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Breathe for Well Being



“There is nothing about your physical awareness that connects you more to the Non-Physical aspect of your Being than that of your breathing.

Many assume that the process of breathing is only about your physical nature, but that is not the case. The process of breathing is much more than an essential function of your physical body. Indeed, it is the flowing of Spirit to you, and through you. That is the reason that when the focusing of Spirit through your physical body ceases, your breathing ceases, also.

Our meditation experience will induce a convergence of beneficial aspects for you, for as you relax into the natural rhythm of perfect breathing while hearing these spoken words, the Vibration of your physical being will gently surrender to the Vibrational frequency of your Source, and you will become one with your Source, inside the Vortex.

Through the hearing of our words in your relaxed state of allowing, you will allow the gentle tuning of your Vibrational frequency to match the frequency of your Source.

This will not be an exercise of effort or trying, but instead an exercise of releasing and allowing…gently allowing yourself to be who-you-really-are.”

Abraham -Hicks

In the Stars for January 2020



In the Stars for January 2020

The New Year 2020 ushers in a new decade which resonates with the number 4 in numerology. This number 4 stands for organization, structure, and grounding. The 20 stands for spiritual breakthrough being the number of awakening. The outer planets set up a strong force that will continue to manifest planetary earth changes and openings in the expansion of our consciousness through whatever calamities force us to change our ways of using the planet’s resources. Thus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn trine Uranus in Taurus form a beneficial aspect. We will continue to see the status quo changing, perhaps collapsing in governments, rebellions, as we restructure our values given the challenges humanity faces in this decade. Some of the keywords are: change through destruction, re-structuring, salvaging of resources. We will see this, particularly in governments, perhaps the monetary systems of some countries. This winter will be intense weather-wise especially the first weeks of January particularly so with Saturn and Pluto forming a tight conjunction. The North and South Nodes of the Moon will also plug into this energy causing uncertain changes in direction. So hold onto your seats as we move forward in this New Year. As more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions continue to increase. Nature does have a way of speaking that is in finding its balance, watch for solar activity to be at the heart of matters concerning the earth changes. On a scarier note, countries where despots rule will increase their saber-rattling as nations strive for better conditions. This winter rise above the chaos and turn your energy inwards and listen to your intuition.

Capricorn, the sea-goat, is primarily a cardinal earth sign ambitious, disciplined, and executive action, shrewd and forever climbing towards the next challenge to overcome. The fishtail of this sign represents its origins in water, being sensitive to feelings, currents, and energy,   the sea represents the subconscious of the re-incarnation mind or Jiva mind as described in the Vedas. Capricorn knows how to use all the resources in order to make the best of all things. This sign is ruled by Saturn the lord of crystalline structures, time or karma, limitations, restrictions, discipline and the ruler of the tenth house of career in the natal chart. Capricorn urges the soul to better itself regardless of the conditions it is born into.  To use caution before proceeding Capricorn waits for the right opportunity before taking action. This Sun sign has strong instincts, status-seeking drives, materialism depending on the soul’s age, and possibly conservative attitudes. For those born between Jan.1rst and the 20th are still receiving the intense energies of the Saturn Pluto conjunction which urges them to change and surrender to the higher self and let go of the ego. Some may experience frustration and limitation whilst others let go and surrender to their higher- self. It’s a time to cleanse, simplify and restructure one’s life purpose. Happy Birthday, Capricorn!

The Planetary Aspects for January

In the first week of January, both Mercury and Jupiter are in conservative Capricorn this aspect may broaden our practical constructive concepts and intellectual insights. Jupiter now moving through the first degrees of Capricorn may give more conservative views and carefulness with money matters. Investments that are practical are likely to benefit. Venus moves through the humanitarian sign Aquarius enhances caring for others’ welfare by being objective and perhaps detached with our interactions. Mars finishes its trek through its own sign Scorpio where it can amplify our actions and drives with forcefulness and power and forms a beneficial sextile to Saturn and Pluto this first week of January. This is an energetic first week. The Moon is in the second quarter phase in the charging fire sign Aries adding energy to our plans and project.

The second week January 6th – 12th, we gear up for the strong Lunar Eclipse Full Moon in the water sign Cancer. This full moon increases our feelings for home and country; it opposes the Sun, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto. Perhaps we sense our true feelings about the way the collective feels. Then Uranus planet of sudden changes, rebellions, unusual dramatic energy charges turns direct in the earth sign Taurus. Jupiter and Uranus conjunction can bring about challenges with the economy and environment.

