In the Stars for August

In the Stars for August

The transiting Sun is moving through the hot fun-loving fire sign, Leo.  We are at the height of the summer season. Leo’s energy is about leadership, pride, strength, rulership, and generosity. This transit lasts until Aug. 23 when the Sun enters the practical earth sign, Virgo.

Leo Sun signs are noble and generous for the most part; they engage in leadership and like to hold power in their domains. Leo loves drama, acting out, and driving things the symbol is the Lion. Leo sun signs love authority, action power, vitality, love, and drama appeals to Leo natives. They can be heart-centered and courageous in relationships and they like to be at the center of the drama. They work on their self-esteem and stand firmly for their beliefs as their reputations are important to them. They form long-lasting relationships based on loyalty and generosity. This year both Saturn and Uranus are making challenging aspects to Leo sun signs that were born mid-July through early August. Allow your strength to develop and persevere over challenges, let go of materialistic limiting beliefs and keep on working on your domain. Happy Birthday, Leo!
The Planetary Aspects for August
 Mercury in Leo will ride with the Sun in Leo for most of the first 2 weeks, making for a more creative time, and the hot temperatures in the northern hemisphere. Mercury,  will shift into its own sign Virgo and join with Venus and Mars also moving through Virgo around Aug. 12th. This position steps up the energy for careful analysis, organization, and strategies all are supported by this trio in Virgo this month.  Venus planet of love and relationships benefits us when it shifts into harmonizing air sign Libra around Aug. 17th this transit helps to restore relationships with balance and harmony of cooperation and to move things away from the critical analysis of Virgo. As we are being urged to be more cooperative during this time of global crisis which is caused by the earth changes and the ongoing pandemic.
Perhaps by 2023, we will evolve to then appreciate a new awareness growing now as exhibited by the collective push to restructure our collective identity as the self vs the collective now being ushered in by Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius. We can realize that we are individuals within the whole sharing the collective responsibility to “do the right thing”. Jupiter and Saturn are both retrograding thru Aquarius this energy causes us to review our humanitarian ideals and particularly those we confront in this time of the pandemic and ongoing earth changes for the next 6 months. Aquarius’s symbol is the maiden pouring energy into the waters of life, activating a unifying principle through the vibrations and frequencies that we all share. We each can access our individual situation as part of the whole we belong to from an inclusive perspective as the Leo/ Aquarius energy may help to negotiate these polarities. Some questions may arise as to what are the possible ways to change and shift from the outdated comfort security patterns of the past power paradigms to the innovative, as rebellious Uranus in Taurus squares Saturn the utilitarian taskmaster in Aquarius during this time. A big shift in the energy this month is when Uranus will move retrograde on Aug. 20th.  This can bring on more moving changes as it moves retrograde it can intensify things.  All the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, and Aquarius Sun signs are affected most particularly by these aspects where they can choose to conduct their energy for the good of the whole, most will be challenged to be more flexible during the next 6 months.

Neptune in Pisces continues to bring in the type of suffering, escapism, or transcendence for some Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces Sun signs. However, we can use this energy to evolve our spiritual leanings, see the bigger picture, and be inspired, or fall into greater delusions, that’s the suffering part of Neptune. Which is seeing life through rose-colored glasses or taking on the victim/martyr role or rather be inspired and seek to create beauty in all things. This can be a great time for transcendence for many who can rise above the limitations of the field of Maya.

Pluto planet of transformation and reform continues to trek through Capricorn at 25 degrees bringing in the force to reform governmental structures as it returns to the USA’s natal chart position of 1776. This can be a positive time to review the first revolution and the Declaration of Independence in the USA. Pluto in Capricorn urges us to review and restructure our systems of government and this will be ongoing for the next 5 years. Pluto in Capricorn calls on Sun sign Capricorn natives to go through the doors of transformation by letting go of their self-centered ego and be rejuvenated by reframing their view of reality to include more than just the affluence of the materialistic realm and move towards an advanced awareness of the abundance of all that is.

The Lunar Cycle for August
The New Moon occurs on Aug. 8th in the fire sign, Leo. This energy may inspire new projects and a charge in the atmosphere to be creative and take productive action. New Moon phases are always good to launch projects.

The 2nd Quarter Moon occurs in the intense water sign Scorpio on Aug. 15th.  This is a good day to work at developing your plans and projects and evaluate their growth. The Moon squares Jupiter making for a good day to expand your options. Uranus in Taurus goes retrograde on Aug. 19th intensifying the need for changes and reform of the monetary systems. Some security measures will need to be addressed at this; time like cybersecurity issues.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 30th, in the witty intellectual air sign Gemini. This is a good week to summarize the developments of this last month. As the Moon squares the Sun in Virgo this is a good time for critical analysis.

And that’s the energy for this month, remember that we get to choose how to use the celestial energies.
Peace and Blessings