bjasmine-cm-libraIn the Stars for October
The fall season has begun another cycle of time fulfills our calendar time as measured by the seasonal shifts. Nature slows down from growth outward to inner resting  with the transiting Sun in intellectual air sign Libra. We can take a cue from this process and start our own inner journey as winter approaches.
The Libra symbol, the scale stands for harmony and balance and innate sense of justice, fairness and balance. Nature changes its colors and we are inspired by this time to change whatever issues or plans came up in the summer months to get out of the rut. It’s time for action with strategy. This air sign stands for cooperative action, approval seeking drive, mentally motivated effort, harmony, teamwork and impartial attitudes. Our drives, depending on how open we are to the energy, will help us to engage in harmony seeking communications that sets things right with others and self. Harmony and balance coupled with a love of beauty since Venus rules this sign, makes for refined esthetics. Mercury retrograde in Libra adds a learning curve to the energy. We may find ourselves reviewing information we thought we knew well, going over ideas as our minds are sharpened during this time.
Persons with the Libra Sun (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) are mild mannered and peace-loving. Librans try to resolve their problems by arbitration rather than by force. They don’t like violence yet they will fight for principles of justice but most likely as a last resort. Librans like to debate and are strategist who can outsmart their opponent with subtle persuasion. Librans can plant ideas and wait for them to come to fruition through negotiation. They are gentle, amiable, and courteous most of the time their strength is intelligence and diplomacy. They take their time to make decisions weighing the pros and cons because they want to be fair and unbiased. They love teamwork, playful exchanges, and need companionship. They are the life of the party sharing their graciousness wherever they go they’ve got a friend. These folks are romantic and love to be married for the companionship they can nurture. Intellectual pastimes appeal to them like chess, word games, reading, and puzzles. Cultural and artistic activities are a must in their life. Happy Birthday Libra! This month with Mercury retrograde until Oct. 10th may seem like you are reviewing your ideas which may be more focused at this time. Be tactful and patient as freedom seeking change, upheavals and rebellious tendencies are being triggered by Uranus and Pluto squares.  The ambitious drives can be dramatic with these aspects like ego drives yet aim for what you can achieve to change during this time.

Mercury retrograde goes direct Oct. 9th give it a week to come up to speed again in the air sign Libra Mercury fosters fairness, decisions are weighed carefully this can cause vacillation and indecision. Whatever decisions you come to make them after the retrograde for things can change after the first week. Usually after the retrograde things surface that may need to be set right or further clarification is needed especially with communications and decisions. However Mercury retrograde periods lend creativity and learning processes are sharpened -a great time to grow. Remember the matrix bends.

This month we have Venus, Mars and Jupiter transiting through the practical and analytical sign Virgo.  This energy is about service, details and analysis to the areas ruled by these planets. Venus love and service, Mars action and strategies, Jupiter expansion, wisdom and faith. Virgo can seem at times critical, discriminating, intellectual and demanding. We can benefit from these energies to clean things up, adopt a wise health regime. Assimilation, systematic action, service are the keywords for this time.

Saturn rules time, limitations, longevity, authority, and karma.  Saturn will transit through Sagittarius now for the next two years. People born during the years between 1956- 1958 are having a second Saturn return. This means a cycle of 28 years has passed and the influence that Saturn brings is to review one’s life achievements and make plans to bring about a sense of purpose for the next 28 years. Usually the second Saturn return occurs in our late 50’s a time to think about retirement from the track you’ve been in and a summation of your soul’s purpose in life –this can be a great time or a challenging time depending on how you feel about your life. Saturn brings the sense of time and longevity and the completion of Karma meaning  the quality of our past and present behaviors and the sense of destiny or Dharma meaning the code of ethics we live by that promotes our spirituality. Saturn in Sagittarius inspires conscientious intellectual responsibility and serious views based on moral standards. Saturn in Sagittarius is a teacher of moral codes. This can be a time where we review our traditional religious and moral standards in the light of today’s changing world views. The I Ching, the Book of Change consuls: Conscientiousness means preponderance of the small.  Inner development requires some personal humility. Any manifestation of pride may lead you away from important insights. Focus on the details not on grand ambitions as you start a new trek during your Saturn return. Saturn in Sagittarius brings challenges to the signs Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius a time of strengthening and decisions. This time can feel like you are under pressure.

Uranus and Pluto continue to square affecting the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. The challenge for this time is freedom, changing attitudes, awareness, transformation and reform. You can choose to listen to your inner voice and make the shift or allow it to change you.

Neptune the planet that intrigues our imagination and perceptions into the psychic spiritual realms continue to trek through its own sign Pisces. This is an important time for the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces as Neptune can erode our perceptions and increase the search through the fog for spiritual meaning. Open up and receive.

The Lunar Cycle for October
The Full Moon Eclipse on Sept. 27 in the fire sign Aries continues to influence the high energy of this first week in Oct. As we gather the insights from this last full moon we will see the effects March during the Spring Equinox. The energy decreases as we have the First Quarter Moon Oct. 4th in the sensitive water sign Cancer. This last square between the transiting Moon and Sun in Libra urges constructive decisions or changes. Cancer steps up the emotional energy get in touch with your mood swings and clean up whatever is not in harmony to you during this last phase of the lunar cycle.

Oct. 12th brings in the strong forces of the New Moon a cycle begins for growth in the air sign Libra. This can be extremely charged up day as Mercury is starting to move in direct motion also in the air sign Libra. This is a time to glean those new initiatives that are popping into your awareness.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Oct. 20th in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This first square of the Moon and Libra Sun can be felt as charging energy forward with decisions to carry out executively. Communications can be erratic on this day as the Moon squares up with Uranus planet of sudden changes.

The month ends with yet another Full Moon in the sensuous earth sign Taurus. Taurus energy is stable and security minded. The Full Moon in Taurus and the Sun now in Scorpio brings about the deeper levels of security and instinctive motivations. This is a good time to feel the innermost depth of your security and values. Scorpio energy is intense and dramatic. This can be a day bursting with energy as the Moon also trines Pluto. Dancing going for a hike and enjoying nature can be a good way to celebrate this Full Moon.

Astrology is the study of cycles as the celestial influences touch our being, we decide through our free will how to best use the energy, so choose wisely.
Peace and Blessings
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  1. Thank you for your interesting astrological wisdom. I also often enjoy the messages from Abraham. You did a reading for me in Arlington, MA in 1987…you said some interesting things at that time that have stuck with me over the years, including a warning about Swami Chetananda of Cambridge. Turns out you were right—he is a bit of a con artist, but I gotta say I still love the guy profoundly. I have recently returned to an art career after having mostly neglected this talent for over 2 decades. I tried to be a full-time seeker/spiritual practitioner, the the universe has been telling me that I have an artistic dharma as well. It feels incredibly great to be back with painting! I think you told me you attended the Boston Museum School as well. I tried to line up more sessions with you as I felt your deep integrity and spirituality, but you declined. It’s OK; I didn’t take it personally. When I turn 60 in exactly two years i plan to take advantage of the MA state program of free tuition at state schools for seniors and resume working for my BFA at Mass College of Art. Thank you for your guidance that evening so many years ago. As soon as I establish a more positive cash flow I plan to contact you for a reading. (PS> My partner Beverly and I were in Sedona for several days in 1997—you are so fortunate to live there!) (PPS–The day we met I noticed you were reading a book called Talk Does Not Cook the Rice…I later bought the book and enjoyed it very much!!). Thank you for taking the time to read this,
    Michael Zimmermann

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