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In the Stars for April

In the Stars for April
The transiting Sun in the fire sign Aries awakens us in the northern hemisphere. Its springtime and new forms, growth, and enthusiasm can step up our courage so we can brave this new world order which is upon us. Aries represents leadership, individuality, new enterprises; a pioneering spirit. This energy has a strong drive to express creativity as inspiration, for Aries Sun signs can be competitive, outgoing, driving, self-centred, confident and decisive no matter what the consequences are, for them it’s all about quick thinking solutions. Patience is a virtue, as Aries Sun signs can be quick to act then lose interest once the inspiration changes. They need to learn to follow through and choose their battles. They are warm, caring and compassionate people and like their opposite sign Libra they need teamwork and cooperation as a way to support their views. Happy Birthday Aries, shine your light keep overcoming those current challenges as Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto all in Capricorn have been creating challenging squares to your Sun. However, this week of April 1rst, the energy should feel less stressful as Mars and Saturn move into Aquarius.
Generally speaking, Mars planet of action, strategies and war conjoins with Saturn planet that represents structures, limitations, time, Karma, and obstacles both planets moving through the cool and detached air sign Aquarius, may lend a radical change to our world order, new ways of governing, new structures, strategies, for instance, some totalitarian world leaders grabbing for power and control under the guise of the COVID-19 crisis, issuing a new world order due to necessity and Radical change to the monetary systems, social services, socialism as Uranus in Taurus squares Mars and Saturn is what is happening for all as structures, business, governments; all systems of control and order are undergoing the challenge to change because of the necessity for all to be provided for while it appears to be a time for new inventions perhaps with credit from future labour as part of that economic reset.  For cardinal signs, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are the most tested this week. So if you have felt angry, bottled up and frustrated now things should lighten up by end of April for most cardinal signs in the last degrees of their sign. The harder you try the worse it gets, have patience find new ways to express your creativity, around the house. This month will be tough but towards the end, things will lighten up as the Sun enters Taurus bringing in more mellow solar drives for relaxation, gardening, enjoying nature and security as the government assurances support with forthcoming aid that will arrive for taxpayers.

This first week of April 1-5th – we have major planetary shifts which include Mars and Saturn conjoin in the air sign Aquarius and square Uranus in Taurus, the planet of erratic change, inventions, and rebellion. This could be the energy breaking up the social order sudden dramatic, extreme changes to the prevailing security system with governments having to issue more social type handouts in order to maintain peace and balance as things could tip over in the collective mind. Jupiter in Capricorn conjoins with Pluto also in Capricorn this week. This aspect can increase our capacity for spiritual regeneration as we hold on while the system is collapsing and new types of governments form and systems take on a new order. This aspect can reveal more of the truth of what is going on. Venus in Gemini until Aug. 8th, will trine Saturn in Aquarius this week which helps us out with detachment, friendliness and commitments to the on-going plan for our survival. Perhaps this placement of Venus in Gemini until Aug. will increase our use of the internet and social platforms can be developed as one of the new forms of business, trade, and networking now more than ever as Venus rules over relationships. This can be an inventive time. First Quarter Moon in the emotional water sign Cancer can help us with staying at home and nurturing ourselves, find alternatives for health and healing. Plan projects that can be completed by the mid-month.

April 6-12- The Libra Full Moon on Tuesday, April 7th illuminated by the powerful fiery Aries Sun is the energetic high point for this month. Libra loves cooperation and teamwork, while Aries strives for independence yet the two forces work in tandem to achieve that sense of balance between self and others. We are all in this together is the keynote of this full moon. Mercury finally moves out of emotional Pisces and enters into the fire sign Aries stirring up our passions, inspirations and the capacity for invention. Things will be get connected faster as Mercury’s role is to bring things together on the physical plane. Mars and Uranus square bringing in those forces that can disrupt things if we are not cautious and in control of our passions. This can be an accident-prone type week especially if you have natal planets in Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius as the fixed signs are stressed this week.

April 13-19- Last Quarter Moon in Capricorn squares the Sun in Aries, plus Sun in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn square on Tues. April 14th A difficult week perhaps as tensions rise and we are anxious to finish up the quarantine, yet the Sun in Taurus helps us mellow out and feel secure and more grounded.

