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When I summon up the feeling of appreciation it does help me to attune to the goodness I feel about my work. And my work is abundant and easily comes to me. I am the creator of my destiny.

“Hard work is not the path to Well-Being. Feeling good is the path to Well-Being. You don’t create through action; you create through vibration. And then, your vibration calls the action from you.” Abraham-Hicks

Sun in Gemini



Happy Birthday, Gemini. Your Solar return this year should be a relief from the last two years as Saturn was making difficult aspects to your Sun. Now the burdens are off and you are free to express your witty intellect. Flexible attitudes and freedom of speech are featured now that Saturn is no longer in aspect to Gemini the burdens have lifted off your shoulders. Cheers! While the Sun transits through Gemini we are more likely to want to go out and seek social networks, share ideas and enjoy the versatility this sign produces with respect to others points of view.

Uranus in Taurus



The planet that represents changes of a sudden, innovative, rebellious character is Uranus now moving through the earth sign Taurus for the next 7 years. This is a major planetary shift that will affect most Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius signs for the next 7 years. Generally speaking, It may bring about changes in the monetary system that is likely to be innovative yet perhaps disruptive, On a positive note, Uranus aspecting a person Sun can really help them shift and change their consciousness, appearance and viewpoints.

In the past when Uranus transited through Taurus we had major changes and upheavals. Past periods of major changes and upheavals for the control of commerce and people against their will in recent times were: 1850 with the rise of communism, and through 1934-42 the rise of totalitarianism via Hitler in World War II, to name a few. Possible keywords or concepts we are challenged with are: capitalism, new crypto-currencies, dematerialised finance; real estate crashes, stock exchange turbulences, smart farming, dismantling of property, new affective compacts, renewed traditions like going back to farming, using natural resource, the rise of the arts and crafts, new natural resources deposits, tornadoes, consequences of climate change on farmlands, post-modern food. Possible new domestic applications of electricity and more importantly the use of Tesla technologies that would be a welcome relief. However, expect a period of strong opinions to be conveyed through the four fixed signs, Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius natives. All the earth signs Virgo and Capricorn will experience and milder form of awakening if they are conscious of the changes in their ego structure, while the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces may not get a strong dose of the disruption.


light on the path



“See this world as a free world, and see everyone in it as trying—through their individual experiences—to find their way back to that calling, back to that Source Energy. And even though there are billions of them going about it in a way that is different than you would choose, there’s no right or wrong way. In other words, bless them all, and get on with the only thing you have any power about, which is opening or closing your vortex to your natural state of Well-Being.”  Abraham -Hicks

Thoughts are things


“The thought that you think, you think, which attracts to it; so you think it some more, which attracts to it; so you think it some more. In other words, when you have an expectation, you’ve got a dominant thought going on, and Law of Attraction is going to deliver that to you again, and again and again. And you say “The reason that I believe this, is because it is true.” And we say, the reason that you believe it is because you’ve practised the thought. All that a belief is, is a thought that you keep practising.”

Abraham -Hicks

In the Stars for May

taurus symbol

In the Stars for May
The spring season continues with the transiting Sun in Taurus. Nature is blossoming for most of the northern hemisphere; this is a good time for growth, gardening, pleasant outdoor activities and appreciation of all that is around us without and within. Taurus loves music and dancing this may be a good way to celebrate living on earth.
Taurus is a practical earth sign and its fixThe ed meaning it does not like change but craves security and seeks to control through earthy possession the keyword for Taurus is “I Have” attainment and status is often important to this earth sign. Ruled by Venus Taurus likes to be charming, affectionate and seeks pleasing situations and environments. Taurus natives are strongly rooted in their opinions and may remain stubborn until they see the value in the opposing point of view, however, generally, they do love to take care of others and especially provide loved ones with financial security, dedication and loyalty being import to them in relationships. They can be patient and reliable but if you continuously take them for granted or disrespect them too often that calm demeanour gives way to their anger and they will charge you just like the bull their sign represents. But generally, these are fun loving calm and generous folks of the zodiac. Jupiter in the water sign Scorpio has been opposing Taurus this month and this may cause you to feel good and likely to go overboard with indulgences on the positive side this aspect provides courage where needed and confidence. If you can’t follow through on commitments try to prioritize. Have a Happy Birthday Taurus.

