Return to Balance

This week’s energy has been profound yet rattling. Looking into my own malaise I discovered the source of my anger; being that I am empathic, is about the sufferings of all sentient beings on the planet is ourselves namely what we have let happen to the planetary balance in terms of the chemical warfare that is going on disrupting the natural balance on the earth and consequently in our bodies. I suppose we have time to re-direct our energies by taking more responsibility for our food source; like forming local support groups that support our inter-connectedness and sharing the information for the good of the whole.
This is already happening as more and more people see the sense in growing gardens, buying from local organic farmers and re-turning to having a relationship with Nature. The future is hopeful when we turn our heads away from the materialistic consumer complex state and join together to act in harmony to build a better future. Yes, anger can be a constructive force if used wisely. Harmony does begin with what energies we allow to grow within the garden of our minds. The more we attune to the love in the heart, open it and share this energy, the easier the path becomes. Meditation, listening to nature and opening up to our surroundings are positive ways of asking for guidance, so is sharing our concerns collectively with those who are attuned to the call for balance.
The illusion of our dis-ease in our minds due to erroneous programming left over from the previous ages that led us down the path of an over industrial chemical complex, has finally become bankrupted. Allowing for the ideas of how to balance can only come from the alignment with Spirit/Creative energy we all have within us to allow to flow and guide our actions within the movement of Love. Every day is a new beginning we are currently learning more how to renew our spirits, our mind and body to follow the course of harmony. This day I dedicate myself to asking from the source of creative energy what my plan is for this day to walk in harmony and balance.