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Full Moon Aquarius

This full moon in Aquarius is really bright, perhaps keeping some of us up late at night to early morning. The Full Moon is the zenith of the energy for the month, we get to see all the growth of our activities, plans, goals and projects. The Moon in the air sign Aquarius opposite the Sun in in the fire sign Leo engages our attention towards the polarity between the awareness of the individual and the collective. How we fit into the grand scheme of things, we may see ourselves involed in more humanitarian pursuits, having and objective perspective vs a subjective one. This outgoing self-expressive energy encourages group work, inventive intellectual and friendly discussions. For those who are creative this is a great time to invent things, some revolutionary or erratic ideas come to the forefront during this Full Moon.


light-2428124_1920 (2)

We are always connected to our Source of life. That is why whatever energy we need, wisdom, guidance is always within us. Just by asking we receive it. The source is always there.

“There is a momentum that was established, by the Source within you, long before your emergence into this physical body. And with far less effort than you think, you can tap into that momentum, and it will serve you enormously well.” Abraham-Hicks

Bach Flowers

Bach Flower Remedies 7 groups

Fear Group   Mimulus
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Mimulus
Fear Group – Bach Flower Remedies For all known fears, fear of lifts, heights, spiders, water, etc., fear of anything material. Those needing this essence may be timid, shy, nervous, sensitive to crowds, loud noises, bright lights; they may stammer or blush easily. As Mimulus is taken, so they will become courageous and these negative states will fade away.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Aspen
Fear Group – Bach Flower Remedies For unknown fears, vague fears and apprehension, perhaps unable to express fears of spirit/psychic/ strange places, etc. Apprehensive of coming events. Shakiness or fluttering tummy. Very useful for children with fears of dark, also agoraphobia. Aspen brings relief from these uneasy feelings.
Red Chestnut
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Red Chestnut
Fear Group – Bach Flower Remedies For those always fearing and worrying for others, always fearing the worst; if one of the family are late home “they must have had an accident”. Often no fear for themselves. As Red Chestnut is taken these negative fears turn to positive optimism.
Rock Rose
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Rock Rose
Fear Group – Bach Flower Remedies Terror, acute fear or blind panic. Useful for those suffering from nightmares, panic attacks. Give to the helpers as well as the sufferer in extremely fearful situations, as strong negative vibrations spread to those around, hindering their work.
Cherry Plum
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Cherry Plum
Fear Group – Bach Flower Remedies For fear of losing control of the mind/nervous breakdown. Snappy, on edge, wanting to scream or be violent, either to self or others. Saying things completely out of character, but unable to stop oneself. Irrational behaviour. Many women experience these negative traits during PMT. Characterised in the acute negative state by wide, staring eyes. Cherry Plum brings calmness, control and peace.
    Lonliness Group     Heather
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Heather
Loneliness Group – Bach Flower Remedies The remedy for those talkative folks who hate to be alone. Needing to keep talking of their own personal problems and illnesses, making poor listeners, and often pinning others down making “escape” impossible. As they take this essence they will regain the ability to enjoy their own company and will start taking a lively interest in others.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Impatiens
Loneliness Group – Bach Flower Remedies For impatience and irritability. Those liking things done very quickly, perhaps preferring to work alone as slower workers irritate them. Those needing Impatiens may flush, or flare up and loose their temper easily. Brings a gentle patience.    
Water Violet
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Water Violet
Loneliness Group – Bach Flower Remedies These gentle, sensitive souls can often become negative, a state in which they acutely feel the need to withdraw into their own space, needing to distance themselves from others; perhaps feeling somewhat aloof and slightly superior to their fellow man. Very proud and upright people, these negative emotions bring a sense of loneliness. The transformation brought about is the ability to socialise easily and to share their integrity, wisdom and knowledge with others as their sense of separateness dissolves.
Uncertainty Group   Cerato
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Cerato
Uncertainty Group – Bach Flower Remedies This essence helps those who lack faith in their own judgement and who seek the opinions of others when decisions are necessary. Unable to listen to their “inner voice” or intuition. Cerato removes the blockage between the higher self and the mind, enabling them always to be guided correctly.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Gorse
Uncertainty Group – Bach Flower Remedies Deep hopelessness, sadness, often suffered by those with long term illness. If this negative state has taken root there may be dark rings under the eyes. As Gorse is taken so the darkness will change to light.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Gentian
Uncertainty Group – Bach Flower Remedies For those lacking in faith, whether in themselves or the Creator. This lack bringing the mental state of becoming disappointed at setbacks. A known depression. “Doubting Thomas” type, or those never having found their spiritual being. Gentian brings the ability to see that all things are working to the right end thereby taking away the dejection.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Hornbeam
