Sun in Virgo- Mercury Retrograde-Solar/Lunar Eclipse



In the Stars for September
The end of the summer season is here with the transiting Sun in the analytical earth sign Virgo. This is the time to clean up the gardens and get ready for the harvest at the Autumnal Equinox when the Sun shifts into Libra. This change in the planetary energies lends a strong focus on material matters. Virgo signifies purity, fertility, chastity and rules over the plant kingdom. This sign is adaptable allowing us to be more flexible and yielding in our actions. Mercury rules Virgo natives so this month we have a more analytical approach to our direction checking information and details for the most part. Especially since Mercury will turn retrograde Sept. 18th. Mercury retrograde enhances relations in the air sign Libra. Our focus on establishing harmony with others and engaging in the exchange of ideas is stirred up during this time. Mercury helps with research, finishing up projects and evaluating all sorts of materials. It’s a good time to clean things up, fix that which is about to break, and communication can be challenging during this time. Give your-self plenty of time when traveling and study contracts rather than signing on the dotted line as things are most likely to change after the retrograde on October 10th.

September brings powerful energy shifts: first the Solar Eclipse occurs Sept. 13th this is a wake up time. Then we  have a strong change mid-month in that the Autumnal Equinox occurs Sept. 23 starting the fall season ushering  climate changes bringing cooler temperatures, lovely fall colors as nature prepares to slow down the growth cycle. And lastly, a strong Lunar Eclipse/ Full Moon the Harvest Moon occurs Sept. 27th a good time to celebrate the harvest and finish this summer season by giving thanks for all the growth we’ve had.

Lovely Virgo natives are meticulous and enjoy material objects but not in a possessive way. In Virgo the Mercurial energy expresses itself on a practical level. These folks love to analyze, critic all things with a sharp eye they are discriminating, modest, orderly and most are conventional. They like Gemini also ruled by Mercury love words, language and all forms of codification. They are capable of retaining and assimilating facts. They can get stuck on the details and worry over small matters which may cause them to be indecisive. They love to be useful and serviceable towards others. They are motivated by a sense of duty therefore will go the mile to help others. They are good friends and devoted partners. Happy Birthday Virgo! This is an important year for Virgo as Saturn lends a challenging square helping you take firm action. Plus Pluto is throwing a beneficial aspect to your Sun this helps with the work of transformation of the persona as in “taking back your power”.

Venus the planet that rules love and relations moves in direct motion Sept. 6th in the fire sign Leo may lend more enthusiasm to love relations also Mars is in Leo so this can stir up the motivations for those seeking romance. However, Mars in Leo is fiery and charged up to take action and is ruler over leadership matters. This may be a time when we see politicians expounding high platitudes yet enthusiasm and positive energy is in the air. Saturn adds more fuel to this combination as it shifts into Sagittarius commencing it’s transit for the next two years. All the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo and Sagittarius and Pisces will feel the constructive, disciplining Saturnian influence. Saturn always delivers the reality check. Saturn used wisely can strengthen a person’s persistence and resolve. Saturn in Sagittarius inspires our intellectual responsibility and serious views based on traditional concepts. We can learn to treat problems in an ethical manner. This transit can really help grow our collective consciousness especially around moral, ethical and religious inclinations. Flexibility and consideration goes along way perhaps we walk in another shoes.

Jupiter in Virgo lends more of that analytical practical energy as it is joined by the Sun this month. Jupiter in Virgo, until Sept. 2016, is focused on the work ethic. We will feel this influence as we ask ourselves about our purpose in life-is it to the benefit of others? The positive side of this influence is being of help service making a difference vs being discriminatory and judgmental you get to choose which during this next year how you want to use your energy.

The outer planets Uranus in Aries helps bring strong changes, Neptune in Pisces helps to spiritualize and lend inspiration from the other realms increasing our psychic sensibilities and spirituality and Pluto in Capricorn also stations direct Sept. 24th, this is important in that it provides a doorway for those souls wishing to transition to the other side thus they transform back from ego matter into the body of light. Pluto destroys structures and limitations that no longer serve our growth and collectively we will meet these challenges to accept one another and grow as our wholeness and unity will redeem our life on this planet.

The Lunar Cycles for September
We start another month with the Full Moon in Pisces. This is the height of the lunar cycle tomorrow starts a finishing up as the Last Quarter Moon occurs Sept. 5th in the intellectual and social air sign Gemini. We can go out entertain and have fun this holiday weekend. Finish up projects and tasks and get ready for the New Moon on Sept. 12th.
This New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs Sunday Sept. 12th/13th depending on what coast you are on in the practical analytical earth sign Virgo. New work, purpose ideas get to be gleaned and put into practice but it during this Mercury retrograde so you may find your-self busy with the small details before its smooth sailing.
The energy increases as the Moon hits first quarter in the cycle on Sept. 21rst in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. This is a good time to define your beliefs, and feel the positive energy of this growing cycle.
We finish up the month with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in the fire sign Aries.  Lunar Eclipses bring things to a head. If you know where Aries falls in your natal chart, this is where the greatest insights and revelations will emerge. Look at the house and its meanings for more information.  There will be lots of change in the air during this full moon. The Sun in Libra now inclines us towards action, cooperation and establishing harmonious relations.
As always the stars incline but we are the deciders of our destiny.
Happy Trails
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