In the Stars for March



In the Stars for March

The transiting Sun is moving through the mystical water sign Pisces. This brings us to the end of the winter cycle this month. A new cycle through the Zodiac begins with the Vernal Equinox in the fire sign Aries initiating the spring season. We are moving away from an intuitive imaginative time where we are more susceptible to the shifting tides of moods and feelings than changing towards assertive action by mid- March when the Sun moves into Aries.
Pisces is a sensitive water sign and Pisces natives are very intuitive and imaginative. Pisces epitomizes subdued action, lethargic drive, disorganized effort, compassion, martyrdom and vacillating attitudes –this is because they feel both sides so then it’s difficult to choose. This is a mutable sign which can appear as indecisive with the Pisces native. Ruled by nebulous Neptune Pisces natives can be difficult to understand. They are very compassionate, impressionable to their surroundings and the opinions of others. They are caring towards others experiencing empathy to expand their spiritual heart. For some it may feel like they are ending a cycle of incarnations. Mystical studies and psychology are good subjects for them as is the arts. Happy Birthday Pisces! For those of you born late in February- March 15th this is a fascinating time for your spiritual development because you are feeling the strong mystical vibrations of your ruling planet Neptune. These next few years are a great opportunity to connect spiritually with your higher self through your faith and compassion. Some of you may be feeling more open to the psychic forces around us and getting sharper psychic hits on things use your intuition but listen to your voice and walk gently.
Mercury is moving through Aquarius and shifts into Pisces middle of March things are now chugging along nicely. Mercury in Pisces is great for work that involves imagination like art, writing and creative expression. Mercury gets us to tune into the more mystical or escapist part of our nature.
Venus planet of love and values has been moving quickly through the impatient fire sign Aries perhaps charging up our desires and passions. Mars also conjoins Venus in its own fire sign Aries giving us strong passions and perhaps for some feelings for assertive action on the love front. It’s a good time to pursue your desires and values. Aries does tend to make us passionate and one-sided in love.
Jupiter the planet that represents expansion, wealth and wisdom is moving retrograde through the fire sign Leo. This transit can increase our inner wisdom towards new forms of leadership and directives for progress in those areas.
Saturn now moving through the fire sign Sagittarius can charge us up with a sense of responsibility around our belief systems that influence our educational systems, religious and ethically codes of behavior. This is a significant Saturn station retrograde this month on March 15th right before the equinox because it sets the tone for the next 5 months of those goals that you are committed towards pursuing.
The outer planets Uranus and Pluto continue to square off in the cardinal signs Aries (pioneering effort) and Capricorn (executive controlling action) both of these planets are charging up the transiting Sun in Aries where we are focused for action and initiatives later in the month but more intensely in April. Expect to feel a charging fiery energy for a change it can feel like a wake -up call yet filled with insights about how your perspectives are changing. This is a wonderful time for growth. The north node continues through Libra which seeks new directions for harmony and balance to this planetary opposition and feeding into the Sun/Uranus square Pluto bringing in some alternative ways to negotiate whatever are the terms of any face off.

The Lunar Cycle for March
The Full Moon occurs first week of March on the 5th in the analytical and practical earth sign Virgo. A good day to process not just from the intellectual but the intuitive and imagination as the Sun and Moon oppose one another it good to take the time to evaluate, integrate and combine ideas and feelings; the flow with the energy.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs 13th in the inspirational fire sign Sagittarius. This is the last phase of the cycle it is best to finish projects and evaluate their growth. New ideas, idealism and feeling restless can be felt with this lunar influence.
The New Moon occurs March 20th in the water sign Pisces. This lunar energy focuses our energy towards new initiatives and more outward reaching drives. The Sun shifts into assertive fire sign Aries and we have the Vernal Equinox of spring. Nature starts to awaken all types of new growth during this exciting time think about what you would like to initiate in your own life. This season is great for dietary cleansing foods or for starting to fast on raw food in the diet as we move away from warming foods to cooling foods like leafy raw salads instead of starchy foods.
The First Quarter Moon occurs March 27th in the sensitive emotional water sign Cancer. This is a good time to look at what comfort and security you have going for you in your life. This is a time to spend with at home with family or friends.
The spring season brings new beginnings and growth. The cycles continue to move in their regular rhythms of growth, expansion despite some of the see saw patterns due to weather changes.

peace and blessings from the heart
Yahaira Volpe