April 20-30- Tues. April 22 The New Moon occurs in practical security-minded Taurus, the Sun in Taurus will square Saturn in Aquarius, this aspect encourages decisions and perhaps new ideas for humanitarian causes that will give more financial security to all. This is good for new beginnings and for earth day celebrations. Mercury shifts into Taurus perhaps giving practical concerns priority on our lists of things to do. Pluto planet that represents transformation, death, and rejuvenation and recycling goes retrograde motion on April 25th until Oct. 3rd, things that are hidden may surface, the details of the pandemic are reviewed, this transit does affect larger political systems, climate change the global economy; all up of changes, transformation and renewal. These are Plutonian themes to be aware of it, as this can bring finality to our current dilemma with the structure and processes of our governments and other systems of control. A new awareness is growing as we experience a change in consciousness worldwide this year.  Sun and Uranus in Taurus conjoin forces to enable new inventive causes to emerge collectively which enable more freedoms, unexpected changes, and a push beyond comfort zones. Mercury in practical security-minded Taurus squares Saturn in detached, cool Aquarius on April 28th this aspect could make for difficult communications this week. Or things are being put out there for decision making that is not easy to understand. The First Quarter Moon enters fun-loving Leo for decisions as it squares the Sun, Mercury and Uranus, and faces obstacles as it opposes Saturn not an easy day for fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.
A lot of dramatic changes and challenges this month, be aware of alternative treatments concerning the flu and stay positive and inventive.
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Virgo/Pisces Full Moon Mercury turns Direct


The Virgo Full moon represents the height of this lunar phase and augurs the completion of the winter season and the start of spring. The full moon in Virgo is good for organizing, spring cleaning and finishing up projects. This Sun/Moon polarity helps to look at the details and also bring in more inspiration and faith into that which holds your attention. Service, multi-tasking, troubleshooter are Virgo qualities, while the Sun finishing up in Pisces fixes our attention on compassion, faith and imagination. It is best not to fall victim to the mass consciousness fears going on about the virus but stay practical by focusing on healthy routines ruled by Virgo and having the faith to feel that this too shall pass.

Mercury which rules Virgo stations direct today and begins its forward movement in the air sign Aquarius this week where it is strong in intellectual and humanitarian concerns especially those we are facing now. Mercury will shift into Pisces March 17th, again where it was when it turned retrograde last month and re-visits some of those emotional intuitive energies that concerned us then. This may be a time to clarify any confusion or messes that you have going on with your plans and projects and use caution while doing things and driving as the energy may still be erratic with unexpected surprises, schedule changes and or delays with travel plans. Some people find things that were lost during this phase of Mercury’s direct station, still, some things may still feel like a standstill but by the end of this week expect an increase in the flow of activities and commerce.

The Path of Love


The path you both choose on your partnership journey does work out, so there is only allowing for the vibration of what you want individually to end up serving both of you in your love for one another.

“It seems like you really want different things, or are even choosing different paths. But when you both tend to your Emotional Journey, the Universe will cleverly give you both exactly what you want… When you tend to the Emotional Journey, this Universe has the resources and the cleverness to orchestrate for each of you what you exactly want even when you think they are opposites one from another. It’s great fun to watch.”



In the Stars for June


In the Stars for June

We are now halfway through this year of 2019. The transiting Sun is in the air sign Gemini and will shift into Cancer June 21. This intellectual witty air sign can lift us up and puts us in a lighter mood, more social and communications get a boost of energy this month.
Gemini people are versatile, knowledgeable and witty.  They enjoy many friends, and ideas to share with others. They are always looking for a new way to see things; therefore they can be good writers, fluent speakers, promoters and artists. Mercury their ruler helps them to see the many facets of things. They rely on logic and can be both logical and skeptical until they are satisfied with the facts. They are great at seeing energy patterns, are good system analysts as they can have a broad range of interests. Loving and friendly to all, yet sometimes they remain on the surface, some may seem nervous, superficial and inconsistent with their plans or projects. Most are non-conformists who resist cumbersome regulations that constrain their individuality. Like planet Mercury, Gemini is quicksilver which has no shape of its own and can just flow through your fingers and so does elusive Gemini. They remain curious, intellectual and carefree. Happy Birthday, Gemini. Neptune in Pisces squares your Sun this year others born later in the month they will feel it in a few years. Neptune is lending subtle energies, some folks may feel lost in a sea of illusions, this can sap the vitality, a tendency towards being a dreamer, or escapist tendencies are noticed when the square is in effect. The urge is to grow spirituality other realms other possibilities.

