Saturn goes Direct

saturn-2554489_1920bjasmine-cm-sagittariusSaturn goes direct today it is at 21 degrees Sagittarius were it has been trekking through this fire sign since Sept. 18, 2015. This is an important station that will help us determine what course of action, focus we will commit to for the next 5 months.  Also of note is that we are in the last few months of Saturn’s  transit through the fire sign Sagittarius  and it will conjunct the galactic center point coming up this fall starting Nov. 23rd then it will shift into the ambitious earth sign Capricorn which it rules in December 20, 2017. We have yet to realize the lessons we have deepened well within our consciousness. We have experienced a focus of sharing values  in the last few years around the areas that Sagittarius rules like, foreigners, education, religion, belief systems and of course Sagittarius  Sun signs were aspected the most. If you were under duress for most of the last two years take heart it’s almost over. You may want to look at ways in which you have been stabilized and strengthened by old Saturn. Hopefully, we are all better at ethics, morals and letting go of limitations  and fears inherited or learned by the echelons of morality, like culture, law, religion and such paradigms.