Healing Angel
A field of Light

In this session, I prepare myself in a light trance state and call in the highest spiritual guidance and the dearly departed that you would like to get messages from. You can ask questions as they send me psychic impressions which I convey to you, sometimes they are very forthcoming if they have the ability to send a message if not I may only get impressions, some are about how they crossed over, some details of their death, be it a disease, or accident. But always they are in the light of Source or God and are happy and send love and greetings. Often other ancestors will also pop in to say hello and offer blessings to you on your path. It does depend on some extent on your relation to them or just that they are aware of you in your life as ancestors do monitor our life events at times. Most sessions are about 45 minutes to an hour-long depending on your questions and the strength of the connection.

Before I schedule the reading it is best you call me at 928 203 6461 so I can check and see if the energies are resonate to do the crossing over to connect with their dimension which we usually refer to as heaven

The other side is a field of light and love no matter what state they were in before they departed there is always a great sense of peace and evolution help and healing for those there.

Rates are $105 – 45 min., and $145 – 1 hour

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