Uncertainty Group – Bach Flower Remedies For those taking a long time to “come round” when waking, still tired after a good nights sleep. Usually a kind of mental/boredom tiredness, the kind you often get after a day spent doing nothing, bringing on a feeling of procrastination. Do not confuse with Wild Rose. Hornbeam refreshes the mind.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Scleranthus
Undertainty Group – Bach Flower Remedies Unable to choose between two things. Indecision. Weighing things up they will urn & ah, taking a long time to reach a decision. All of this has to do with balance, so in the negative state can cause stumbling, shakiness, vertigo, mood swings, etc. This essence brings an inner balance and a decisive character.
Wild Oat
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Wild Oat
Uncertainty Group – Bach Flower Remedies For those unable to see their true path in life, wishing to find the vocation right for them. Each person is put on earth to serve a Divine purpose; something which will come easily and naturally to them and which they will enjoy doing above all else. This essence will help them to see the right path.
Lack of Interest Group     Wild Rose
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Wild Rose
Lack of Interest Group – Bach Flower Remedies Apathy, boredom and resignation are the key words when in the negative Wild Rose state. Most of us, at some time, will experience a loss of enthusiasm even for the things we usually enjoy doing. This is due to an apathetic resignation which can bring with it a feeling of tiredness. Many experience this during long term illness, as they are often told to resign themselves to the fact they may never be well. Wild Rose will bring back joy in life whatever the circumstances.
White Chestnut
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > White Chestnut
Lack of Interest Group – Bach Flower Remedies To be taken at those times when our thoughts are taking over our life, preventing concentration on little else. Like a hamster on a wheel, the same worries will buzz around and around in the head and if we try to think of something else it will be to no avail, as the same thought will shortly return to pester us. White Chestnut calms the mind, bringing peace. Can be useful to help sleep; see also Agrimony.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Olive
Lack of Interest – Bach Flower Remedies For tiredness or exhaustion; physical/mental. Useful for convalescence after an illness, restores strength, or for short term use after a hard day’s digging in the garden etc., put 2 drops in a drink and sip, replenish if necessary.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Mustard
Lack of Interest Group – Bach Flower Remedies Mustard dispels gloom or depression, that often feels like a weight or black cloud overhead. These feelings of despair come, and go for seemingly no apparent reason. Mustard casts out the clouds bringing back joy and sunlight.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Honeysuckle
Lack of Interest Group – Bach Flower Remedies For those locked in the past, to happier times perhaps, unable to keep their minds on today’s living; this can bring regrets and sadness. Excellent for those suffering from homesickness, bereavement, divorce, or any kind of loss. Use in conjunction with Star of Bethlehem and Walnut, to help recover quickly from these sad events.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Clematis
Lack of Interest Group – Bach Flower Remedies Drifting off into daydreams or fantasies of the future, therefore the mind has lapses of concentration on the earth level, bringing inattentiveness, poor memory, dizziness, bumping into things or tripping up. Quiet, gentle people, often more at home “up there”. Often appearing deaf and needing lots of sleep. People working a lot in their imagination often need the “grounding” this essence brings, e.g. artists and writers.
Chestnut Bud
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Chestnut Bud
Lack of Interest Group – Bach Flower Remedies The symptoms are repetition of the same mistakes over and over again, not learning lessons the first time, whether it be life’s lessons or academic ones. Excellent for students who are slow learners, or anyone failing into the same trap, again and again. Helpful for the mentally retarded.
Despair & Despondancy Group   Willow
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Willow
Despair & Despondancy Group – Bach Flower Remedies When life seems hard and we take a lot of knocks it is easy to become bitter or resentful of others who may seem to have an easier life. This essence is for those who bear grudges, perhaps to be beard muttering “It’s not fair”, feeling that they have been given a raw deal. Sometimes they develop a down-turned mouth along with their cynicism. Willow brings a healthy optimism.
Sweet Chestnut
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Sweet Chestnut
Despair & Despondancy Absolute and utter despair, no way out, complete hopelessness, back against the wall, “the dark night of the soul”. All terms used to describe this negative emotion These feelings of desolation may also be accompanied by weariness or feeling trapped, perhaps in a tunnel; or feelings of complete isolation from the rest of mankind. Sweet Chestnut will return you to the joy of life once again.
Star of Bethlehem
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Star of Bethlehem
Despair & Despondancy Group – Bach Flower Remedies THE essence for shock. Releases and dissolves the effect of any kind of shock or trauma, whether immediate or in the past. It is a recognised fact that shock can kill so if this essence can he given immediately it will help to take away the numbing effect thus assisting the body to carry on with its own self healing unhampered. This does not replace medical assistance, which should always be called for, but enhances it.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Pine
Despair & Despondancy Group – Bach Flower Remedies The essence to alleviate guilt feelings which can be very deep, often stemming from childhood. Often bringing a sadness and possibly a lack of self worth. Some folks in the acute negative state will always be apologising even if they are not at fault. Pine brings relief from these states.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Oak
