In the Stars for April

In the Stars for April
Happy Spring! The transiting Sun in Aries brings in the bursting assertive fiery energy to our spring season; all of nature is bursting alive with buds and flowers. It is nice to hear the birds chirping their mating call awakening the new spirit for this new zodiacal cycle. The Sun in Aries signifies the return of the light of the Sun to the northern hemisphere.  New beginning and initiatives are underway during this time. We are feeling more inspired to go out and enjoy the great outdoors especially now that the pandemic is under some containment. There are fast-moving aggressive energies this month which will settle down around the middle of April 19th when the Sun moves into the practical slower earth sign Taurus. Midmonth Venus planet of relationships and Mercury will move into practical Taurus and will join up with radical and rebellious Uranus in Taurus bringing in change to those who are security-minded fixed sun signs: Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. Jupiter planet of abundance and expansion moves past restrictive and reforming Saturn in Aquarius later this month allowing for more opportunities for humanitarian reforms to develop.
Uranus moving through the utilitarian Taurus, representing money, security and status, real estate continues to square restrictive Saturn in Aquarius this aspect continues to demonstrate ways in which reforms are needed to quell the rebellion and violence across the country that is usurping and dredging up the past abuses of power as to how this nation was formed. New government reforms may be needed and evident in this year’s time. Discipline versus freedom for the group and individual to live in harmony; this is the dilemma of these times the group versus the individuals who hold power.
Neptune in Pisces continues to influence the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces perhaps supporting intuitive development to these sun signs yet challenging the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius to maintain their mental health. Neptune creates confusion, illusions or inspirations you get to choose what is real or imagined. This Neptune influence is still challenging for many during this time. 

Sun sign Aries individuals share the characteristic of being first to initiate action since this is a sign ruled by Mars. Impulsive action is another trait of Aries, jumping to conclusions, charging ahead, and being impatient. They can be courageous, quick-thinking, competitive and aggressive in their effort and impulsive. As they are true go-getters they will have many plans and initiatives to work out sometimes they don’t follow through as they are likely not to carefully calculate all options and they can be hot-tempered and outspoken telling it like it is. They do excel at their jobs and hobbies. And are warm and have spontaneous friendships in love it’s the passion that drives them. They enjoy the outdoors, freedom and independence. Happy Birthday, Aries, This looks like a year for opportunities to let go of insecurities around traumas regarding your identity as Venus in Aries and Chiron will bring in soothing balm to your ego for those born late in March.

Planetary Aspects for April
Week 1, April 1-4, The Moon moves through the optimistic and fun fire sign Sagittarius trining the Sun in Aries on the weekend April 1-3rd, Mercury goes into Aries and joins with the Sun, and Venus in Aries this lifts up the energies and helps us to get out of the rut, then April the Last Quarter Moon occurs Sunday, April 4th in the earth sign Capricorn on Easter which will slow down all the enthusiasm as we get to practical concerns and finish up projects and plans. The end of the lunar cycle always helps to put things in order and wait for the new energy on the New Moon to start projects.

Week 2, April 5-11th, Venus in Aries sextiles Mars in Gemini adding good energy to relationships and communications, Friday has a difficult Mars square to nebulous Neptune, low energy, gossips, secrets, and intrigues abound, imaginary revelations, things to consider for spiritual growth as Moon moves into mystical water sign Pisces until Saturday, April 10th it moves into Aries. On Saturday, 4/10, Mercury in Aries will sextile Saturn in Aquarius with more positive energy for communications, plans and commitments. Venus in Aries sextiles Jupiter in Aquarius and more faith and passion to relationship concerns. The New Moon in Aries picks up the energy on Sunday 11th there is a difficult square between Venus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn in the evening, watch out for power plays, obsession s with sex and money issues emerge.

Week 3, 12-18th, on Monday the Moon joins with Venus in Aries and lights up the night sky, The Sun and Mars sextile stirring up positive communications and ambition, Moon in Taurus will join with rebellious Uranus on Tues, Venus then moves into Taurus on Wed. April 14th, this may help mellow down the energy and gives us a sense of security for a while. The Moon moves into Gemini from Thurs- until Saturday good positive aspects all day until the afternoon when the Moon shifts into the intuitive emotional water sign Cancer which will tone down the energy for Saturday and Sunday. Mars inconjuncts Pluto in Capricorn this may be an irritating morning also as the Moon inconjuncts serious Saturn in Aquarius thoughts about rules, reforms and obligation may abound in the air. Better positive outlook late Sunday night as Mercury joins the Sun in Aries.

Week 4, 19-25, The Sun enters the practical earth-loving sign Taurus, early in the morning more practical slower energy will prevail, however on Monday night the Moon in water sign Cancer opposes Pluto in the disciplining Capricorn earth sign, causing us to weigh the balance between reforms and security of the home and hearth;  we must balance our ambitions. Mercury shifts into practical thinking Taurus. Wed. is the 2nd Quarter Moon in the fixed fun-loving sign Leo we may feel like lounging around until Thurs. April 22nd, which is Earth day celebrations as Venus and Uranus conjoin in Taurus bring in more of a focus to what we need to do to reform our values around the earth changes. The Moon shifts into conscientious Virgo also an earth sign that honours the earth and Gaia energy. Attention to details will take the forefront and cleaning up the highways become more conscious of our negligence around upkeep may be promoted now. Mars shifts out of strategic Gemini and into the water sign withholding water sign Cancer on Friday where it loses its pep. Saturday the Moon moves into harmony and balance centred Libra communication increases and cooperative efforts are evident. Together with Mercury and Venus both in Taurus square Saturn and this may hold up the energy in some type of reform or reframing to our thoughts and values.

Week 5, 26-30th, The Full Moon lights up the sky and earth energies in the intense water sign Scorpio Monday evening. Pluto planet of reform goes retrograde on Tues April 27th in Capricorn, this can determine the fate of those souls ready to move onto the next level of evolution. It will help us to go more with our inner self as we search for a deeper meaning to life for the next 6 months it goes direct on Oct. 6th, 2021. Pluto represents the themes of reform, revolt, changes, death, grieving and transitions. Moon moves into optimistic fire sign Sagittarius on Wed April 27th– Friday, April 30th. This will pick up the energy and the enthusiasm as it fires up ideals.
And that’s the report for this month it feels more upbeat than the previous months enjoy the Spring!
Peace and blessings
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