In the Stars for August



In the Stars for August 2015

The summer season reaches its height as the Sun’s transit through the fire sign Leo which it rules bringing hot dry days and an increase in the growth cycle. We feel aware and awake with renewed clarity now.

Leo is ruled by the Sun so in this sign we get a full dose of vitality. Our actions are more influenced by the enthusiasm this sign lends. Leo natives are creative, graceful dignified, proud, determined and dramatic. They seek to be in positions of power where they can exert their ego drives with courageous effort. Center stage is where they seek to shine to exert their innate magnanimity. Their pride in themselves gives them the self- esteem to live up to their perception of honesty, integrity and reliability. However, they are generous enthusiastic, expansive and often good organizers and executives.  Their negative traits are that they can be conceited, snobbish, intolerant, patronizing, dogmatic, and pompous. Yet Leos shine because of their innate connection to divinity that spark of life in their hearts shines with tremendous generosity and love which encourages and helps others. They enjoy friendships and form many lasting associations.  Most Leos strive to be proud of their life achievements and do will themselves to the top of any field they are focused on. Happy Birthday Leo! This year Jupiter has been going over your Sun lending expansiveness, opportunity and confidence. Saturn will also lend a trine aspect to your Sun fortifying your resolve and strengthening your position in life and decisions you must make will be sure footed.

The Transits of the Planets

Mercury, Venus retrograde and Jupiter have been transiting through Leo.  This energy has been cheering us up to enjoy the creative principal of life by attending celebrations, concerts and engaging in romance. Jupiter increases our desire to promote what we believe in and take risks.

Saturn retrograde continues to trek in the water sign Scorpio then the energy shifts when it stations direct on August 2nd.  This station can be felt quite strongly has a time to let go of any obligations that no longer have a hold on your energies,  as Scorpio encourages the ending and transformation of karmic patterns. You may feel yourself ending certain associations  or cycles as Saturn in Scorpio finishes up in this water sign by mid- September and enters enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius.

Uranus and Pluto continue to aspect changes that are sudden and transformative. This aspect can create drama that offers breakthroughs should you choose to make the needed changes. Pluto stations direct in September and another major shift affects the collective. Retrograde planets have a way of intensifying the energies somewhat like taking a strong dose of a remedy. Inward growth is intensified in order to change and transform thereby releasing creative energy.

Neptune in Pisces continues to increase our psychic perceptions, imagination and compassion. This transit helps all the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces by helping them to reach for a more spiritual template to live by.

The Lunar Cycle for August

The Full Moon on July 31rst still influence the early part of August. This full moon in Aquarius puts us in touch with our humanitarian ideals. This is a good time to know your place in the cosmos as an aspect of the creative divine spark. Ceremonies and celebrations are a good way to join with others at the height of this summer season and give thanks to the principle of life, love and compassion to self and others. Full moon energy brings issues to a head with resolutions which restore harmony and balance.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 6th in the fixed earth loving sign Taurus. Our security and comfort are in prominent at this time. Seek to understand that what makes your feel secure is it possessions, relationships, or status. The last quarter moon phase is a good time to clean up projects, home and your inner space. This ending phase puts us in a sort of up in the air mood which enables us to attune to our subconscious creative side as we wait to know what further action to take.

The New Moon in Leo occurs Aug. 14th this energy is like a burst of creativity and releases fun and spontaneity in us. Leo moons are great for a party and celebrations. You may feel more inclined to take risks with new ideas during this phase as it promotes our creative urges. Leo moon can help us be more spontaneous, joyful and kindhearted.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Aug. 22nd in the intense water sign Scorpio. First quarter moon phase encourages analysis of a new growth cycle as the Moon’s job is to grow our desires. See what needs to be fashioned better, work on your projects and steer them in the right direction and stick to your convictions. This weekend can be a bit moody and quiet as we process us desires.

We finish the month with a once again with a Full Moon this time in the mystical water sign Pisces. Last month we had two full moons fall in the calendar cycle known as a blue moon. This Full Moon in Pisces increases our psychic impressions, imagination and attunement to the astral plane. We may feel more passive, reclusive and wanting to escape the everyday grind. Listening to music, writing poetry and meditation is a good way to use this energy. Some may feel more inspired by this full moon especially Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces Sun signs.

The season will change with the transiting Sun in the practical analytical earth sign Virgo on Aug. 23rd. The harvest time commences and we feel the shift in the solar energy as fall is around the corner.

Astrology teaches about the celestial cycles that influence all growth and how we can choose to use the energies. Happy trails.

Peace and blessings


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