In the Stars for November


In the Stars for November

The fall season continues to offer us a bounty of beautiful colors the air is crisp and cooler temperatures are on their way. The transiting Sun is now moving through the intense water sign Scorpio. This is a good time to really delve down into the deeper feelings and motivations on subconscious level as Scorpio teaches us to be thorough with our emotional understanding for personal ambitions and direction. This transit is until Nov. 22 when the sun enters the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. Look at your natal chart and see what house the transiting Sun is moving through that’s where the focus will be for you.

The symbols associated with Scorpio Sun sign are the scorpion and the eagle. Known for its secretive nature Scorpio Sun sign folks are however kind, sensitive and focused on their internal world that is what makes them secretive. Depending on the age of the soul, the Scorpio person will be helpful by feeling things out and like a detective getting to the source of things and finding a systematic strategy for whatever problem they need to solve. Ruled by Mars, they can have a temper which is hidden until they explode and come out fighting. This sign is associated with regeneration, sexual expression, death, metamorphosis transformation and life after death. They are intense, action orientated with many passionate drives endurance and purpose. They don’t give up easily and always find a way to get their way. Scorpio is likely to keep their true feelings to themselves and agree with others as to not expose them-selves for fear of being hurtful or vulnerable. However, they can be your friend or enemy, agree or disagree as they are polarized in their perspective there is no in between and are never indifferent to holding an opinion. Scorpios are curious, sociable only to satisfy their curiosity. Like good detectives or psychologist they get to the bottom of things rarely fooled by others and never the victim but the victor! Happy Birthday Scorpio. The good news for Scorpio Sun signs born between Nov. 10th – 22 is that Saturn will be leaving Scorpio and moving into Sagittarius Dec. 24th. That will be a welcome relief for you. The struggles of the past 2 years will start to lighten up. Realize that the strength and perseverance due to Saturn strengthening your Sun makes you a better focused person and stronger with your convictions now that the transit is over.

Now that Mercury is in direct motion things are getting cleared up if you got confused during October now you can fix up whatever mess is left over. Take your time with delving into matters Mercury will move through Scorpio intensifying our ability to be thorough and persistent with our tasks.

Venus moving through Scorpio will help by giving you more nurturing, comforting and soothing relationship energies into your love life. Venus in Scorpio conjoins Saturn mid Nov. bringing in an intense time for decisions that are reality based as Saturn brings in the deeper lessons of the limitations or possibilities to any value we contemplate.

Jupiter in Leo will square the planets in Scorpio: Sun, Mercury, Venus and Saturn this month bringing in some pride, extravagance, exaggerations, verbal chatter, inability to listen and setbacks.
Jupiter is expansion and Saturn limitations, these two will square off this month and for the last time the tension will produce some interesting results as to what is possible for future expansion of personal interests. Some wishes do come true.

Mars is moving through the ambitious earth sign Capricorn where it is exalted helps to increase our ambitions particularly for earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. This month should be productive for all seeking to get things done.

Uranus and Pluto continue to square but will be more action orientated next month with needed changes those that come out of the blue.

Neptune in mystic Pisces will move in direct motion Nov. 16th Neptune is the planet that pertains to our spiritual growth. It’s indicative of our imagination, spiritual and intuitive faculties. In Pisces the sign it rules those abilities are enhanced during the 14 year transit through this sign (2012-2024). This means that most people are now more aware of their intuitive, psychic side of their life. This is really no longer a mystery to be kept secret. Hooray! The lies and deceptions can now be left at the door as everyone does know the truth that we are all telepathically connected in the Age of Aquarius.

The Lunar Cycle for November

The Full Moon in the fixed earth sign Taurus occurs Nov. 6th. Get in touch with the polarity that this Full Moon enhances that which is fixed secure and practical with that which is transformative, regenerative and rebirthing Scorpio. Rise up out of the ashes and fly like the eagle today. Full Moon ceremonies and meditations are very psychic and emotionally cleansing under this lunar influence. On this day, if you can go out in nature and feel the inward motion of the earth’s energies moving towards the resting, inward spiral movement that Gaia and the Sun initiate in this northern hemisphere which helps us get into the regenerative quiet state of winter.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Nov. 14th in the fixed fire sign Leo. This lunar square to the Sun is most important in settling issues. Make decisions about those things you will continue to develop in the next lunar cycle. Leo Moon likes to have fun, party and just bask in the Sun.

The New Moon initiates a new lunar cycle Nov. 22nd. A power packed day as the Sun enters Sagittarius where it shines out those hopeful rays and enthusiasm for life abounds! Enjoy initiating those holiday parties to help those in need giving thanks for our abundance.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Nov. 29th in the mystical water sign Pisces. This mystical water sign inclines us to be more elusive seeking the spiritual on this day. Listening to music or perhaps making art is a good way to use this energy. However, the last quarter Moon is a time to clean things up and finish projects.

We are not ruled by the stars as Astrology is a good way to understand the cycles of energies so that we may make better choices for our growth and evolution.

Peace and Blessings