In the Stars for November

In the Stars For November
This november will be an is an intense month due to the astrological influences of the Sun in Scorpio, Mercury going direct in Nov. 3rd in the air sign Libra which likes to aim for harmony and balance this may help soothe our nerves election night as confusion will abound for several weeks. Mars has been retrograde motion since Sept. 9th in the fire sign Aries now will shift direct on Nov. 13th. Mars is the action/war planet so things will get fired up this 2nd week of November. Perhaps all types of explosive energies will get let loose.  Expect there to be all types of confusion, finger pointing and blaming on this election month. If you don’t like impetuous blaming and fighting stay away from the firing line. Also, on the Nov. 2nd there is an asteroid passing by earth, it may have some influences on humanity as celestial bodies can bring about a new destiny that unfolds. The Taurids Meteors on the 12th and Leonids Meteors on the 17th will light up the night skies. Perhaps some intense earth changes mid- month on the 17th, as Mercury shifts into Scorpio will oppose Uranus in Taurus. The Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in the air sign Gemini will affect the nation’s chart bringing forth revealing information about the economy.
The transiting Sun is now moving through Scorpio, this signals a time of deepening our feelings, operating more from our instinctive self, as we work diligently towards our goals. Scorpio Sun signs are intense, dedicated, hard-working individuals who are gifted in sensing subtle energies in the environment, this makes them excellent sleuths. They love with intensity all that they do and may sometimes be secretive about their affairs, as they trust only a few. This is year may offer you more growth and spiritual awareness as rebellious Uranus in Taurus opposes your Sun and mystical Neptune trines it. Happy Birthday, Scorpio!

The Planetary Transits for November
Week 1, Nov.1-8th, Daylight savings time starts on Sunday, the Moon in Taurus aspects Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto this it is a positive aspect and can make this day highly ambitious and charged, around money, security and authority while Mercury in Libra retrograde squares Saturn in serious Capricorn. There may set a more serious tone to the election week. Tues. Nov. 3rd Mercury goes direct in the justice seeking air sign Libra, everyone wants to be counted yet results can be confusing on this day. Mercury in Libra now direct motion will square serious Saturn again this Friday Nov. 6th perhaps the laws or rules of authority will be re-viewed those that affect the election results. What is fair will be reviewed by the government. The Last Quarter Moon on Nov. 8th in the fun-loving fire sign Leo may help to bring in some joy and celebrations to Sunday. This is a good day to start to finish up projects, evaluate the last four weeks, and get ready for new beginnings on the 14th.

Week 2, Nov. 9-15th, Venus in harmony seeking Libra opposes Mars in feisty Aries on Mon. Nov. 9th the balance must be reached between what is good for the individual vs the group; cooperation is key to the next 7 days in the area of relationships as these two planets will be in this opposition until Nov. 15th.  Mercury shifts into the mysterious water sign Scorpio on Tues. Nov.10th, a time again for secrets, spying, and research.  While Mercury is in Scorpio deeper mysteries can be revealed. Its A good time to research hidden things or the occult and other dimensions while both the Sun and Mercury move through Scorpio. Jupiter planet of expansion conjoins with powerful Pluto Nov. 12th be aware of power-hungry moves by others on this day. Mars goes direct in Aries on Friday Nov. 13th releasesing pent up energies, and then the New Moon charges up the ambiance on Saturday in the intense water sign Scorpio. This starts this month’s lunar cycle for growth and expansion now that most of the planets are moving direct. This week is very difficult for relations, as Venus in Libra squares Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, restrictions to negotiations are confronted. Yet new energy will be coming out of a dormant phase active and alive again.

Week 3, Nov. 16th– 22, Mercury in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus on Tues.  Nov. 17th Information can be erratic, the days energy highly charged energetically, as thoughts and ideas may be original and communications systems either suffer of may break down.  Our communication with others may be hard to pin down. Yet new ideas and plans may get noticed because of a shift in the collective. Venus in Libra squares Saturn in Capricorn on Nov. 19th, this can add to negotiations, agreements in a constructive way, yet calculating way as we strive for fairness to our security. This may show up as financial information on the economy or the stimulus bill. Venus shifts into intense Scorpio; this brings more intrigue to relationships and in a good way may help with matters that need healing. Saturday Nov. 21 the Sun enters Sagittarius marking the last 30 days of the fall before the winter solstice. This solar energy will brighten our weekend as we come out of the Scorpion waters into the wide-open horizon. Travel may help broaden our views at least domestically. The First Quarter Moon occurs in the mystical water sign Pisces, a time to study your projects and plans; Neptune influences this day with a more mystical, inventive, dreamy poetic imagery helpful for those who are spiritually and artistically inclined.

4th Week, Nov. 23rd– 30th, Mercury trines Neptune on Monday the 23rd, beaming more creativity, and inspiration our way, this week will be sort of passive energetically. On Thurs. 26th, Thanksgiving may find many people over -cooking and eating but the Moon in Taurus helps us enjoy our blessings, bounty and security. Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus, this can be a positive aspect, allowing us to love and appreciate others rather than to cling to material aspects of shopping on this black Friday Nov. 27th. Expect Out of the blue, financial news may influence our spending this holiday season.
On Nov. 28th, Neptune planet of illusions, spiritualality and the higher dimensions, in its own sign Pisces, wakes up from its 5-month slumber and will move direct. This transit will continue to provide more cool aid to those who tune into these imaginative thought forms however Neptune in Pisces rules over viruses perhaps more clarity will emerge rather than coverups and denials, breakthroughs are possible for the next 6 months. Finally, we finish this month with the last Lunar Eclipse of the season, in the witty and fun air sign Gemini. A bright Full Moon to help illuminate the mind, this is a good time for evaluation, share and review information. An Eclipse brings about awakenings and positive changes for those charts with Gemini, Virgo, and Sagittarius in this time are more likely to feel it.

Happy Holidays and be safe,