Pendulum Dowsing Class, Fee $35, Increase your accuracy and intuition we practice by asking questions using charts for more detailed answers. By appointment on Zoom or in Sedona for 1 hour. Pendulums are available for sale


tarot cards 2

Tarot the Ancient Wisdom in this Modern World.

We look at and study the fundamentals of the Tarot through the imagery and wisdom of the Waite deck. We look at the whole system, study individual cards, and practice reading them. Bring a deck that you have. Materials provided. Offered by appointment at $35 an hour


Meditation Learning to Look Within 

Meditation and Psychic Development
Pendulum Dowsing
Tarot Reading
Clairvoyance Reading Auras
Meet your Spirit Guides
Remote Viewing
Bach Flower Remedies

Reiki Attunements: levels I, II, III

Follow-up Reiki class attunements $120

Classes are available on an individual basis at my office  on Zoom or Skype call 928-203-6461

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