Despair & Despondancy Group – Bach Flower Remedies For those folks who struggle on, never giving in regardless of adversities or their burdens. Like the mighty oak they possess great strength and courage. This essence is only needed at the time when they cannot struggle on any longer. Often their legs ache and a great weariness comes over them. Luckily, Oak is usually only needed in the short term as it works quickly, bringing back strength and fortitude.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Larch
Despair & despondancy Group – Bach Flower Remedies Brings back confidence in those lacking this quality. Larch is for those who deep down know they have the ability, but actually lack the confidence to carry out the task. They admire others achieving that which they would wish to do but are never jealous. Useful for short term use, driving tests, exams, etc., but often necessary long term, bringing back the confidence to live life to the full.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Elm
Despair & Despondancy Group – Bach Flower Remedies For those folks normally very capable, perhaps with responsible jobs, large families or dependants to care for. Suddenly overwhelmed by their responsibilities, overburdened and unable to cope. This is when Elm is needed, bringing back their strength of mind and ability to cope. Happily, this essence is only needed short term as it soon restores balance.
Crab Apple
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Crab Apple
Despair & Despondancy Group – Bach Flower Remedies A cleanser, working bodily, mentally and spiritually. Benefiting any skin complaints. People with a cleanliness fetish, either bodily or an obsession with housework, etc. In the negative state these folks are very fussy, easily upset, making mountains out of molehills. This essence in particular can be applied to the skin as a lotion in a little water or 10 drops in a warm bath, in addition to being ingested. Crab Apple brings calmness to this obsessive state.
Oversensitivy Group   Agrimony
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Agrimony
Oversensitivy Group – Bach Flower Remedies For those putting on a brave face when inwardly in turmoil and worried. Bottling things up, sometimes exploding in anger, unable to express their feelings when necessary, liking to keep the peace, at much cost to themselves. They may be restless at night, or suffer throat problems. Brings peace and an ability to communicate happily.    
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Centuary
Oversensitivity Group – Bach Flower Remedies Unable to say “no”. Often taking on too much and tiring themselves out. A distorted view of service. Lacking willpower, the weak mind frequently resulting in a weak body. Folks needing Centaury often lack individuality, being so influenced by stronger personalities. This essence brings strength and the ability to say “no” without guilt, when necessary.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Holly
Oversensity Group – Bach Flower Remedies A strong essence to counteract the strong emotions of envy, jealousy, suspicion, revenge, hate and anger. As Holly is taken it will open the heart and flood it with love, in the face of which these strong negative emotions cannot exist. Can bring about “unconditional” love.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Walnut
Oversensitivity Group – Bach Flower Remedies Walnut brings adaptability to any new change; whether it be a change in bodily functions, menopause, adolescence, new birth, etc., or a change in lifestyle, divorce, bereavement, new job, etc. There are many circumstances when we find difficulty in new situations. Walnut helps us to overcome these challenges. The link breaker helps break old links, bad habits. As we develop a more flexible attitude, we realise that in a positive sense, any period of change will bring about growth and strengthen our characters, if we can only allow it to be.
Overcare & Concern Group   Vine
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Vine
Overcare & Concern Group – Bach Flower Remedies When in the negative state, these very strong minded people will ride roughshod over the opinions, thoughts and feelings of others, completely oblivious to the fact that they are “commanding” in the wrong way. They will intimidate others weaker than themselves, often without realising. They will not usually argue as they KNOW they are right and expect everyone to go along with them. The positive state, created as Vine is taken, is that of great leadership capabilities.    
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Vervain
Overcare & concern Group – Bach Flower Remedies For those folks who over strive. Perfectionists who like things done properly, but fast. often workaholics, they can be fanatical and over enthusiastic in their views, wanting to change the world or the way people think. In their enthusiasm, they are inclined to ram their own opinions down people’s throats, not having learned that good is never achieved by force. This causes much tension, which is eased by taking this essence until this lesson is learned.    
Rock Water
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Rock Water
Overcare & Concern Group For folks who punish themselves, often unknowingly. Very hard on themselves, wishing to set a good example to others, therefore becoming very rigid. They often deny themselves the smallest luxury, or even necessity, making martyrs of themselves. Sometimes very rigid in diet, attitudes or lifestyle. “Sackcloth & ashes” type. The tension this causes will ease as this essence is taken.
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Chicory
Overcare & Concern Group – Bach Flower Remedies Chicory is for folks possessive of those they love, wanting them near, to cling onto and to love. The “needy mother”. A selfish love which often shows itself as greed, boarding possessions or as liking sympathy when ill. Can evoke illness to attract attention. The positive aspect is the ability to give love unconditionally.    
Categories > Bach Flower Remedies > Beech
Overcare & Concern Group – Bach Flower Remedies For those very critical and judgemental of others. Often irritated by people’s little habits. Very intolerant and with a fixed outlook, often bringing rigidity of the body. This essence brings great tolerance and an ability to view life with a wider perspective.

