In the Stars for May


In the Stars for May

The spring season continues with the Sun transiting through the practical earth sign Taurus. Taurus natives are lovers of the earth, wealth and beauty. They are loyal friends and enjoy socializing and celebrating life. Taurus Sun signs do possess will power and determination to get what they want, be it status, wealth and wisdom. They strive for spiritual truth by working with the practical aspects of life.  Taurus keywords are “I have” this pertains to the mastery over practical matters, achievements and acquisitions; so that they enjoy them and share them with their family and friends.  Since Venus rules Taurus they have a high appreciation for art, luxuries, food; anything of beauty, fulfilment and security; be it emotional or material is very important to them like savings, pensions, and status. They give and expect loyalty from their friends whom they may try to possess or take on their grief by being of help. Taurus needs to learn to not take on their burdens. They are more involved with the execution of their will power than their self- analysis as they do fulfil their ambitions. Happy Birthday Taurus, Uranus the planet of change is stirring up your consciousness to change those security beliefs, programs and habits. This is a dramatic year is for those Taurus folks born between April 19-May 2nd. Keep your hope and an open mind this year as a shift in consciousness can point the way to a new life pattern for you.

Planetary Aspects for May

May 5th brings a shift in the Moon’s Nodes. The North Node of the Moon will shift into Gemini this week and will transit through this curious air sign for until January 2022. The significance of the Nodes is that it points to the direction we are moving towards to learn and grow and in the intellectual air sign Gemini that would be about communications, intellect, ideas, and perspectives.  This transit will help lift up our collective thinking and increase our capacity to tune into new information, however, we could get scattered in the process of assessing so much new information. Whereas, while the Nodes were in the emotional water sign Cancer we accessed information intuitively and processed more through our comfort zone of emotionalism which was riding high through our agendas, and or defences; like protectionism as an agenda to protect one’s own regardless of others rights.
The energy is strong around the first weekend on Mother’s Day May 10th. Be careful with words and use diplomacy with respect to others opinions as the air is full of frustrations this weekend.

On May 11th, Mercury in the fixed earth sign Taurus will square Mars in the fixed sign Aquarius this can make us feel more critical, hypersensitive and apt to jump to conclusions without all the facts. Mercury in Taurus likes practical and method local approach to problem-solving. Mars in Aquarius likes to do its own thing.
Venus transiting through Gemini will help with communications and networking this month and will help us in keeping things more upbeat by being open to learning and gathering information.

The Sun in Taurus squares and Mars in Aquarius, on May 13th,  this aspect can add more friction to the tensions felt by all who feel cooped up.   Mars will shift into Pisces mid-month easing some of the tension in the air.

Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wealth, wisdom and faith continues through the last degrees of Capricorn, not its best placement to produce wealth and expansion so restrictions and more delays are likely in these areas.

Saturn transiting through Aquarius is in aspect to all the fixed signs more strongly for the next 2 months those signs being Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius whom will feel some restraint and discipline that Saturn stands to influence their sign. This adds to the tension, uncertainty, fears, and restrictions definitely in the air collectively. But Saturn in Aquarius likes to promote control through forms of discipline, structure and strength through group energy thus we may experience more pressure from our peers and governments, during the next two months before Saturn retrogrades back into Capricorn. Yet through this process, we can come up with innovative ideas and plans for better future security as economic changes persist due to all types of manmade and natural changes perhaps more intense than those seen so far.

Retrograde Planets
There are 4 planets moving in apparent retrograde motion this month which is not a bad thing because retrograde planets can help us strengthen our resolve and values by deepening our awareness through the sign they are transiting.  They are Venus in Gemini, Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius and Pluto in Capricorn.
Venus in Gemini helps us with networking and communications people do feel they are finding new ways to connect through the media and internet.

Jupiter in Capricorn can help us strengthen our personal perseverance and overcome limiting beliefs concerning money, resources and ambitions that are currently curtailed. However, things will look better in the latter part of December when Jupiter enters into Aquarius.
Unique discoveries will be possible with Saturn in Aquarius, as this placement can encourage the discipline needed and the creativity to discover new forms in math, and scientific breakthroughs. More can be discovered during the next 2 months considering our group work, affiliations, political clubs, etc. A sense of fairness and justice can prevail while Saturn transits through Aquarius. Social relations may be stressed as groups of people align with their respective allegiances.

Pluto transforms and helps break up the old structures as it makes way for the new. A time of transformation –go with the flow and trust the plan will work out for our new evolution.

Lastly, Neptune is travelling through its own sign Pisces can be helpful in helping us to reframe our beliefs, faiths, and spiritual perspectives. The higher we rise in frequency the more we are apt to perceive what lies beyond the veils we call dimensions. This process can reveal or conceal the truth for those who have eyes to see.  This transit perhaps according to western astrologers harkens the start of the Age of Aquarius.

Lunar Cycles for May
The first week of May we have the Full Moon in the intense water sign Scorpio, a good time to dig deep into your desires, work hard and balance security issues that come up on Thurs. May 7th.  Inner work is always good while the Moon is in Scorpio.  On Mother’s Day May 10th, the Moon moves through the upbeat enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius.  Hold back on any controversial topics this weekend if you want to enjoy the time, Saturn turns retrograde in Aquarius and things may feel like they are standing still for a week yet we can make commitments to the programs or plans we want to commit to for a cycle of 5 months, until Saturn goes direct again in late September 2020.

The second week of May, the Last Quarter Moon occurs on Thurs. May 14th, in the progressive air sign Aquarius, and Jupiter goes retrograde. The last quarter moon phase is good for summing things up, organize and decide what you want to scrap or preserve.

The third week, Venus planet of love, relations, negotiations and health goes retrograde in the air sign Gemini until June 25th.  Venus retrograde can help us to extend our information around relations, diplomacy, and superficial interests. However, we may continue to indulge in food and luxuries during this time. Jupiter in Capricorn, the planet that represents growth and expansion of resources, beliefs and higher education also goes in apparent retrograde motion; we can develop our wisdom through the restrictions placed upon us at this time. Spiritual growth is assured if we rise up to the challenge and persevere thus gaining in strength along the way.

The fourth week of May, the Sun enters into the air sign Gemini and the energy picks up as we attune to the news and all the new and innovative information in the air. Gemini being a witty air sign likes to share and network with others. The New Moon ushers in new energy in the air sign Gemini and we start a new lunar cycle. We can perhaps think of new plans and projects whilst we get to move about outside this weekend.

The last week in May 25th our Memorial Day, may find us closer to home, the Moon will be in the water sign Cancer which encourages us to stay with family and friends. The Moon makes a nice aspect to Mars transiting through the intuitive water sign Pisces, may encourage us to go with the flow as our imaginations are heightened as well as our emotional radar on this holiday. This will shift the flow of energy towards a more mellow approach to life. The Second Quarter Moon in the practical analytical earth sign Virgo fastens us to those details and organization skills are put to the
In summary, the energy will settle now for the next few months, stay healthy.
Peace and Blessings

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