In the Stars for May


In the Stars for May

The mellow Taurus energy of this month helps us to be stable and perhaps remain fixed in our own views as the Sun transits through this earth sign. Taurus is ruled by Venus which lends an air of peacefulness, enjoyment of the arts, nature, and love. This is a good time to be comfortable and not try to change too many variables also since Mercury and Jupiter are retrograde. Mercury goes direct on May 4th and Jupiter June 10th.
Taurus folks by nature are modest, charming, affectionate souls who like to be appreciated for what they have. Their strong need for security sometimes lets their affectionate nature become possessive of the people they love and the things they own. If they are fixed in their views they can become stubborn if they are contradicted. They can change but just give them time. They are able to endure hardships and are often good with business dealings. They love luxury, art and good food. In friendship they are usually loyal and trustworthy. Happy Birthday Taurus! This year transformative Pluto in Capricorn continues to urge you to change your ego structure so go with the flow and let go of anything material that is holding you back.

Mercury will go direct May 4th in the fire sign Aries. Mercury will start to move in its usual pace by May 13th. By the middle of May things will be clear and anything that needs fixing or re-addressing will show up. Often times if you signed any contracts or made plans those things will be changing after the retrograde.

Venus moves in the fire sign Aries for all of May charging up the flames of inspiration especially within relationships and negotiations. Watch out for me first attitudes this placement can garner and aggressive social expressions. Mars moves through Gemini where it seeks to express strategies through intellectual debates, speech, communication systems. This transit stirs up restlessness in the energy for most of May. Saturn planet of karma, limitation and tests is moving through Sagittarius and will be opposed by Mars in Gemini later in May and into early June causing a hold up in the flow of energy. Friction, frustration and a sense of limitation will color the last week of May.

Jupiter planet of expansion continues to fair minded Libra in retrograde motion it helps us to internalize the concepts of justice, fair play in relationships and negotiations. Cooperative partnerships get a boost during this time but any plans to expand ones business dealings are on hold until middle of June.

Uranus and Pluto continue to square up oppositions, challenges to the authority of governments which you can see the youth now moving forward to gain justice for all.

Mystical Neptune continues its trek through the water sign Pisces. This can be a time of mystical experiences especially for water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Neptune operates through the realms of our imagination. We can experience more psychic impressions and spiritual attunement. However for those not so well grounded in spiritual disciplines like meditation or art we can see more disillusionment in the masses as deception is part of how Neptune operates to test our sense of reality.

The Moon’s node shifts into Leo/Aquarius at 29 degrees this month. This transit will have an impact on all fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. The nodes represent the past and the future direction. For those affected look for changes in direction, life purpose can be blurred for a short time as a new path will be sought out. The north node in Leo addresses the need to develop a creative approach to leadership and the south node in Aquarius is the past patterns of the collective we can leave behind.

The Lunar Cycle for May
May 2nd starts the lunar cycle with the First Quarter Moon in the fire sign Leo. New initiatives, drives and happy times are ahead this week; yet with a bit of a slow down or our focus being on our internal energy as Mercury shifts into direct motion.

Full Moon in the intense water sign Scorpio on May 10th.  This energies the middle of the month with a strong energy to maintain the status quo as the Sun in Taurus likes to keep things practical, the Moon in Scorpio gives us the intensity and drive to finish up or follow through with our activities. This could be an intense week for most as we are feeling powerful passionate emotions.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs May 18th in the fixed air sign Aquarius. This lunar transit helps us maintain an objective and detached attitude with our relations. This is a good time to come from the intellectual center and finish up plans and projects for this lunar cycle. Freedom and independence are the way through during this lunar influence helps us to be autonomous.

The New Moon occurs May 25 in the curious air sign Gemini. This new force of energy shines with the Sun now in Gemini now bringing in a more carefree, intellectual and social aspect to the influencing energy. Gemini is a versatile, flexible air sign that likes to study, research and communicate new ideas with humor and brilliance as it is ruled by the trickster Mercury.

As always it is the stars can influence our lives but we get to make the choices by knowing them.
Peace and Blessings