The third week January 13th – 19th, Mercury planet of communications moves into Aquarius where it is exalted, lifts up the energy which is likely to increase our inventiveness and ability to be objective see the whole picture from a progressive point of view. This will increase the flow of communications and networking. The Last Quarter Moon occurs in the air sign Libra which gives us a more balanced view of our relations and values. Then moves into the intense water sign Scorpio and opposes Uranus this may increase ill-timed changes based on unclear emotional reactions, so use caution on this day as it erratic energy moves quickly. This is a good time to finish projects as we get ready for the new lunar cycle starting next week. Venus planet of love and values moves into the compassionate mystical water sign Pisces where it can increase our feelings and sensitivity towards others in a loving way.

The fourth week January 19th – 25th, The Sun moves into the intellectual air sign Aquarius bringing in the progressive, humanitarian compassionate and generous energy of this sign. We may feel uplifted from the heavy energy of Capricorn earlier this month. This is a progressive positive air sign increases our awareness of social reforms and the community. The New Moon occurs January 24th in the air sign Aquarius and forms a challenging square to Uranus planet of sudden changes. This can step up the energy for collective reforms this month. The Chinese New Year occurs January 25th it’s the year of the Rat,  a sign of wealth and good fortune.

The fifth week January 26th – 31rst, Venus in Pisces joins with Neptune in Pisces strong currents are created for romance, compassion, imagination, and caring of others,  this may help our relations and spiritual aspirations good for artistic projects where we may drift off into a beautiful picture of life and not see the illusions.

Astrology teaches us about cycles and how to understand the celestial energy of the zodiac as we choose how to use the energy.

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Allow my connection


“You are the creator of your own reality, and so you are not in jeopardy. You do not need to control the behavior of others in order for you to thrive. Your attention to things that you think they do that keeps you from your thriving is, in fact, what keeps you from your thriving… It is not what they do to you; it’s what you do to you in fear of what you think that they will do to you.” Abraham-Hicks

In the Stars for December


In the Stars for December

Another end of the year and the fall season while the Sun travels through Sagittarius and then we have the Winter Solstice Dec. 21 when the Sun enters Capricorn and we have the shortest day in the year and the longest night. We light the candles, put up the lights around the evergreen tree as our northern ancestors did in hope that the everlasting light of the Sun would return again in the spring. This winter is going to be colder so say the weather experts and we can see that happening now. Another year of the Julian calendar has passed. However, the Sun in Sagittarius ruled by expansive Jupiter in its own sign this month will lend opportunity, faith and hope to the many that keep their hearts open this holiday season as the Sun in Sagittarius brings in the feeling of optimism and expansion. If we change our perspective our reality can change, which is the maxim of Sagittarius.
A positive mutable fire sign makes these folks positive, confident, and courageous. They entertain many goals but especially the pursuit of truth. This sign is linked to religion, ethics, and spiritual concepts. They see things in broad terms not always seeing the specific. They live for their principles and need to develop the patience to see those goals manifested. They love to help others and will work hard to maintain their own security. They tell it as they see it so they can be blunt but not really hurtful. They do engage in flirtations with others yet want to maintain their freedom. Life is an adventure to be fully lived. Intellectually orientated and open to the new, they like their friends and partners to be like that as well, otherwise, they abhor boredom or limitations and come and go as they please. This year Jupiter your ruling planet gives you that extra strength and confidence to do as you wish. This is a time for change or expansion, even if it is with just your attitude change. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius!

The Planetary Cycles for December

This monthly cycle starts with the First Quarter Moon in the mystical water sign Pisces increases our capacity to perceive from the higher realms, this can stir up our imagination, creativity hopes, and dreams.  Mercury is in direct motion in the water sign Scorpio for this first week, then it shifts into Sagittarius, where it will increase our sense of comprehension and optimism just be-aware of know all the facts if you are espousing truths.

Then Jupiter, the planet of expansion will shift into the serious earth sign Capricorn Dec. 2nd. This ends its trek through its own sign Sagittarius this last year, where it may have stirred up our hope and dreams, but in Capricorn, its detriment or fall, will show us the facts plainly especially when it lines up with Saturn ruler of Capricorn which rules limitation as Jupiter rules expansion two opposite forces will combine in March of 2020. The earth signs like Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn can benefit from this aspect. For most of us, perhaps due to the forces of conservatism taking shape in this world, we can start to understand where our rulers are coming from and the direction of governments will take. However, Jupiter and Uranus form a beneficial trine from now until January 2020. We may receive more insights on how to change for the good of our evolution through these more intense coming earth changes. Sometimes these two forces can increase earthquakes and other earth changes. Perhaps the writing is on the wall on how to proceed before March 2020. This could also mean the rise of progressive movements that the youth in the world are demanding.

