, and it’s your choice.

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