In the Stars for August



In the Stars for August

The transiting Sun is in the fire sign Leo, bringing in the energy for enthusiasm, joy, and creative expression. Leadership and the dramatic are some of the characteristics of this fixed sign.

Leo natives are proud, determined dignified, graceful and generous. They like to take center stage and lead others through their power-driven yet warmhearted encouragement they make good leaders who tend to be creative inspiring others and fair. As organizers, they can marshal others towards their vision and goals and tend to be successful. Yet they can have a negative side of being conceited, snobbish, intolerant, patronizing, dogmatic and pompous as they carry an air of divine nobility or privilege. They may not like change as their nature is fixed but they can as they like to negotiate to remain popular. As Jupiter goes direct this month Leo will feel a charge of creative energy, hopefulness, and expansive energies to your vital force. Other fire signs also benefit this month, i.e., Aries and Sagittarius. Life looks more inspiring this month. Happy Birthday, Leo!

Major Planetary Shifts for August

We will have 3 major planetary shifts week of Aug. 12th. First Mercury the planet that represents communication in the water sign Cancer goes direct motion Aug. 1rst.  This will help to sort things out for the first week still be aware that it takes a few days to pick up speed again. Some may be playing catch up with any decisions or changes that took place in the last 4 weeks.  Then Mercury will shift into the fire sign Leo Aug. 12 and Jupiter planet of expansion and growth also goes direct motion in its own sign Sagittarius. An increase in creativity, opinions and philosophical debates will be accentuated while these two planets move through these fire signs. Some may find others inflexible in their thinking during this transit of Mercury through Leo a sign of its fall, so arrogance on the rise.  And Uranus planet of radical changes and awakenings in the fixed earth sign Taurus goes retrograde also on Aug. 12thth. Perhaps increasing our focus on practical uses of resources any changes are designed to produce concrete results.

