In the Stars for December


In the Stars for December

The festive holiday season arrives each year when the Sun transits through the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. Is it a coincidence or was this planned ages ago? We are now out of the murky deep and intense Scorpionic waters and into the expansive joy seeking Sagittarius spirit. We now feel the hope and eagerness of positive thought that Sagittarius ruled by expansive Jupiter brings between Nov.22-Dec. 21. Then the Sun shifts out of expansive Sagittarius and into contractive cautious Capricorn ruled by Saturn. We can anticipate the joy of the holiday season but then as the energy shifts Dec. 21rst we get the reality check comes on Christmas when we feel the shift in the energy as the winter solstice brings the darkest longest night yet the light will increase again as the Sun moves northern direction once again. The celebration of the lights mark this time as like our ancestors we honor the green woods with Christmas trees and garlands and respect the resting inner change of this wonderful winter season knowing that the earth will again produce life in the spring. As someone commented to me today, “I will have fun yet be aware” , a good motto for this holiday season.

Sagittarius is an expansive fire sign it characterizes Sun sign natives with unlimited optimism, idealistic drive, eager effort a spirit of adventure and a philosophical attitude. Sagittarius likes to express opinions as honestly and straightforward as they can. They are happy go lucky, filled with humor and candor. These high minded folks will tell you what they think sometimes whether you like it or not. They seek the freedom to express their philosophical drive. Most Sagittarians are flirtatious but few are seriously interested in romance. They are naturally wary of involvements that might curtail their activities thus their desire to remain single or seek alternative lifestyles that allow them the freedom to come and go. Their exploits are motivated by a desire to truly learn, grow and expand their horizons. They are versatile, averse to a rigid routine and sedentary life this would make them restless and unhappy.

Happy Birthday Sagittarius! Keep right on following your dreams! The major planetary energy coming your way is Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius starting Dec. 24, 2014-Dec. 21, 2017. Saturn in Sagittarius inspires conscientious intellectual responsibility and serious views based on traditional concepts. It may be a time to review your ethics and morals and see if they are worthy and worthwhile keeping. You may feel blocked or restricted from the usual having it your way while Saturn transits over your Sun this brings a serious demeanor while the transit last.

The Sun transiting through fiery Sagittarius conjoins idea centered Mercury and relationship focused Venus both moving through Sagittarius this aspect livens up communications and relationships get an extra dose of activity. Sharing opinions despite how they are conceived for ill or good may be the high light of interactions early this month. Fortunately quarrels can pass quickly under the Sagittarian influence, forgive and let go of being right all the time-that is a good motto for this month. Saturn will start its transit through Sagittarius until 12/21/2017 for people born during the years of 1956-1959 and 1985-1987 will experience the second Saturn return. This conjunction happens every 28 years and signals a re-evaluation and a re-alignment of your path in life. New beginnings are possible and a time of knowing your inner worth matters more than what status you have achieved thus far in life. Saturn returns help us get back on track with our goals.

Venus planet that represents relationship values shifts into the serious security minded yet ambitious earth sign Capricorn. Relationships take a more practical turn as natives seek others for the security benefits relationships can give. Mars the planet that represents our physical drives and strategies moves out of ambitious Capricorn and into the humanitarian minded air sign Aquarius. Mars in Aquarius gives us the flair to be innovative and unique. We may seek more freedom to do as we please without restrictions during December.

Happy expansive Jupiter continues its trek through Leo helping Leo natives feel more confident and expressive in a creative way. Leadership positions continue to receive this added jovial energy perhaps sometimes aggrandizing with dramatics those agendas in the hands of leadership. Risky business is just that during this time. Jupiter turns retrograde motion Dec. 9th through April 8th 2015. This apparent retrograde motion can result in intensification and focus on the principles of intelligence, leadership and free will. Creeds are lived openly and ostentatiously. We may see more businesses promoted that are made in U.S.A.

Uranus the planet of sudden changes, disruptions, revolutions and eclectic manifestations is turning direct motion Dec. 22 in the impetuous fiery sign Aries where it has been squaring transformation causing Pluto in Capricorn. This is the aspect that creates sudden changes which can topple rigid structures that rob us of our freedom. Sudden changes to existing governing bodies, revolutionary protests and demand for transformation and change are strongly in the air during this month.

The Lunar Cycle for December

The Full Moon energies start this first week of Dec. with the Moon in Gemini opposite the Sun in Sagittarius. Lunar energies compel us to pursue balance and harmony between what we know and what we seek out more curiously during this lunar phase. The parties will enliven this holiday season with folks looking for all types of new information to buttress their belief system.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 14th in the mutable flexible earth sign Virgo. This day should be positive for all types of meticulous work or processes. This lunar energy is great for cleaning things up and there is a romantic energy this morning as Venus sextiles mystical Neptune good energy for art and decorating. The transiting Sun in the last degrees of Sagittarius trines Jupiter in Leo lending more optimism to this day.

The First Quarter Moon arrives with a bang Dec. 21rst in the ambitious yet practical earth sign Capricorn conjoining the Sun we have the winter solstice celebrations this weekend. A new beginning helps us promote new projects as we also feel the push forward as Uranus planet of sudden changes goes direct on this Sunday.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 28th in the fiery sign Aries. This energy will help promote any New Year’s resolution you want to make them on this day. The coming year 2015 resonates to the power number 8 also the vibration for transformation and change.

Happy Holidays and look up to the stars as we evolve right with them.



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