In the Stars for September

In the Stars for September
The summer season comes to an end this month with the transiting Sun in practical service orientated earth sign Virgo. It’s the beginning of the harvest time, cleaning gardens, harvesting produce, and keeping things organized. This solar energy encourages us to be efficient, practical, and organized as we go about our affairs. You may here others actually being more courteous, serviceable during this time as a general positive influence. The seasonal storms will pass and nature promotes its balance at the Fall Equinox on Sept. 22nd the Sun enters Libra.
Virgo Sun Signs are incredibly busy sorting their lifework and service, they like keeping things in order, they are mentally active, as they are detail orientated and encourage to maintain the purity of the mind, as they are ruled by quicksilver Mercury the messenger of the gods. This can make some of them to be witty, playful with words, and poetic conversationalist, yet some may be unpredictable, variable, changeable, fluctuating, and moody. They are serviceable feel a sense of duty to the fellow man they abhor procrastination, laziness, or tardiness in themselves as well as others. They are career-driven interested in doing an excellent job weather they work for others or are self- employed. They are devoted to their friends and family. Diet and hygiene come naturally to them and some are diet gurus helping others with their vast research in this area. These are great gentle souls and lovers of humanity Happy Birthday Virgo, This year will continue to support your efforts Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn will keep you steady and the till while Neptune in Pisces can send challenging vibrations that affect your consciousness spiritualizing your mind.

The Planetary Shifts through the September
Week 1, Sept. 1-6th, The Full Moon brightens the night sky in the mystical dreamy water sign Pisces opposite the Sun in Virgo, it is a good day, on this Tues. Sept. 1, to assess your perception of reality among the facts in order to evaluate the shifts and changes that are happening while the Moon aspects radical Uranus. We may think about what are the forces behind all the current societal disruptions and respond with insight that the force of change is needed to re-create a better status quo. Mercury in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn trine bringing depth and intensity to communications. And more serious exchanges midweek as Mercury trines with Saturn in Capricorn. Mercury finishes it trek through Virgo and moves into harmonious seeking Libra on Sept. 5th. We will notice a shift int our style of communication as Mercury will be more polite and diplomatic. Venus will shift into fun fire sign Leo on Sept. 6th giving a lighthearted touch to the Labor Day Holiday on the 7th this year. Venus in Leo encourages our relationships, values, and commitments with more generous attitudes of love, playfulness and yet could still bring up drama in negotiations.

Week 2, Sept. 7th-13th, The Labor Day Holiday is about enjoying the status quo comfort and security we share while the Moon is in Taurus. On Wed. Sept. 9th, fiery energetic Mars in its own sign Aries, goes retrograde for a long period between until Nov. 14th, Mars rules our actions, challenges, courage, vitality, immune systems, competitions, and war to name a few things. We want to continue to be vigilant regarding the virus, and irritations, rebellion especially around the election time which looks astrologically difficult and confusing since Mercury will be retrograde in Oct.14th and turns direct on election week Nov. 3rd. Keeping this in mind as you make your plans during this time. During its retrograde phase, Mars in Aries may slow down Aries Sun signs and frustrate Cancers, Libras, and Capricorns natives. The Last Quarter Moon slows down the energy after the Full Moon in the witty air sign Gemini. Increasing our capacity to share information and learn from life. The nice big shift on Sat. Sept.12th is Jupiter goes direct and starts to move ahead of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, this transit should increase the speed the expansion of our goals and aspirations, as we are nearing the end of Jupiter in its fall in Capricorn and its upliftment in Aquarius where it can do more with humanitarian agendas starting Dec. 20th, just in time for the holidays.

Week 3, Sept. 14th-20th, Monday looks to be full of surprises as the Moon in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus some of the themes will be new about changes in the monetary system, we may feel aimless and adrift about the changes. The Sun in Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn will increase our energy to overcome obstacles and boost our successes. A big shift this week with The New Moon on Thurs. Sept. 17th the practical earth sign Virgo this will heighten our analysis of what decisions are necessary in order to move forward with our plans and goals. Virgo likes to clean and organize all it analyzes, the Moon will trine Saturn and Pluto on this day, and coupled with it being the new moon- a new start is in order Sunday, Sept. 20th a Mercury square Pluto could bring up tense and difficult themes of communication, not a good day to debate others unless you plan on winning.

Week 4, Sept. 21-27th, On Tuesday, Sept. 22nd, the transiting Sun enters harmonious air sign Libra, the Autumnal Equinox the first day of fall cooler breezes and changes in the colors of the landscape, a time to see this season’s bounty appear and time to find balance in life.  Mercury moves into the mysterious secretive water sign Scorpio on Sunday the 27th. This transit could increase underhanded communication tactics, spying, lying, and deceptive triggers in the media, also the truth could come spilling out of nowhere, especially with this election turning nastier for about two weeks before it goes retrograde into harmonious justice-seeking Libra.

Week 5, Sept. 28-30th, On Monday, Sept. 28th, Saturn in Capricorn goes direct this is a powerful shift as the Lord of Karma, time, limitations, tasks, obligations starts its trek through the last degrees of Capricorn where it continues you usher out its message, one to continue to have patience and persistence as we have been growing through limitations, changes, disruptions to the status quo,  for the last two years, it will move into Aquarius in Dec. ushering a new era for humanity.

September has major shifts and challenges, enjoy the change in season.
Peace and Blessings

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