LED Light Wellness Therapy

In Light Wellness Therapy

Infrared and visible Red and Blue LEDs are the heart of the In Light Wellness systems providing gentle but powerful noncoherent light. A carefully timed sequence of settings, known as pulses, create an environment in which change may occur more rapidly on the cellular level aiding the increase in Nitric Oxide, in other words, Nitrogen and Oxygen increase intercellular communication which helps the body heal itself.


Joints, back, skin, neuropathy, increases vascular system, circulation and the formation of new capillaries replacing damaged ones. Stimulates the production of collagen, increases ATP carrier of energy to all cells. Increases lymphatic system activity helps reduce swelling in the body.

Typical Uses for light therapy which people have reported positive results are:

Acute neck and back pain, ankle problems, arthritis pain and restricted movement, bone spurs, bone fractures, bruises, burns, bursitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, deep muscle problems, golfer/tennis elbow, fracture, hematomas, open wounds with negligible formation of scar tissue, inflammation in the body, leg pain, neuralgia, pain relief, peripheral neuropathy, pressure ulcers, shoulder pain, sore backs, sprains, swelling, tendon problems, tight muscles, wrist pain and more….

Come in and experience a 20 -minute session for $20.00