Karmic debt

om symbolIn answer to a client’s question on releasing negative or difficult energies from the Aura:
Karmic debt is released when we no longer have those patterns re-emerging in a similar traumatic program or event. There is often a feeling of joy, freshness, lack of heaviness or burden in the body whatever body part is affected or chakra area. To clear it using Reiki; take your pendulum place over the chakra and ask if all programs pertaining to this 16th century debt has been cleared and ask the angels or Reiki guides to clear it. The clearing will happen if the higher self deems the soul has evolved the lesson and can move on to experience joy around those experiences that were traumatic. Sometimes this stuff is tricky because a soul may choose a whole life time to clear two or 3 major programs like self depreciation, self worth or simply accepting God’s grace for instance- hope this helps.