In the Stars for July


In the Stars for July
The summer season is here now with the Sun moving through the sensitive water sign Cancer. This solar energy influences our feelings concerning family, friends and country. Cancer is a patriotic sign and is the U.S.A’s natal Sun sign. This helps explain why our country has all these military interests abroad and likes being the caretaker of other nations as Cancer concerns itself with national security and foreigners. However, Cancer being a cardinal sign likes to take action and can make for a restless time this month.
Cancer is a very caring and nurturing water sign concerned with family, security and protecting what they value. They can be fiercely protective and defensive and times if they feel their security is threatened. They are creative with their strong intuitions. They are conscientious partners wanting to nurture and protect their loved ones best interests. Cancers may appear elusive trying to side step issues they are not comfortable with and they may appear shy and retiring and unassuming. They can hide their true emotions behind a sophisticated mask. They are so sensitive its best to use tact with them and no ridicule or derogatory remarks especially as children. Sunny dispositions and helpful to all people like them sensing this trait immediately upon meeting them for they are trustworthy souls. When they are in a good mood they are a joy to be around and make great hostesses and entertainers yet they must develop self- confidence. Happy Birthday Cancer! Major changes continue to your persona and psychology as Pluto and Uranus continue to challenge you towards better changes-you can meet your challenges.
Planetary movements for July
It’s not Mercury retrograde any more affecting computers, satellites and weather; it’s been the solar flares! Mercury is now direct motion through the intellectual air sign Gemini, this energy lends curiosity to our thoughts and favors networking. Mercury will shift into the water sign Cancer June 9th and will conjoin with the Sun and Mars both in Cancer around the middle of the month. This changes the energy towards a more aggressive yet emotional and intuitive orientation and people may be a bit more moody as they pursue their strategic aims.
Venus and Jupiter the both benefic planets in lending good influences conjoin in the fiery sign Leo. This can boost our confidences, inspire romance and wealth. They can bring about fortuitous benefits especially for the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarius.
Old father Saturn continues its last trek through the secretive water sign Scorpio. This will culminate any challenges for Scorpio born in the early part of November. Thus you will finally be free of any difficult karma that was challenging to you this last year.
Uranus and Pluto continue to give us the challenge to thrust us forward towards the areas we want to change and transform. This aspect is particularly affecting the Sun signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Let go and allow the flow of change to take its course, continue to ride the wave.
Neptune the planet that tends to illuminate and evolve us through its mystical ethereal vibrations continues its transit through Pisces were it strengthens our psychic abilities, intuition and imaginations. This Neptune transit marks an important time for Pisces natives to ascend to a higher plane of faith and understanding otherwise you may still feel lost in a sea of fog.
The Lunar Cycles are important because they help us grow the things in our lives.
The Full Moon occurs July 1rst in ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This lunar energy increases the lunar pull between the Moon in earth element and the Sun in water element. This full moon energy may feel draining for some. This is a good time to conserve your energies and put your ambitions into perspective. Do what must be done but seek to rest and feel secure with what you have. Appreciation goes a long way to ward off negative tendencies and depression. This can be a high and low full moon. A time to evaluate and analyze your progress.
The Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Aries will end this lunar cycle with a strong punch of energy to initiate changes and perhaps endings to some plans. Later in the evening, a trine aspect between Mars and Neptune lends some more subtle energy good for imagination and dreams. Take action and clean things up and get ready for the new cycle.
The New Moon in the water sign Cancer occurs July 15th. As this is a cardinal sign it will lend the energy for starting new fresh projects and plans. In Cancer we are more likely to come from a place of inner security and seek those choices that give us comfort and protection.
The First Quarter Moon occurs July 23rd in the mysterious water sign Scorpio. Perhaps a quiet intuitive day to process what is most important. Mercury shifts into the fire sign Leo. This may pick up the energy towards the more fun seeking activities for this day.
Astrology teaches us about the energies that are available for us to make choices and be the directors of our own destiny.
Peace and Blessings
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