In the Stars-Virgo

virgoIn the Stars for September

The transiting Sun is moving through the analytical earth sign Virgo and fall is right around the corner as September brings the change in season with the Autumnal Equinox falling on Sept. 22nd in the air sign Libra.

Virgo represents the harvest time signified by the virgin holding a shaft of grain this symbol represents the potential for fertility. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, produces more with the mind then the body. The concept of purity is further exemplified in the glyph which represents the female reproductive system.

Virgo Sun signs are methodical, dedicated and discriminating people. They have a knack for details and are dedicated to any effort they are obligated to complete. They are efficient and industrious to the point as they like to be logical and perceptive making sure nothing goes amiss. They like their world ordered and efficient. If things are not in place then they get insecure and must put things in order. However, sometimes they lose their discernment and focus on trivia losing sight of what they wanted in the first place this drives them nutty. They are modest, gentle and somewhat reticent individuals. They like to make the best use of their time and not fritter it away. Since Virgo is the sign of service, they are thoughtful and want to be of service toward others especially loved ones. They like independence and will help anyone achieve that for themselves. They are serene cool and full of ethical knowledge to help anyone in need. Happy Birthday Virgo! Pluto the planet of transformation has been casting a positive aspect to your Sun lending the energy for positive change and growth. Be the butterfly this year that grew wings and found freedom in the wind.

The Planetary transits are Mercury moves into Libra this first week of September. Mercury will act to make things fair and balanced. Venus shifts into Virgo Sept. 6th were it will transit for this month focused on the fine details of life with precision and keeping things in order. Health concerns receive an extra incentive will Venus looks at the latest health trends. Venus in Virgo is connected to the harvest and the celebration of the feminine force as experienced as Gaia nature celebrating life in the most pristine way this fall season.

Powerful Mars is in its own sign Scorpio is providing an intense thrust to any strategies for breaking away from the repressive holds to our energy that Saturn has been helping to release from the psychological dungeons while it finishes its transit of Scorpio this year. For those who are attuned to the Scorpio energy it’s been an intense dance with the shadow of fear. This is a good time to realize that limitations are only there because we find that those restrictions are useful to our growth in some way strengthening our spirit with courage. Let go and seek a better plan if you have planets in Scorpio. Jupiter in Leo has been bringing in an expansive inspirational charge to creative efforts.

Jupiter and Saturn will square aspect one another this will set up a tension this month around finding a balance with leadership and working with resources on how to implement things to move forward yet with caution.

Neptune mysteriously imbues us with lessons around mysticism in its own sign Pisces this brings a good strong aspect to the water sun signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Your psychic abilities grow while Neptune is in transit this year for those water signs born between the first 10 degrees of their sign. Neptune is now transiting at 6 degrees retrograde until Nov. 16th. Generally this transit of Neptune’s will help the collective tune into the other dimensional realms as we are mysteriously hearing the music of the spheres.

Uranus and Pluto continue the cardinal square breaking up traditional mores, revealing new paradigms and disassembling old structures. Revolution is only within for it to be real.

Pluto will station direct Sept. 23rd. This is a significant station as Pluto being the god of the underworld in mythology gathers the souls and escorts them to the other side. Pluto has a tendency to bring transitions during its stations helping us to accept that life and death are two directions that connect in one point in the circle of life.

The Lunar Cycle for September

First Quarter Moon in the adventurous fire sign Sag. This signals a new direction for plans and projects this month. This is the time to create more of what you would like to see manifest this month. Sagittarius moon sees the possibilities and aims to fulfill them.

The Harvest Full Moon occurs Sept. 8th in the mystical water sign Pisces. Dreamy Pisces full moon can give us insights to the ephemeral in life away from the worries of the materialistic world view. Meditation and dancing is a good way to celebrate this harvest moon energy. The seasons change with regularity and we can count on the harmony and balance prevalent despite all the negatives about the planet being out of balance. Nature does know how to balance herself.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Sept. 15th in the witty air sign Gemini. This energy helps us to find social time to display our ideas and it can be an opportune time to fine tune what projects you want to keep going in the new lunar cycle coming up on the New Moon.

The New Moon occurs Sept. 23rd after the Autumnal Equinox the Sun enters Libra and the moon conjoins it. The fall season begins bringing in sunny days and cooler breezes as the earth starts in the northern hemisphere to ready itself for the inward gestation of the winter.

The New Moon brings new ideas, plans and designs. Social networking is a good way to use this energy.

As always we are the deciders of how we work with the celestial forces in this way we create our own reality.

Peace and blessings


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