Venus and Mars in Leo and Jupiter in Sagittarius will form a beneficial trine aspect around Aug. 12th this will help with values, philosophy and some may be dramatic about sharing those values however since Mars makes war and Venus love and negotiations, perhaps this may show up as friction, drive around autocratic pursuits of power. Any conflicts between parties that are ongoing could be charged up again as some may pursue their ideals at any cost. The fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius benefit the most.
Saturn (karma) and Pluto (death and regeneration) continue to influence ambitions around reforms organizations and governments great changes to these systems will be accomplished during the next few years. As we are globally witnessing the challenges facing the status quo, perhaps the constructive results of this time will be in a few more years.

Neptune moving through its own sign Pisces from 2012-2024) influences our imagination, dreams, illusions, psychic awareness, and spiritual enlightenment. However, the bubble can burst for those unable to perceive the illusions and veils prevalent during this time. Neptune in Pisces can increase our capacity for acceptance and compassion. During the middle part of the 19th century, the growth of transcendentalism took place with many poets and artist capturing that inspiration and giving it form.  Now, rather than a time of dissolution and hopelessness, we can gain faith in ourselves, insights and enlightenment. The water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces receive the most energy of this transit. This can be an increase in the awareness of all who are intuitively receptive to Neptune.

The Lunar Cycles for August
The Lunar cycles are a time with to start projects and plans and grow and develop them.

The New Moon occurs July 31rst in the fires sign, Leo. This is the start of the cycle and the positive initiation energy comes in charging up our consciousness to start to plan ahead also as Mercury goes direct
The First Quarter Moon in the intense water sign Scorpio can lend constructive and determined energy to any project. Scorpio being more of an internal force causes us to delve within for our more instinctual motivations. A good time for self-analysis as our collective consciousness tends to be more internally focused during this time.

The Full Moon occurs Aug. 15th in the air sign Aquarius, the height of this month energy especially with Jupiter going direct. We may feel inclined towards humanitarian efforts, philosophies, and aid towards others. Our consciousness increases we may feel more energy and this is a good time for group work, celebrations as we reach the zenith of this month’s energy. This should be a productive time.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs August 23rd in the air sign Gemini which squares the transiting Sun entering the analytical earth sign Virgo as we start to finish the summer season. This phase starts the decrease of the energy so it’s good for finishing up projects and for some re-working their ideas and plans under the witty Gemini moon. The Sun in Virgo begins the ending of the summer months and some may find it’s a good time to clean their gardens and evaluate their cornucopia for the fall harvest.

Astrology shows us how to be aware of the energy available and make our choices based on that knowledge as cycles do repeat themselves.
Peace and Blessings
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In the Stars for July



In the Stars for July

The summer season is here with the transiting Sun in the intuitive water sign Cancer. This energy gets us in touch with our feelings for the love of family, home and country. This is a time we care about others, are protective of our interests and we may spend time by water since the Moon rules this sign. The natal chart of the U.S.A has the Sun in Cancer. Happy Fourth of July.  That is the birth of our nation and we try to care for everyone has history demonstrates despite internal opposing forces.
While the Sun transits through Cancer we are more in tune with our imagination, feelings, and security. Cancer Sun native may appear cool on the outside but that hard crab shell is to protect their feelings and insecurities. Cancer people can wear a mask of complacency in order to hide their vulnerabilities and in order not to hurt others feelings given they are sensitive to the emotional undercurrents of others. This may cause them to appear evasive preferring not to confront anything too directly so they sidestep issues. Cancers are ruled by the Moon, giving this sign its flowing emotional nature and fertile imagination. They make great friends and are sympathetic, kind and protective. At times they are touchy and emotional preferring to hide or isolate themselves until they feel they have sorted out their feelings. Happy Birthday, Cancer! This summer major planetary energies from Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn plus the North Node in Cancer may be causing some frustrations and uncertainty. It will get better depending on your date of birth with those born middle of June through the first week of July who may have weathered these challenging transits.

