In the Stars for February

bjasmine-cm-aquarius In The Stars for February
The winter season continues with the transiting Sun moving through the humanitarian minded air sign Aquarius. This sign helps us to direct our thoughts towards ideals that enrich the collective towards unusual and progressive evolution since Aquarius can be an erratic air sign many people can tune into alternative patterns of thought and share with others. Aquarius likes to share knowledge.
The Chinese New Year for 2015 features the Goat/Sheep a positive sign for the world to experience prosperity, peace and harmony.
Aquarius is an outgoing self- expressive positive air sign. These folks like to share ideas that help their friends and family. They may have many friends and associates yet Aquarius likes to remain aloof and likes to separate from the whole. They can have grandiose ideas on how to reform society. They do have valuable and original ideas given that they do usually have more of a progressive outlook than most other sun signs. There reforms can bring enlightenment to others. They are original, inventive intellectual, friendly independent idealistic, revolutionary and sometimes straining to be unconventional. This last attribute may cause them more difficulty with authority figures as freedom and originality are very important to them as Uranus is the planet of revolutionary action. Their detachment and egocentricity can cause them to be reclusive preferring to live within their lofty reality. Yet they are loving but in an impartial way as their caring is best expressed within the group where they can remain detached some may not be comfortable with individual types of intimacy. Aquarius is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus in modern times. The glyph looks like electro-magnetic waves which is the appropriate symbol for this Age of Aquarius we are living through. Happy Birthday Aquarius! Now things should be feeling lighter for most now that Saturn has moved into Sagittarius. This new energy will be more supportive of your reforms and ideals.
Mercury is still moving retrograde in the air sign Aquarius and will go direct motion Feb. 12 and continue its transit through the eclectic air sign Aquarius. This transit has been great for innovative thinking but perhaps some computers, television radio and electronics may have been behaving erratically while Mercury has an unusual orbit especially coming up Feb. 8-18 while it stations direct again. So schedules and communications are likely to change-be flexible during this time. We may seem to be more aloof and self- centered while Mercury conjoins the Sun both in Aquarius. If you did make any major decisions during the retrograde those decisions are likely to change after Mercury goes direct around Fe. 18 at the New Moon things will start moving forward.
Venus planet of love, values and healing continues its trek through the empathic water sign Pisces until Feb. 20. Mars is also in Pisces these two planetary energies are likely to stir up our desire for love, poetry and sentimentality just in time for Valentines. However, after the New Moon in Aquarius on the 18th the fires are lit and we can charge ahead later in the month when both Venus and Mars enter into the fire sign Aries. Expect more energy to be available for initiating new projects while Venus, Mars and Uranus all move through Aries and are trined by Saturn now in optimistic and ethical fire sign Sagittarius at the end of the month. The collective air is likely to experience sudden changes and decisions which these aspects promote. These planetary energies can really stir us up towards the creative and innovative as we seek to get out of the rut and find or create better horizons.

Jupiter in Leo continues its retrograde transit helping the Sun signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius realize their self-worth, courage and leadership qualities.
Neptune the planet that seeks to spiritualize all it touches in its own sign Pisces continues to help water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces realize their faith and spirituality- a mystical time for these signs.
Pluto moving through the executive earth sign Capricorn continues to help us change and evolve our system management and government also we learn more lessons around being stewards of the planet that is where the true “power” lies in government. Pluto was in Capricorn during the American Revolution and we are seeing those themes come up as we endeavor to change the barter system and input an efficient system as Capricorn can be a great organizer. Something to think about is how most of our data is filed away now by computer systems which organize and file most of our data the ideal of which is the New World Order we are living.

The Lunar Cycles for February
The Full Moon occurs Feb. 3rd in the party happy fire sign Leo. This is the time in the lunar cycle to evaluate and integrate the polarity between where you see yourself stand on the side of the independent ego alone in the world and the collective whole one in the many the many in the one. This is a great time to see the unity in all things. The night sky if you are interested in the stars should be very expansive on this night. Fire sign give us dryer weather in general.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs Feb. 11th in the intense water sign Scorpio. This can be an intense day also with Mercury going direct in Aquarius. Take your time making or changing decisions.
The New Moon starts the cycle up all over again this time in the progressive and cool air sign Aquarius. We do get to move forward now with plans but give all things a few days to implement as Mercury starts its regular pace again. This is a good time to clean up any mistakes and messes in communications made during the retrograde.
The transiting Sun enters into the mystical water sign Pisces. The ensuing prevalent stream of energy changes from the Aquarian cool and telepathic lofty focus to the more mystical feeling centered intuitional awareness of Pisces.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs Feb. 25 in the curious intellectual air sign Gemini. This lunar energy can help us find better outlets and networks for our ideas. This can be a great time for social events.
As always, “It is a wise person who rules the stars, a fool who is ruled by them, over and out “ as Darrell Martinie used to remind us.
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