For immediate payment, please go to and send money to my PayPal email: Upon purchase, please add the service you are seeking in the subject line. Please send additional information and questions via email, or feel free to call me anytime. Thanks!

Yahaira    •    (928) 203-6461    •

1.  Psychic Readings

          • 20 Min:        $45.00

          • 30 Min:        $70.00

          • 45 Min:        $100.00

          • 1 Hour:        $130.00

            Psychic readings are by appointment in person in

            Sedona or Cottonwood, AZ 0r by telephone, Zoom and Skype are available


2.  Astrology Reports (Relationship, Natal, etc)

          • $130 full natal chart reading with transits

          • Compatibility Relationship reading $100.00

          • Compatibility Chart report $20.00

          • Transit report for the year  are available for $15.00

          • Natal report $15.00

          • Follow-up readings and psychic readings are additional and by appointment.

3.  Reiki I.E.T. Aura Cleansing Session

          • 60 Min. Reiki Healing Session:    $100.00

          • 45 Min. Reiki Healing Session:    $90.00

          • 30 Min. Reiki Healing Session:    $60.00

          • Distance Healings are available   $60.00

Classes & Reiki Attunements are available by appointment.

 These are one on one Reiki Attunements.

Reiki I -$65.00

Reiki I & II offered together – $225.00

  • Reiki III Master- $350.00

  • Reiki IV Master Teacher- $450.00

Anyone can be attuned to the Reiki force for healing and well being. This is a simple yet profound healing method. It relaxes, revitalizes & rejuvenates. Self-healing is noticeable months and years after having one’s Attunements.

I offer distance Reiki I attunements through Zoom or Skype. $30


Yahaira    •    (928) 203-6461    •

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