Mercury goes retrograde on July 8th in the fire sign Leo, you may already be perceiving that some things are not running as smoothly since Mercury rules over communications will be a time of evaluation over projects and plans, some things may take time, plans change, computers and machinery may malfunction more. Perhaps we can take advantage of the laid back approach to projects and plans. Pace your self during this time and as challenges do come up. This is a good time for research and conscientiousness as you may perceive your fixed stubborn notions are tested during this time,
Venus also in Cancer may add a more emotionally sensitive approach to relationships and negotiations. Mercury transits through the water sign Cancer mid-July through August 11th.  It will be opposed by Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn so it could be a slow month in terms of getting things done. Mercury turns direct on August 1rst but allow another week for things to flow more smoothly.
However, Mars in Leo trines retrograde Jupiter in Sagittarius this month this transit can stir up our enthusiasm and goals. The fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius benefit.
Uranus the planet of sudden innovative change continues its trek through the practical security minded earth sign Taurus which will continue to signal a time of unique changes with money, security new ideas are promoted for possessions, money, banking industries, and resources. The keyword is reforming stratagems for business and the economy. Perhaps we will continue to practical and yet innovative during this time. The arts may also benefit to express new forms. Expect more or better uses of electronics to help with management and other business models.
Freedom is curtailed by the forces of materialism. We may yet to see if more totalitarian regimes crop up during the six-year transit of Uranus through Taurus in 2025. The last time Uranus moved through Taurus was 1934-1940 that was during World War II. Hopefully, we have evolved more spiritually not to back up tyrannies.  Yet the outer planets influence us to create change and reformation as Saturn (karma) and Pluto (regeneration) move through Capricorn which rules over governments. Neptune’s elusive energies help to spiritualize or confound as it transits through its own sign Pisces. The water signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces benefit from this transit.

The Lunar Cycles for July
The New Moon Solar Eclipse occurs July 2nd in the water sign Cancer, new energy, insights and awakening energies are more intense especially for Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn natives. Watch your energy and don’t overdo it this week.

The First Quarter Moon occurs July 9th in the air sign Libra. This is a good time for social events or for re-designing your home or planning engagements. This phase of the lunar cycle is good for planning and study how things are shaping up.

Lunar Eclipse Full Moon July 16th in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This Sun/Moon polarity Cancer/ Capricorn can push us through the balancing of the polarities represented around the themes of security, comfort, protection, restrictions, and limitations in getting ahead with our desires. For those who are more intuitive, this energy can cause us to perceive a way forward through our complexities. The eclipse energy can bring things to light.

The transiting Sun moves into the fire sign Leo July 22nd bringing in more creative energy and enthusiasm.

The Last Quarter Moon in the practical earth sign Taurus July 24th gets us in touch with practicalities as we wind down this month and re-organize those issues that came up during the eclipses as we for the New Moon energy in the fire sign Leo July 31rst.

Happy Summer
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Summer Solstice


The transiting Sun is in the water sign Cancer, we are halfway through the zodiac the day is the longest as we have solstice celebrations in the north as our ancestors praised the return of the light in the colder regions. This is a good time to enjoy the outdoors as our instincts move us to be in harmony with nature. The Sun reaches the height of its journey through the northern hemisphere. This energy puts us in touch with our intuitive feelings for family, home, country and the nurturance and protection needed for our survival. You can feel more during this time as we can attune to higher vibrations through the use of our imagination, some may feel more attuned to the collective mind. Happy Summer Solstice.

Your vibrations


“Whatever you are giving your attention to is already vibrating. And when you give your attention to it, if you maintain your focus for as little as 17 seconds, you begin to include its vibration, whatever it is, in your vibration. When you see something you want, and you give it your attention, and you say yes to it, you are including whatever its vibration is in your vibration. When you see something you do not want, and you shout no at it, you are including whatever its vibration is in your vibration. In this vibrational world, which is everything, you are far more vibrational beings than you are verbal beings. You are communicating with everyone far more on a vibrational basis than you are on a verbal basis.” Abraham-Hicks





The Path of Love


The path you both choose on your partnership journey does work out, so there is only allowing for the vibration of what you want individually to end up serving both of you in your love for one another.

“It seems like you really want different things, or are even choosing different paths. But when you both tend to your Emotional Journey, the Universe will cleverly give you both exactly what you want… When you tend to the Emotional Journey, this Universe has the resources and the cleverness to orchestrate for each of you what you exactly want even when you think they are opposites one from another. It’s great fun to watch.”