The Planetary Aspects for May
Week May 1-6th, we just had the Full Moon in Scorpio which gives us an intense energy to pursue our projects and work endlessly to resolve matters. Jupiter lends a positive blessing this week especially if you are experiencing inner change and transformation which Jupiter in Scorpio can increase the desire to pursue with strong willpower and determination. This week looks easy going for the most part.

Week May 7-13th, Last Quarter Moon on Monday in the air sign Aquarius gives us some objectivity with wanting to analyze and finish up projects. Mercury Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn could release restriction and provide avenues for freedom. Venus in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces adding confusion to any decisions so be thoughtful before embarking forward as Neptune tends to blur and confuse things. Mother’s Day on the 13thshould be pleasant while the Moon is in Taurus so lots of appreciation Mercury also transits into Taurus lending sensible, practical perspectives thus helping in keeping all communications calm and collected. Mercury and Uranus conjoin this week perhaps some intuitive flashes will be felt around practical solutions to problems.

Week May 14-20th, The New Moon occurs Tuesday, May 15th in the practical earth sign Taurus practical efficient and security type ideas are in the air. Uranus planet of change has been transiting through the fire sign Aries now it moves into Taurus the sign of its fall. It will lend energy for practical consideration especially as it will square Mars planet of action in the air sign Aquarius concerned with progressive challenges which Uranus rules, this mid-week may carry some unusual energy like a release of blocks or resistance to creativity. Initiating new forms that express ones creative ideas may be a productive way to use the energy this week.  Uranus moving into Taurus may give us new ideas about money and the use of our resources. Over the period of this transit, we may see reforms in business and the economy hopefully for humanitarian principles those that are working in these fields will experience the most perhaps in an artistic way how to use technology techniques in management, accounting, and other businesses like software companies may benefit from Uranus through Taurus. This transit is for seven years until July 2025. Innovation in practical ways is the keyword.  Venus planet of love, values and relationships moves into the water sign Cancer where it will transmit vibrations for caring values about family, home, nurturance and sensitivity for love relations and protection. On May 20th, the Sun shifts into the witty air sign Gemini making this a good weekend for celebrations and social events.

May 21-27th, Monday First Quarter Moon in the analytical earth sign Virgo brings us down to earth dealing with tasks and duties. This is a good week to start those projects and analyze which ones to move forward. The weekend looks a bit more challenging than last as Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces, lending energies for spiritual questing or escapist tendencies like lying on the couch video binging. It is difficult to get things done with these transits also with Venus Cancer opposing Saturn in Capricorn, go with the flow.

May 28-31 This month will finish with another Full Moon in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius on Tues. May 29th, this is a good time to take stock of our positive goals and communicate them as Mercury slips into Gemini an air sign it rules stepping up the level of interest in goals and communication systems.

As always astrology is an ancient system of divination through the zodiac liken to a voyage we can choose how to work with the energy and determine our own destiny.
Peace and Blessings

Feeling good

“Anytime you feel negative emotion, stop and say: Something is important here; otherwise, I would not be feeling this negative emotion. What is it that I want? And then simply turn your attention to what you do want. . . . In the moment you turn your attention to what you want, the negative attraction will stop; and in the moment the negative attraction stops, the positive attraction will begin. And—in that moment—your feeling will change from not feeling good to feeling good. That is the Process of Pivoting.”



Sun in Taurus

bull-759381__340 (2)

Planetary energy shift- Sun in Taurus is a time to sit back relax and enjoy life by taking in the beauty all around us and praise mother earth. Now the Mercury is direct in Aries, so things will start to move with more ease and flow. Sun in Taurus provides us with patience, practicality, and a good business sense that is a security conscious approach to life.

In the Stars for April


In the Stars for April
The transiting Sun is moving through the passionate fire sign Aries; spring has begun for most of the northern hemisphere. This is a time of great energy bursting forward as nature wakes up to a new beginning at the start of the zodiac’s cycle. We may feel that the life force is stirring us up towards new activity now that the slumber of winter has ended.
Aries starts, pushes forward no matter what the odds are. Being a fire sign Aries Sun sign natives love to be the first to express their original ideas.  They like to express themselves with sound and fury and at times they can display a pioneering spirit showing great courage to their benefit and offer great leadership or they can be blunt and direct and seem to be self-centered. They love anything that is new and novel oftentimes not finishing or following through. They can be restless, egotistical and impatience as they feel they must keep moving on. As friends, they will behave in a protecting manner as they are great warriors able to charge to anyone’s aid. These folks are romantic and passionate they take great strides to prove their worth to the object of their affections.  This year for those born later in the sign Uranus planet of abrupt change has been challenging  Arians to wake up, change take opportunities to free themselves of any burdens. The light within must shine. Happy Birthday, Aries!