Venus planet of relationships is in serious Capricorn where it conjoins with Saturn in the mid-month around Dec. 10th. This will be a serious time or time where the value of security matters in relationships. Are we wiser this year than last year, a time to evaluate your belief systems and structure of security? Venus shifts into the humanitarian air sign Aquarius and this may uplift our altruistic feelings this month starting Dec. 19th.

Mars in its own sign Scorpio makes a sextile to Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn,  this can be condusive to creating new structures or the pursut of plans with relative ease. All the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces benefit from Mars this month.

The Full Moon in Gemini/Sun in Sag. occurs on Dec. 11th this month’s high point of lunar energy brings things to a head, around networks, social engagements, parties, and sharing ideas Remember the Moon makes things grow.
Then finishing up the lunar cycle, the Last Quarter Moon occurs Dec. 18th in the analytical earth sign Virgo. The details start to show up and we want to get our homes ready for the Holidays. The Sun enters Capricorn and winter arrives. Meteor showers will light up the night sky it’s a good time to pull out the telescope and look at this amazing universe.

On Dec. 25th we have a powerful Solar Eclipse/ New Moon another cycle starts and it’s a wake-up time for Capricorn Sun signs and most earth signs.  Also Aries, Cancer and Libra, Sun signs will feel the impact of this new energy as the Solar Eclipse does wake up our consciousness on the whole. The New Moon in Capricorn helps to establish the forms for our ambitions, yet it shows us our limitations so we may shore up our strength for the times to come and develop new structures perhaps in architecture and energy systems coming in 2020. The Moon will be in the mystical elusive water sign Pisces conjunct foggy delusional/inspirational Neptune in Pisces. This aspect can help us reach the highest spiritual vibrations or descend into our sorrow and woes on New Year’s Eve so be-aware of imbibing too much, rather reach towards your higher self and have a safe holiday season.

Peace and Blessings

State of Being

thanksgiving-3719249_640 (2)

“You are Beings who intend to come forth and to continue to expand and grow and change. What is the perfect age? “Well, it’s the age where I finally understand my freedom, and I finally understand that I am free to create, and it’s the age that I am at my most beautiful.” And we say, by whose standards? In other words, who gets to decide the perfect age? And we say, rather than determining what the perfect age is, why not decide what the perfect state of being is—and then discover that you can find the perfect state of being at any age.” Abraham-Hicks

Good to Know

“I Can Always Enter My Vibrational Vortex of Creation… The key to getting inside your Vibrational Vortex of Creation; of experiencing the absolute absence of resistance; of achieving complete alignment with all that you have become and all that you desire, and of bringing to your physical experience everything that you desire — is being in the state of appreciation — and there is no more important object of attention to which you must flow your appreciation than that of self.” Abraham-Hicks

In the Stars for November



In the Stars for November
I love the fall season, the weather is cooler and the natural landscape changes its palette of color and light. This starts its wintering process, as the natural cycle of the Sun and Earth turns the vegetation’s process inward to winter for another season. We see a variety of colors and some already have snow in the upper northern country as winter comes early this year.

The Sun in intense water sign Scorpio brings in the energies this month of an inward searching out for
the truth as Scorpio energy seeks out to gain transformation from deeper sources. The meaning of the scorpion is that it transforms from the depths and flies freely soaring like the eagle. Scorpio is a fixed sign meaning they don’t like change yet set in their ways change and transformation are part of the journey for Scorpio. Those intense desires must be transformed if they are to gain relief from their inner battle with their consciousness. Intense action, passionate drive, resolute effort, endurance, unflinching courage, unswerving purpose, and inscrutable attitudes are qualities basic to this sign. These folks have intense emotions which can fluctuate causing them to appear instable. They are self-contained, self-centered people who have vast amounts of energy and creativity.  They are highly selective and loyal to their friends and partners and maybe jealous and possessive if they feel insecure.  They achieve whatever they want to pursue, as they have personal magnetism and healing power within them. Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Uranus planet of change has been helping you get out of the rut and move towards a greater understanding of what needs to change. Saturn/Pluto has been providing an ounce of caution and stabilizing energy along the way.

