Conscious parenting

I used to work with children and it was my privilege to bring out the best in their souls and help them with the earth life they chose. Sadly, some of the parents just brought them into this reality without the thought to what happens after they are growing. Making them into carbon copies, or projections of their ego wants and desires and yet those souls did choose the experience, however raw it is for the love of the earthly experience. I suppose that is what makes us work with the Karmic imprints to release a new creative expression. An uprade if you will.

“You are really individual beings, with very special talents, and it would be nice if teachers had the time, or parents had the awareness or skill, to see the children as the very individual, very special beings that they are. So that rather than trying to drum them into one category, they are, instead, appreciating the special insight that each child brings to the sea of diversity and contrast which is the stuff that creation comes from.”