Planetary Transits for June

The Outer Planets
Larger changes are underway as Uranus breaks up forms of security as it moves through Taurus for the next 5 years.  Uranus in Taurus affects Taurus Sun signs helping them to shift, change and evolve. So expect the unexpected, yet trust that all works out and go with the flow.

Also, Saturn and Pluto both in Capricorn conjoin to bring in more tension we may feel around security systems like money and systems that govern us to ensure those securities, protection and the new governments that may be established during this 2 year as these two planets conjoin their forces. This aspect affects most Capricorn Sun Signs.

Expect more uncertainty as we look for a higher purpose in life or a cause to pursue as Neptune moves through Pisces. Look at your chart where ever that planet is in your chart it may point the way towards more impressions, creativity, and faith or you may feel lost confused and unclear about your purposes, a good time to do creative things and go with the flow, especially for Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces Sun signs.  Neptune goes retrograde June 22nd; this transit further strengthens the energy for those on spiritual pursuits.

Jupiter planet of growth and expansion, in Sagittarius, helps its own sign Sagittarius Sun signs natives be more confident and urges Sag. to expand and grow. Jupiter promotes in wisdom, increases wealth, learning and knowledge. For those whose sun signs are Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries can expect a positive boost to their confidence and for some help with growth and expansion this year. These outer planets can affect us all in numerous ways, yet generally, we can see many new developments within the collective movement of consciousness as we ask for the change to come.

The Inner Planets
Mercury in direct motion will shift from Gemini to Cancer for most of June, bringing in a more sentimental emotional energy to our decision making could be non-object but perhaps based on the past data.
Venus in security-minded Taurus shifts into witty conversationalist Gemini this may increase our social life, networking, and feeling light and easy in relationships.
Mars in Cancer makes for sluggish, indecisive energy to our strategies our decisions or actions can as Mars in Cancer is in its fall, we may feel insecure this month.
The Moon’s Nodes are traveling through Cancer/ Capricorn polarity this year. Some may feel a sense of extreme sensitivity, tiredness, lack of ambition, or thwarted and blocked as we try to resolve the future forms of nurturance, safety, comfort, and family cohesion. North Node in Cancer can be a good way to use the imagination to develop something new and exciting.

The Lunar Cycles
June 3rd, New Moon in witty air sign Gemini is great for new projects, ideas, and social events.
June 10th, First Quarter Moon in the fastidious earth sign Virgo helps with whatever details, critical work duties, cleansing diets, projects are further developed which were started on the New Moon.

June 17th, Full Moon in the fire sign Sagittarius, heightens the light in the middle of the month, we may want to learn, travel and explore new frontiers in the great outdoors. A good time to bring in the forces for expansion.

June 21rst is the Summer Solstice the Sun moves into the sensitive water sign Cancer first day of summer the light has returned to the most northern countries who celebrate the Midnight Sun as the days can be long as 24 hours around the polar circle.

June 26th, The Last Quarter Moon in the fire sign Aries, helps us to finish up old projects before embarking on the new inspirations that the Aries moon can strike up. A good week to slow down and enjoy the simplicity of the mundane world.

Happy Summer
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Supermoon Full Moon Leo/Aquarius


This Lunar Eclipse full moon in Leo/ Aquarius polarity focuses the energy around the themes of individual creative expression and doing group work to benefit the greater whole. A high time for awareness and awakenings this weekend. The Sun enters Aquarius and shifts the energy from the practical down to earth Capricorn view we had last month to the more open objective altruistic perception. Aquarius is outgoing, self-expressive positive energy. They like to be disseminators of knowledge, anything that is inventive, different, and intellectual. We may have more objectivity this month while the Sun is in Aquarius, its a good time to explore your personal freedom and uniqueness.

