In the Stars for April

aries_tnIn the Stars for April
April showers bring May flowers was a favorite sing song while I was growing up not so today with the changes in the weather patterns yet we anticipate those signs of spring and the creative developments of this new season. Spring is the beginning of new cycle through the zodiac. During this time we are encouraged to go out be daring, start something new give ourselves a good challenge.

The transiting Sun is now in Aries and the New Moon energy came charging in two days ago in the fire sign Aries, a time to allow for your thoughts to flow towards new projects and plans. The Aries energy is the spark that initiate directives although the challenge is to follow through which is the test for all the fire signs. Planting seeds whether they are plants or creative ideas represent the spark for the new cycle of growth. Aries is the force that drives initiatives. Aries natives are fun, brilliant, and fiery. These folks enjoy life just by being. They tend to be adventurous, pioneering, courageous, blunt and directly to the point. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen is their motto. The forcefulness is so strong with these folks that they cannot withstand any restrictions. Aries people are forever moving on to new projects but not always completing the ones that have started. They need to always be on the move, have adventurous experiences and challenges. They can be extremely selfish or self-centered, crude, and foolhardy if they have not developed sensitivity to others points of view. Happy Birthday Aries! Some of you whom were born between late March early April are getting the full force of Uranus on your Sun this means changes in your perspectives, your identity with a wakeup call an increase in personal magnetism. You may experience a dramatic change, revolution or erratic energy drives during this transit. Take advantage of the insights and new directions that come up for you. Pluto is also squaring your Sun adding more of the challenge to regenerate, change and be revitalized.

Planets in Aries now are the transiting Sun, and Uranus being squared by expansive Jupiter in Cancer and Pluto in Capricorn –a very dynamic charge to this T-Square which charges the energy everywhere. Look for tensions exploding things and all around watch for earthquake activity or general weirdness. Mercury will transit into Aries by mid-month this is likely to stir up communications, increasing the energy for getting things done perhaps fast and furious try to think before you jump or look before you jump. The energy for most of the month will be exciting and invigorating yet watch for head injuries as Mercury and Uranus conjoin by mid-month.
The Sun moves into the mellow earth sign Taurus and this will tone down the energy after April 20th. Venus continues to trek through Pisces increasing our imagination, ability to love, compassion and values around spiritual values and this is further added as it conjoins mystical Neptune in Pisces. We can have an increase in romantic feelings or the urging for a more spiritual type of love between April 9th through 18th as Venus trines expansive Jupiter in Cancer as well.
However, Pisces can be concerned with the lack of material comforts.
Mars in Libra and Saturn in Scorpio are both moving in retrograde motion this is putting plans into a state of sticking to the status quo until possible major changes emerge as Pluto turns retrograde April 15th on the Full Moon this could create major upheavals or changes. Usually souls who are ready to transition leave the earth plane around Pluto stations. A deepen and cleansing for our souls can happen while Pluto moves in retrograde motion. The outer planets can affect us more as a collective especially around the planetary stations.

The Lunar Cycles for April

The New Moon occurred March 30th in the impulsive fire sign Aries. We have started a new cycle and this should feel like a good time to start projects and plans you’ve been anticipating.

The First Quarter Moon initiates changes in the security minded water sign Cancer April 7th. This lunar energy can compel us to look at issues that deal with domesticity, security, family and roots and make decisions as to what you will develop this lunar cycle
The Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse occurs April 15th in the positive air sign Libra at 25 degrees will polarize us between Aries independence verses cooperation Libra, we can stand apart in our individuality yet we must share plans and projects with others. This lunar energy causes us to consider the blending of both polarities; finding harmony through conflict or contrast. These are the themes of this full moon energy. You may find a good balance between these two poles for one cannot exist without the other. Eclipse energy can be intense depending on where it falls on your chart for the cardinal signs at the last degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn this will be an activating time for crisis and changes depending on the house and planets it touches.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs on Earth day April 22nd in the unique air sign Aquarius. This is a good lunar energy to celebrate the earth and spread the knowledge (an Aquarian thing) about being better stewards of the earth. Aquarius lunar energy gives us objectivity and detachment this allows us to float amongst the clouds

As always we are the deciders of our destiny should we choose to look at the choices thus offered. Astrology offers a perspective to look at the probable weather map in front of us. It is a way to make intelligent choices.
Peace and Blessings

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