In the Stars for January 2015

CapricornIn the Stars for January 2015
Once again a cycle is completed and a new one begins Happy New Year! This year 2015 resonates to the number 8 in numerology that vibration carries the forces of giving and receiving in balance. This number carries the forces of infinity that which is a balance between spiritual forces through the material plane on this earth. Some key words for this year are force, wealth and power. Reap what you sow; as the number 8 represents Karmic forces. This can be a good year to place things in order and work with courage integrity, trustworthiness and stability.
Winter is here as the transiting Sun is now in the ambitious and practical earth sign Capricorn. The winter solstice occurred Dec. 21rst. Now as the Sun transits north again from the southern hemisphere where it is summer now, the light increases for us in the north once again as we move through the seasons towards the summer. Astrology is the study of the cycles through the zodiac. The seasons are maintained although there may be differences in the temperate zones we move once again forward as the light increases each day until the summer solstice in June.
Capricorn is an earth sign ruled by serious Saturn the planet which represents time, longevity, structure, difficulties and limitations. Time is important to Caps as they seek to be as efficient with it as possible. The historical symbol is the goat fish or sea goat. The long face expresses the serious sober nature of Capricorn, the goat represents the ability to forage and make do with little resources and the tail is the psychic sensitivity of this earth sign. The harsh things in life keeps Capricorn on their toes and to focus on their goal to head up that mountain of ambition no matter what the handicaps or extreme limitations appear as blocks that they must over –come. Fear is the first obstacle to overcome, then being alone as it is lonely up the mountain top and lastly to develop the confidence within them as they reach towards greater heights of their consciousness. Capricorns are known to be organized, status seeking, calculated and cautious with their energy expenditures. They must first overcome their fears in order to develop self- esteem which they seem to lack as Saturn bears down on them with responsibilities and tasks to execute. Psychologically this is the sign that suffers from melancholia born looking old and serious; yet Capricorn looks younger and happier as they grow older are full of wisdom because they got the experience to back it up. Despite the somber life they may be born into, Capricorn instinctively seeks to better them-selves and their surroundings thus they can be great executive managers of any project they are interested in pursuing. Self-discipline is a must as Capricorn is not really allowed to be lazy for too long for Saturn will pressure the native to get going on their tasks. Capricorn can be thrifty, formulating plans that are practical to implement. They are known to use all that comes into their sphere be that information, knowledge or material things. They seek to secure their future resources by being keenly aware of their environment. Although the appear to be serious and somber these folks do possess a deep heart and can be quite generous with the possessions knowing that they can always manifest more for self and others as they overcome the fear of abundance. They prefer loyalty in matters of the heart and choose their few friends who are sensible and mature. Happy Birthday Capricorn! Self -regeneration is the keyword for this year as Pluto the planet that represents change through death and rebirth will continue to transit over your Sun bringing a new sense of self when the aspect is over. Keep on removing the fears as they are the obstacles to overcome making you more empowered and strong,
The transiting planets Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto have been moving through cautious and ambitious Capricorn. Changing to the air element Mercury will shift into Aquarius Jan. 5th at the Full Moon phase and it will turn retrograde Jan. 22 after the New Moon and will move direct again on Feb. 12th. As you may know, Mercury represents how things are connected to one another on the earth plane therefore if things break down during a retrograde cycle it’s because they needed to be repaired, or re-structured. Mercury rules communication and systems of communications computers are also affected as is machinery. This is a time to be orderly in your thinking and planning as things may change right after the retrograde and other options may be considered. So signing contracts are usually best put off until after the retrograde. Plans and schedules may change with delays or miscommunications can unsettle those who are naturally impatient. Go with the flow during this time. Mercury in Aquarius is very intellectual and is concerned with progressive thoughts, plans and projects. This transit can be a very inventive time for creative thinking a plus for the sun signs Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Venus will transit through Aquarius all of January. This will add a tone of objectivity to our relationships. Being in love with unconditional love for all is the goal of Venus in Aquarius. Our attitudes towards relations may be more open and less attached while this transit lasts. Mars in Aquarius will transit into the mystical and sensitive water sign Pisces Jan 12th our drives and actions are more likely influenced by our feelings for compassion and empathy at best during this transit. Mars in Pisces calms down the forces for action, as Pisces is a sign of insecurity which does not fit Mar’s aggressive agendas and strategies. Vacillation and indecision may cause delays through mid -January. Jupiter the Santa Claus of the planets continues to retrograde in fun loving fire sign Leo. Our theosophical thinking takes on a more creative path as Leo is proud of its creations. Saturn the planet that represents time, longevity and Karma has shifted into the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. The more colorful side of Saturn influences our traditional concepts regarding ethics, morals and religion. We may find ourselves cultivating a more expansive view of our historical religious institutions. We may hypothetically find ourselves intellectually growing up within the next two years of Saturn’s transit for the better way as we consider the value of our morality and belief structures –are they really fair, decent and progressive? Saturn teaches us how to reap what we sow.
Uranus and Pluto continue to trek in square aspect bringing about changes to the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Consider that “Change is the only constant in the universe”.
Neptune in its own sign Pisces influences our spirituality by revealing the illusions we cling to for escaping the harsher aspects of reality. When the fog lifts Pisces natives are a lot more spiritually focused this year as are the other water signs Cancer and Scorpio. Neptune transits until 2024 through Pisces ushering in a new spiritually motivated collective-keep your fingers crossed!
The Lunar Cycle
The bright winter Full Moon occurs Jan. 4th in the powerful water sign Cancer. This Sun and Moon opposition can be a very magical for these two signs can bring out the mother/father principle of nurturance through our material resources in the collective. The earth is a magical place if we allow ourselves to commune with her elementals who give life to the minerals, plants and trees as well as our own bodies. Go out into the forest and listen to nature’s song.
The Last Quarter Moon occurs Jan. 13th in the harmony seeking air sign Libra. This is a good time to finish projects and plan on getting ready for the new cycle of growth. This ending moon is good for letting go of what isn’t working in your life like stuff left over from 2014.
The Sun enters Aquarius and conjoins the New Moon on Jan. 20th in the progressive air sign Aquarius. The Sun and Moon conjunction brings the Aquarian energies to fill the psychic air ways for the rest of the end of this month and into Feb. Aquarius is an objective air sign dedicated to bringing new knowledge to humanity. While the planets transit through Aquarius people will want to be more objective and progressive in their approach to life. This is a time to start thinking about new projects but start them in Feb. when Mercury is direct.
The First Quarter Moon enters into the fixed earth sign Taurus Jan. 26th and we have the influence of mellow earth sign Taurus bringing a slower energy as the month comes to a close. Appreciate what you have today and share with others. Singing is a good way to use this Taurus Moon energy.
Peace and Blessings
Happy New Year!
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