Mercury Retrograde, Venus goes direct


It is that time again for a Mercury Retrograde phase. Mercury in the fire sign Sagittarius encourages new ideas and ventures to re-examine travel plans, finish up old projects, don’t start something new because it can go in different directions, although some like the creative excitement this phase can stir up. Oftentimes, machinery, computers, things that are about to malfunction do, so fixing things can be part of this journey. Changes in plans, caution with anything that requires orderly thinking. Research is best during this time. Go with the flow. Mercury goes direct Dec. 7th on the New Moon.



Venus is moving in direct motion,  shining the way in relationships in its own sign Libra. This will help us manifest more just reforms, relationships get the green light to go forward with the song of balance and harmony.

In the Stars for November



In the Stars for November

The fall season continues as the Sun moves through the intense water sign Scorpio this can be an emotionally charged time with some people exhibiting strong passionate drives others delving inwardly searching for a deeper meaning to the cycles of life and death.  This is a good time for self-analysis and perhaps embarking upon an inward journey to know one’s deeper emotions and motivations.

Historically, the symbol for Scorpio is the scorpion whose venomous sting characterizes the biting sarcasm attributed to this sign while others ascribe the eagle and or the Phoenix. The ideas behind the symbolism are greatness, intensity, sexuality, death, transformation and rebirth. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio people are intense, passionate, resolute, enduring, persistent and courageous. These Scorpio Sun signs are strong-willed, masterful, and fearing nothing. They can overcome insurmountable barriers driving themselves hard and may get sick when they reach the point of exhaustion as they are hard workers. They present themselves with a quiet thoughtful and analyzing demeanour. They bring emotional depth and passion to anything or anyone, yet they are selective in their choice of companions and are very loyal loving and protective of their loved ones and on the contrary perhaps shrewd, suspicious, jealous and possessive depending on their evolution. They can be vengeful towards anyone who hurts their friends and private interests.  Oftentimes, expressing an extreme point of view life is either black and white right or wrong – they need to seek the middle ground. They can be naturally curious and suspicions seeking to probe until they ferret out the truth seldom are they fooled or victimized by others. They are full of power, strength and courage. Happy Birthday Scorpio benevolent guru planet Jupiter transiting through your sign has been showing you ways to grow and expand your power and gifts.

Planetary Aspects for November

1rst week 11/1-4th, Venus retrograde moves into the harmony seek air sign Libra stirring up the energies for communication, justice, fairness, equality in relationships this month, we are in the last quarter moon phase, finish up projects, make decisions and prepare for the next New Moon phase.

2nd week, 11/5-11th, Charging and energetic week as Uranus planet of erratic, revolutionizing change moves retrograde and re-enters Aries until March 2019, more intense fast moving erratic impatient energies abound, 11/7 New Moon in the intense water sign Scorpio charges up the energy for new beginnings with invigorating energy.  11/8 benevolent Jupiter enters its own enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius perking up inspiring ideas, modes of expression with some folks telling it like it is. Jupiter in Sagittarius is great for educators, presenters, philosophers, travellers to name a few. Sagittarius Sun signs will benefit, with some wanting to grow, expand, perhaps travel, and be more inspired to do creative things.

3rd week, 11/12-18th, First Quarter Moon in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius brings in the start of projects, interests in impartial but friendly communications. Mars the planet of action and strategies moves into the impressionable water sign Pisces could help to mellow things down, romantic drives, gentleness and compassion may help reduce the tension in the air. Venus stations moves direct 11/16 this will help no more waiting to make choices around money, values, and relationships.  Mercury which rules communications, networks, and schedules is moving retrograde between Nov.16-Dec.7th. Plan your schedules with opportunities to allow changes, read the fine print if you are purchasing big items, and it will be moving through inspirational Sagittarius, this can be a carefree time.