Planetary Shifts for November
Mercury will retrograde in the water sign Scorpio, starting Nov. 1rst and ending Nov. 21rst, it will continue to lend us the intense energy of Scorpio for making those connections between things, fixing anything that needs a thorough going over the details, research and any creative work benefits during this time. This is not a good time to sign contracts as things may change after the retrograde or delays or things subject to miscommunications. For those doing the investigative work in congress, they may uncover all kinds of information to sort out during this time as Scorpio knows where all the bodies are hiding.

Venus moves out of intense and moody Scorpio forwards onto the fire sign Sagittarius lifting up our enthusiasm, courage, idealism, and faith in relationships. Mars moves through air sign Libra, the sign of its detriment, and it squares Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn causing frustrations and limitations which can later this month lead to a constructive resolution when Mars enters Scorpio and sextiles Saturn and Pluto.
For now, Mars in Libra focuses on balance and harmony helping us with our efforts in networking, and teamwork as to any contractual agreements with others. Yet what Mars couldn’t do while in Libra, it will as it moves through its own powerful water sign Scorpio midmonth.  Also, add Mercury moving forwards this will increase the flow of energy much more constructively, we will feel more energy coming through the last two weeks of November during the Thanksgiving Holiday.

The Sun shifts into Sagittarius on Nov. 23rd this will lift up the energy and help us feel more festive no matter what is going on. Jupiter planet of growth and expansion continues its trek through the later degrees of its own fire sign Sagittarius. This helps all fire signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, those born in the last few degrees now to broaden and expand their awareness.

Saturn and Pluto continue to trek through serious Capricorn as we see the dismantling of the power structure and more people rising up for justice and fairness. The earth signs:  Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn benefit from this aspect as this aspect of Saturn and Pluto brings strength and perseverance through transformations of structures. The power paradigm changes however slowly.

Uranus continues to create waves of change for those clinging to the old material value it helps us to change and revolutionize the status quo. The earth sign Taurus and water sign Scorpio can really use this energy to shift the values. We have yet to see what has really changed since Uranus in retrograde since Aug. 12th and will move direct motion in January 2020. This is going to be a big month for change Jupiter will shift into Capricorn and trine Uranus all the while any decisions that come up then are likely to be karmic since Saturn and Pluto join in a tight conjunction in Capricorn affecting order, structure, and governments.

Neptune in its own water sign Pisces helps us grow compassion, intuition, and trust. This placement helps all the water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces sun signs.

The Lunar Cycle for November
New Moon happened Oct. 27th in the water sign Scorpio adding passion and drives to most of our activities. A good time to research and evaluate now as Mercury has gone retrograde also in the intense water sign Scorpio. This is a good time to pace ourselves and use caution where necessary as the details may evade us. Be flexible with your schedule and travel plans may change; patience is a must under the retrograde.

The First Quarter Moon occurs Nov. 4th in the air sign Aquarius we’ll have the Sun and Moon square creating the needed energy to pursue our plans, develop humanitarian ideals that help the collective. This is the time to see how your plans are growing.

The Full Moon lights up the sky Nov.12th in the fixed earth sign Taurus, possibly a pleasant bright evening. Taurus energy puts us in touch with comfort, security and pleasing loved ones. It’s a good time to evaluate your security, values, and relationships under this moon.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Nov. 19th in the fire sign, Leo. A good time to take it easy this week as Mars will move into Scorpio its own sign this strengthen our energy and resolve. Plus Mercury goes direct this Wed. on Nov. 20th. The time to evaluate this lunar cycle is now with all the new energy coming in on the weekend as the Sun leaves Scorpio and enters into the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius on Nov. 22nd.

The New Moon occurs Nov. 26th in the fire sign Sagittarius. Neptune turns direct motion on the 27th this may be a creative force coming in as the Sun forms a sextile aspect to dreamy Neptune in December. Thanksgiving Day we have the Moon in the serious practical and ambitious earth sign Capricorn.  Be good to everyone as we all see things from different perspectives and that ensures our collective growth.

Happy Holidays
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Money equals your energy


“The subject of money is really two subjects: (1) money, plenty of money, and (2) absence of money, not nearly enough money. Often people assume that because they are speaking the words “I want more money,” they are speaking positively about money. When you are feeling fear or discomfort as you speak, you are not speaking of the subject of money, you are speaking of the subject of not enough money. And the difference is very important, because the first statement brings money and the second holds it away.” Abraham-Hicks