gemini_tnIn the Stars for June

The transiting Sun is currently moving through the curious and sociable air sign Gemini. This transit steps up the mental focus on communication, networking and restlessness. We are coming to the end of the spring season and the start of summer. Gentle breezes and warm sunshine a very comfortable season for outdoor activities like gardening and travel. A good time to enjoy nature’s growth process as nature is blooming and growing all around us.

Gemini is an inquisitive, curious flexible air sign. This is the sign of the twins being able to see both sides to everything. Ruled by Mercury, Gemini are versatile, witty, logical spontaneous and talkative. Gemini specialize in duality as they typify diversified action, intense intellectual drive, diffuse effort, dexterity, fluency and attitudes that are both flexible and skeptical at the same time. The Gemini individual strives for a lifelong pursuit for knowledge without the persistence to concentrate on one particular field or topic for a long time. They learn easily and remember what they learn and are clever and curious to know more. They accept little at face value and don’t follow popular trends unless they find out the value for themselves then they are great promoters. Their interests are broad but too many interests are difficult to maintain so they need to learn to choose the best ones for themselves. They make friends easily and are able to impress others with their witty minds and laughter. Happy Birthday Gemini! A good positive beneficial aspect from Mars in Libra will energize you this month. Mercury retrograde later this month in your own sign Gemini will support your Sun stepping up the focus on communication, writing and networking.

Planetary shifts in June

Mercury will go retrograde June 7th in the water sign Cancer then move into Gemini for the rest of the transit ending July 2nd at 24 degrees Gemini when it stations direct. Mercury retrograde is a good time for research, finishing up projects and re-prioritizing. Give yourself plenty of time to finish things as this phase will slow you down especially around the first phase and last phase of the stations when things can really go awry. Mercury is the planetary energy that connects all things; so if computers, machinery and communications break down you’ll have time to fix them. If you are signing contracts just know that details can change after the retrograde. Be flexible during this time.

Venus the planet that represents values, love relationships and material preferences is moving through the fixed earth sign Taurus and will oppose Saturn in Scorpio 2nd week of June. This can lend some constructive energy to decisions that have to be made. With Saturn still moving through the intense deep transformative water sign Scorpio we can expect to keep clearing away and delving inward and face the shadow side of our fears especially with Venus opposing around our relationships and values. This aspect will last for about a week and it can give the awareness to move beyond conditional love to unconditional love as you remove your fears. Evolution of beliefs and values is always an option.

Mars the planet which represents our energy, action and strategies continues its forward movement in the harmony and romance seeking air sign Libra. As it moves through Libra our energies seek to create balance and justice especially in relationships which are important to Mars in Libra where it strives for cooperation.

Jupiter the planet of expansion and rules over wealth, wisdom, and laughter continues to move forward in last degrees of the water sign Cancer lending more optimism and hope to Sun signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces this month.

The Grand Cardinal Square – a call to change for these sun signs and ascendants in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto are forming a Grand Cardinal Square which is an action orientated aspect involving the signs Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn. You may notice that some of the energy pulsates with sudden changes in direction, transformative insights coming to light, disruptions, and tensions. Think about what constitutes right action in your life but go with the flow as Mercury is turning retrograde. This aspect is particularly strong this month and will start to diminish by the end of June.

Later this month the summer season begins with the transiting Sun moving into the emotional security minded water sign Cancer June 21 and we celebrate yet another summer solstice.

The Lunar Cycle

We started this lunar cycle in May with the New Moon in Gemini charging up the new phase with ideas, concepts, networking and social events.

The First Quarter Moon occurs June 5th in the meticulous earth sign Virgo. This is a good time to evaluate and sort through projects and plans. Virgo energy is about processing.

The Full Moon occurs June 13th in the optimistic fire sign Sagittarius. We will need this philosophical Sagittarius energy today as Saturn and Venus oppose one another causing a sew saw to the awareness for the need to compromise around our expectations and values this day. Moon and Mercury also oppose giving mixed feelings and messages on this Full Moon.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs June 19th in the impressionable and psychic water sign Pisces. This lunar energy focuses on impressions, imagination and  the probable future.  This lunar phase is the finishing up of the cycle its good for cleaning things up and preparing for the new energy arriving on the new moon.


The New Moon occurs June 27th in the emotionally sensitive water sign Cancer. This is the beginning of the new lunar cycle energizing us with a burst of vitality. In the water sign Cancer the moon focuses our attention on feelings and intuitions a time to realize insights greater comfort at home with family and for areas in our life which we seek to further nurture and grow.

As always the stars incline us to choose the energy and evolve as we master our free will.

Peace and Blessings

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