In the Stars for March


In the Stars for March

 The good news is Mercury in Aquarius goes direct today and things start to move in a more regular rhythm by next week.

The transiting Sun in Pisces has been moving our emotions and imagination connecting us to more of the collective psychic forces as we can be more compassionate and impressionable with the mass collective as we turn ending the zodiac cycle finishing up the year and preparing for the new birth when the Sun enters Aries March 20th at the Vernal Equinox and spring arrives.

 Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac it encourages us to surrender to the higher spiritual forces through the energies of faith and compassion as we historically witnessed during the Age of Pisces heralded by Jesus the Christ. The symbol for Pisces is the fishes swimming in opposite directions this means that it is a mutable water sign signifying organizing diverse energies which must brought into a decisive blending therefore decisions are difficult during this time while the Sun transits Pisces because perceptions can include a lot of diversity and this energy is further enhanced by Neptune also transiting through Pisces.

 The Sun sign Pisces ruled by Neptune learns to surrender through faith and compassion this helps to build their spirituality.  Pisces natives are sensitive, gentle souls, who identify with their surroundings and associates by absorbing the vibrations around them thus they can be insecure and moody as they try to access their own belief system as apart from those around them. They have great imaginations, modest elusive, thoughtful and sympathetic. Sometimes they appear to be deeply moved by the tragedies that befall others and seek to be of service. They can reach the heights of ecstasy or go to the depths of despair. They are highly impressionable and tend to drift with the situations in which they find themselves. Like other water signs, they attempt to protect their emotional sensitivity by appearing indifferent in order to shut out people who are capable of inflicting emotional hurts to them real or imagined. They will protect their material and emotional security until they are sure of the facts. Once they have their material security they can turn to the more spiritual aspects of their life. However, self -pity, rejection and sadness are some of the signs that they are not happy and secure with what they have. The Pisces native needs to feel that they are loved and appreciated sometimes more than other water signs. They can imagine the worst or the best of them- selves. These Sun natives are happy when they are expressing themselves through music and dance for they have a natural sense of rhythm like the symbol of the swimming fish. These folks can be very adaptable and multi-talented. Happy Birthday Pisces. Those of you born between Feb. 19th through 28th are experiencing the mystical forces of Neptune on your Sun –this aspect will help you grow spiritually, mystically so go with the flow and surrender to your higher self  this will make this transit a real life changing event. Also Jupiter planet of wealth and expansion will trine your sun this March as it turns direct you will feel more positive energies of confidence and opportunities coming your way.


There are a lot of planetary changes starting the first week of March. First we have the New Moon in Pisces will begin a new lunar cycle of growth bursting with energy but in Pisces it lends more of a restlessness around security as it conjoins with dreamy planet Neptune Friday night we may just want to surrender and allow our imagination have full rein.

The good news is that Mercury station direct motion in Aquarius and Jupiter in Cancer will also move in direct motion.  Also Mars goes retrograde for through the harmony seeking air sign Libra until May 19th and Saturn in Scorpio, the planet of time, karma, obligations goes retrograde for the next 5 months until July 21rst.  Mercury and Jupiter will connect later in the month the forces of expansion and communications will pick up the energies. We will feel like things are moving along more easily now as better opportunities will pop up with these two planets being direct. If you made major changes during the Mercury retrograde expect to have to change some things, review the facts or clean up a mess.

 Mars and Saturn can bring up energies for assessing our limitations, frustrations and conditions. Since Mars represents action in Libra seeks to find ways to bring about justice and balance in a more creative fashion co-ruled by Venus and Saturn. Saturn can give us patience and restrictions we may have to really stick with the plan we choose to follow for the next 5 months as Saturn as a way of getting us to keep our noses to the grindstone –discipline is a positive manifestation of this energy. The energy continues in Scorpio so Scorpio natives and people with planets in this sign will feel more of this energy repressive energy.

Uranus and Pluto continue the cardinal square bringing up energies for dramatic changes to governments; social restrictive structures are also bursting at the seams as Ben Franklin stated “watch your government”. We continue to have earth changes due to the Solar Flares mostly, be wise not fearful and plan for your own future security. Lots of changes are still coming as we are an evolving collective moving towards the Light.

 The Lunar Cycle for March

 The New Moon in Pisces Mar. 1rst inclines our mood towards the more mystical elusive and dreamy.

It’s a good time to review the past month and start to plan for new opportunities or plans to launch. This week will prove to show which decisions need to be re-worked that got made during the retrograde of Mercury.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Mar. 8th in the curious air sign Gemini this is a good time to communicate, socialize get your ideas down on paper before they fritter away. 

The Full Moon occurs Mar. 16th in the practical analytical earth sign Virgo. This full moon brings the energies of Pisces and Virgo polarity some of the themes are: service, compassion, faith, atonement, letting go particularly of critical energies, perfection seeking and self-sacrifice. Take time this full moon to meditate or pray for peace to divergent energies that keep us in the  state of suffering- surrender to the higher self always helps, also walks in nature.

 The Last Quarter Moon sums up the cycle of this month with the Moon in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This is a good week to make decisions as to what you will move forward or discard.

As always the stars can incline us towards a direction but ultimately we can use our free will to navigate those energies for the best results.

Peace and Blessings


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