In the Stars for May

In the Stars for Maytaurus

We had a dynamic Solar Eclipse this last week starting the month right off with a new burst of energy as the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus helps us ground the energy towards more practical concerns. Taurus energy is the most pleasure orientated of the earth signs given to being more in touch with the earth plane particularly all of nature.

This practical sensual and earthly Taurean energy sensitizes our senses now towards the finer qualities of this sensate realm. The energy feels slower paced and less concerned with pushing ahead as we did when the Sun was in Aries. Now it’s time to slow down a bit and celebrate the earth, get out in nature, watch trees and plants grow get in touch with the magic of life bursting all around us in the northern hemisphere and connect with the earth element as the Sun transits through the fixed earth sign Taurus until May 20th when the Sun enters into the curious air sign Gemini and the energy will be strongly influenced by this intellectual sign.

Taurus natives are purposeful with a steady drive in their approach to life. These folks can display persevering effort towards their objectives. They can be loving, creative, indulgent yet possessive and jealous around their loved ones. Some of their attitudes are traditional and conservative as they don’t like change as much as other signs-sticking to routines and security is better than risk taking for them as they don’t like to jump into things. But once they choose a course they do stick with it therefore they can be reliable and trustworthy. They value their time, possessions and relationships as Venus their ruler, allows them to focus on the value of things. Venus also gives them the desire to appreciate and create beauty where ever they find themselves. Music and art making may be their best hobbies in order to entertain their friends and find self-gratification while they enjoy their earthly time. Their patience eventually does pay off and they can benefit from their investments as money making can be a past time. They can however be indulgent, lazy and stubborn at times preferring to stick to routines way past their usefulness.

Happy Birthday Taurus! This year will be full of new surprises as the recent solar eclipse has brought in energy for perhaps dramatic change for the fixed signs and for Taurus being fixed earth now is the opportune time to move forward and change whatever needs changing about your consciousness.

Some Taurus sun signs may need to take care of their health as the eclipse can stir up existing conditions, be proactive and watch over these for the next 3 months.

The other planets

Mercury transiting now through the earth sign Taurus will shift into the versatile communicative air sign Gemini after the First quarter Moon stepping up those intellectual exchanges and connections.

Venus will shift into Aries bringing in fire and drive to our desires for relationships to be more fun, ardent and intriguing just watch out for a display of impatience with social interactions. Mars the planet of war and action moves retrograde through harmony loving Libra until May 20th when it will go direct. We can then move forward on plans and project with much more grace and ease. Mars in Libra can also bring in a graceful type of justice where it is needed to sustain the balance of things. Mars will start to oppose transiting Uranus closer to the end of the month and into June where it can really charge up the atmosphere for change and movement after this slower quieter month of May culminates.

Expansive Jupiter continues its trek through the security sensitive water sign Cancer lending confidence to all those Cancer Sun signs. This early summer is especially charged for crisis change action on the horizon. For those who are facing crisis now Jupiter lends the faith, optimism and courage to see things through where the change is needed. The cardinal grand cross of Mars, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto will lend more tension closer into June with Mars going forward it will be Mars leading the way in Libra perhaps more action around social justice and interdependent relationships on the global scale- cooperation is more likely that out and out war. This energy will be more charged up in June. Saturn the force of karma continues to move retrograde through Scorpio deepening our lessons around intense drama; right use of will, self –preservation, secrets, taboos and all things associated with debt, death, karma, regeneration and lastly liberation.

Neptune continues its trek through the elusive water sign Pisces which it rules. The Sun signs in water; Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces born in the early part of the sign continue to get more spiritual vibes influencing their developing consciousness.

The Lunar Cycle for May

The First Quarter Moon occurs May 6th in the fun loving fire sign Leo. The first quarter moon is a good time to look at how things are starting to develop. Get out socialize, throw a party, or use your leadership skills to start a trend.

The Full Moon occurs May 14th in the fixed water sign Scorpio. This could be a moody emotional day. Take time to meditate, cleanse and find ways to transform your negativity. Another aspect from Saturn to the moon may create harsh conditions for decisions to be made.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs May 21rst in the compassionate water sign Pisces. This moon signals the ending phase of the lunar cycle. This is a good time to think and evaluate what you want to let go off and or keep in your life. Moon in Pisces can attune us towards greater surrender to the higher forces all around us.

Stay in the light and remember the planets may incline a direction but we ultimately choose the course by the conscious use of our free will.



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