The Planetary aspects through the upcoming weeks
March 31 we have the Full Moon in the harmony seeking air sign Libra, this full moon energy is great for social events, going out and sharing with family and friends as we move through this holiday weekend.
April 1rst-8th, April Fools may well be that this year as we have Mercury, the trickster of the planets, in apparent retrograde motion moving through the fires sign Aries, providing us with odd time sequences; things move fast, and then slow, then abruptly as Mercury will square Mars and Saturn this week. Take your time with contracts and agreements as the details are not always clear under the retrograde.  April 2nd Mars and Saturn join up in the serious earth sign Capricorn this could cause some folks like to experience a sense of unending frustrations and lack of energy.  This is a time to go with the flow and slow down.

April 8-15th The Last Quarter Moon on April 8th, in the earth sign Capricorn finished this lunar cycle this is a good time to make decisions, clean things up, and contemplate what new plans or projects you will like to start around the 15th when Mercury goes direct and we have the New Moon in the charging fire sign Aries,.

April 16-22. Good energy is available to start new projects and plans. Give Mercury a couple of days to run more smoothly and this is a good time to access what you learned these last 3 weeks, and or what got fixed, or what decisions you may want to review.,Tuesday, April 17 that being tax day, is full of major planetary aspects, Venus opposes Jupiter, Venus trines Neptune, escapism, lethargy, mysticism, or retreating; are some of the ways this energy may be felt. Saturn in ambitious Capricorn which it rules goes retrograde for about a 5 month period.  The energy for this day may well be slow, somber, and decisive. Saturn turning retrograde in Capricorn can be good for gathering inner strength and resolve. Most of the cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn natives born in the early part of the sign may feel it the most. April 19 the Sun enters into the practical security minded earth sign Taurus. This transit of the Sun will soften the energy, and create a more relaxed atmosphere.  The First Quarter Moon happens in the fire sign Leo on the Earth Day celebrations, a good time to march and lead and enjoy nature. Pluto planet of transformation and recycling goes retrograde in the earth sign Capricorn April 22, where it has been busy ushering in all types of changes, reforms, and transformation of those things ruled by Capricorn like governments, orders, Capricorn natives must give up the false sense of control and surrender to their higher self as this aspect to their Sun can deliver the greatest spiritual sense of freedom, enlightenment, and release. Most cardinal signs are feeling these forces challenging them as well for Uranus and Pluto both have been affecting Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. Change is inevitable and is the only constant in the universe.

Week of April 23-29, Nice energy with Venus shifting into the curious intellectual air sign Gemini on Tuesday 24th, also Mars and Jupiter form a beneficial sextile which helps to ease energy through especially if you are building things, working with physical objects. Or just moving your energy like in sports or dancing. The Full Moon occurs April 29th in the powerful water sign Scorpio this could be a weekend of quiet contemplation, or working at things in solitude an aspect between Sun and Saturn can ease any difficult energy, hold on steady as the Moon opposes Uranus planet of abrupt change.

And that is the significant aspects this month, astrology teaches about the cycles through the tropical zodiac, we get to choose the way we use the energy available and their interpretation.
Peace and Blessings

Mercury Retrograde


Mercury Retrograde until April 15th in the fire sign Aries. If you know your natal chart this is where you want to look for any changes, surprises, and research. I always find finishing up old projects and clearing out the house is a good way to use the energy sometimes you find things you thought were lost. Best time to go with the flow, the energy can sometimes be erratic, high streamed and full of contradictions depending on your chart. Pace yourself if you are traveling, time can move in funny ways. Sometimes computers break down or machinery, anything that is about to will. Mercury is kind of like the glue that holds things together on the earth plane. Mercury is also known as the trickster who plays games in order to teach so pace yourself and learn about yourself during this time.