Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus/Gemini, Mercury, and Pluto retrograde, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In the Stars for MayThe Sun is moving through the practical earth sign Taurus. This feels like sluggish, slow-moving energy as Taurus can be comfort-seeking, lackadaisical tending to do practical things that matter the most like tending to gardens, fixing things, and do enjoy the […]

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In the Stars for April

in the Stars for AprilApril’s showers bring May’s flowers, a nice saying for this time of year. Here are the currents in the celestial skies this spring season. The Sun in Aries shines forth with exuberance to meet the day head-on with energetic outbursts this encourages us to put plans and projects forward in our lives. […]

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In the Stars for March

In the Stars for March 2022March signals a shift and change in our turn around the zodiac from winter to spring. The transiting Sun is in Pisces, a sensitive water sign that deepens the intuitive processing of our thoughts and impressions during this time. Some people may experience vivid dreams and flashes of intuition.” I believe […]

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Sun in Pisces

The transiting Sun enters into the intuitive water sign Pisces today, it starts to conclude this year’s cycle. This passage through Pisces ushers in the beginning of a new cycle around the tropical zodiac in March when the Sun enters Aries. This is a good time to finish up old projects and make ready to […]

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On war

” There is no source of evil. There is only a Stream of Well-Being, which you are allowing, or not. But under the name of righteousness and goodness and religion, you drop bombs on innocent children. And then you say, “It’s for the good of all of us.” And we say: we don’t see that. And you […]

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In the stars for February

In the Stars for February 2022 This New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, Feb. 4th kicks off the year of the Tiger,  it is a water element sign and will help with the predatory nature of this majestic animal adding a spirit of compassion and sensitivity to our ambitions, perhaps it will help those nations involved […]

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In the Stars for January 2022

In the Stars for January 2022Happy New Year! A new cycle begins and the numerology for this year is the number 6 frequency which signifies family, security, harmony, sympathy, responsibility, truth, humanitarian concerns, traditions, order, routine conventions, and emotional balance. The world may come under more challenges due to earth changes and the pandemic but we may […]

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in the stars for November

Sun in Scorpio, Mercury direct, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse In the Stars for November Happy November the holiday season is here as the transiting Sun is moving through the intense water sign Scorpio. This energy can put us in touch with our deeper motivations and the shadow side of our primal nature. When the Sun […]

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In the Stars for August

In the Stars for August The transiting Sun is moving through the hot fun-loving fire sign, Leo.  We are at the height of the summer season. Leo’s energy is about leadership, pride, strength, rulership, and generosity. This transit lasts until Aug. 23 when the Sun enters the practical earth sign, Virgo. Leo Sun signs are noble […]

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Full Moon Aquarius/Leo

The transiting Sun is now moving through the royal fire sign Leo and the Full Moon in Aquarius opposes the Sun today making for a perhaps detached but high energy where you may feel like fulfilling your ideals an offering to share with others. Full Moon phases are a time to reach the zenith of […]

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