In the Stars for June


In the Stars for June

We are now halfway through this year of 2019. The transiting Sun is in the air sign Gemini and will shift into Cancer June 21. This intellectual witty air sign can lift us up and puts us in a lighter mood, more social and communications get a boost of energy this month.
Gemini people are versatile, knowledgeable and witty.  They enjoy many friends, and ideas to share with others. They are always looking for a new way to see things; therefore they can be good writers, fluent speakers, promoters and artists. Mercury their ruler helps them to see the many facets of things. They rely on logic and can be both logical and skeptical until they are satisfied with the facts. They are great at seeing energy patterns, are good system analysts as they can have a broad range of interests. Loving and friendly to all, yet sometimes they remain on the surface, some may seem nervous, superficial and inconsistent with their plans or projects. Most are non-conformists who resist cumbersome regulations that constrain their individuality. Like planet Mercury, Gemini is quicksilver which has no shape of its own and can just flow through your fingers and so does elusive Gemini. They remain curious, intellectual and carefree. Happy Birthday, Gemini. Neptune in Pisces squares your Sun this year others born later in the month they will feel it in a few years. Neptune is lending subtle energies, some folks may feel lost in a sea of illusions, this can sap the vitality, a tendency towards being a dreamer, or escapist tendencies are noticed when the square is in effect. The urge is to grow spirituality other realms other possibilities.

Planetary Transits for June

The Outer Planets
Larger changes are underway as Uranus breaks up forms of security as it moves through Taurus for the next 5 years.  Uranus in Taurus affects Taurus Sun signs helping them to shift, change and evolve. So expect the unexpected, yet trust that all works out and go with the flow.

Also, Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn conjoin to bring in more tension we may feel around security systems like money and systems that govern us to ensure those securities, protection and the new governments that may be established during this 2 year as these two planets conjoin their forces. This aspect affects most Capricorn Sun Signs.

Expect more uncertainty as we look for a higher purpose in life or a cause to pursue as Neptune moves through Pisces. Look at your chart where ever that planet is in your chart it may point the way towards more impressions, creativity, and faith or you may feel lost confused and unclear about your purposes, a good time to do creative things and go with the flow, especially for Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces Sun signs.  Neptune goes retrograde June 22nd; this transit further strengthens the energy for those on spiritual pursuits.

Jupiter planet of growth and expansion, in Sagittarius, helps its own sign Sagittarius Sun signs natives be more confident and urges Sag. to expand and grow. Jupiter promotes in wisdom, increases wealth, learning and knowledge. For those whose sun signs are Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries can expect a positive boost to their confidence and for some help with growth and expansion this year. These outer planets can affect us all in numerous ways, yet generally, we can see many new developments within the collective movement of consciousness as we ask for the change to come.

The Inner Planets
Mercury in direct motion will shift from Gemini to Cancer for most of June, bringing in a more sentimental emotional energy to our decision making could be non-object but perhaps based on the past data.
Venus in security-minded Taurus shifts into witty conversationalist Gemini this may increase our social life, networking, and feeling light and easy in relationships.
Mars in Cancer makes for sluggish, indecisive energy to our strategies our decisions or actions can as Mars in Cancer is in its fall, we may feel insecure this month.
The Moon’s Nodes are traveling through Cancer/ Capricorn polarity this year. Some may feel a sense of extreme sensitivity, tiredness, lack of ambition, or thwarted and blocked as we try to resolve the future forms of nurturance, safety, comfort, and family cohesion. North Node in Cancer can be a good way to use the imagination to develop something new and exciting.

The Lunar Cycles
June 3rd, New Moon in witty air sign Gemini is great for new projects, ideas, and social events.
June 10th, First Quarter Moon in the fastidious earth sign Virgo helps with whatever details, critical work duties, cleansing diets, projects are further developed which were started on the New Moon.

June 17th, Full Moon in the fire sign Sagittarius, heightens the light in the middle of the month, we may want to learn, travel and explore new frontiers in the great outdoors. A good time to bring in the forces for expansion.

June 21rst is the Summer Solstice the Sun moves into the sensitive water sign Cancer first day of summer the light has returned to the most northern countries who celebrate the Midnight Sun as the days can be long as 24 hours around the polar circle.

June 26th, The Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Aries, helps us to finish up old projects before embarking on the new inspirations that the Aries moon can strike up. A good week to slow down and enjoy the simplicity of the mundane world.

Happy Summer
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