4th week, 11/19-25, the energy shifts this week, we build up to the Full Moon 11/22 Thanksgiving Day, in the witty air sign Gemini, the Sun enters into inspiring Sagittarius. A good day to share ideas, travel, learn and have fun. The Sun in Sagittarius brings in the energy for holiday merriment as we finish the fall season on Winter Solstice December 21. Neptune in Pisces turns direct motion and we can begin to collectively come out of the confusion and be imaginative and inspired.

5th week, 11/26-30th, we finish up the month on the Last Quarter Moon cycle in the analytical earth sign Virgo, this will be a busy day full of the energy available if you need to finish, clean up on all your projects this weekend.

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Sun in Leo, Mercury Retrograde



In the Stars for August

The transiting Sun moving through Leo in the zodiac this transit increases the solar fire as the Sun is exalted in Leo. The Sun has reached its point of exaltation and we feel the effects of this high energy with the weather being hot, muggy and long days and short nights are still to be experienced in the northern hemisphere.  Leo energy can bring into play a more fixed, rigid view to our perspectives. The more obvious traits of Leo are, a burning enthusiasm of fire coupled with the powerful expression of its fixed nature. As Leo is ruled by the powerful Sun, Leo natives feel they need to be the centre of attention. They are creative, graceful, dignified, proud, determined and dramatic individuals. The more evolved ones are generous, enthusiastic, and concerned for the welfare of those they lead. They can be warmhearted and shine forth their light as they can be noble in the causes they promote, and excellent organizers. However, they can be, if not as evolved, conceited, snobbish, intolerant, patronizing, dogmatic, needy, loud and pompous. The challenge this year for Leo natives is Uranus squares Leo for those born later in July this can bring into play the energy needed to move forward and shine in your spotlight. Jupiter squares Leo natives born in Aug. this aspect can help grow and expand your consciousness. Happy Birthday, Leo!

The Planetary Transits for August

1rst week, Aug. 1-5th, Mercury in the fire sign Leo is retrograding until Aug.19th, this is a good time to get things organized, do some research on things you may want to investigate or consider for future plans, evaluate this summer’s awareness and growth patterns within your own life, pace yourself with appointments, schedules can change, tempers may flare as Uranus in fixed earth sign Taurus squares Leo later this week as it starts it retrograde motion. Stay flexible if you can during this week. The Last Quarter Moon in fixed earth sign Taurus likes the status quo and fears change so it’s hard to break free of restrictions; however, Uranus always seeks to cause the friction needed to move energy forward. This week is good for evaluation, summing things up and waiting on the will of heaven for further plans to be revealed to you. The Lunar eclipse may have brought up issues to evaluate before all the information is in while we are in Mercury retrograde.

2nd week, Aug-6th-12th, Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus, Venus shifts into Libra bringing in more rational balanced energy good for relationships and negotiations. This is possibly a hot week as the Solar Eclipse heats up the New Moon in Leo on Aug. 11th. The solar eclipse can be a point of waking up as an awareness dawns on you, perhaps a new beginning, creative in nature, and a spark of new interests and enthusiasm. Mars planet of energy, actions, war, and strategies goes into the ambitious earth sign Capricorn calling for efficiency, focus and completion. Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn can use this energy best to move forward with your work.

3rd week, Aug.-13-19, The First Quarter Moon in the intense secretive water sign Scorpio lends the persistence to moving forward on plans and projects.  If you have been waiting for Mercury to go direct motion before making a major decision, it does on the Aug. 19 in the fire sign Leo. This week’s energy can be odd with unexpected twists and turns as Mercury slows down to station direct give things about another week for the natural flow to be established. This is a good time to take stock of what you learned in the last 4 weeks of this retrograde cycle as Mercury rules over thoughts, ideas, and communications.

4th week, Aug.-20-26 the major shift this week is the Sun moves into Virgo Aug. 22nd, ushering the last few weeks of summer as we get ready for the harvest in the fall.  Sun in Virgo stirs up the energy for practical, organized, detailed action. The Full Moon in Pisces makes for a dreamy weekend let your imagination find a focus, it’s a good time to envision a better future, meditate and relax. Full moon phase is good to evaluate, balance the polarity presently between Virgo details of service, and Pisces -the faith in service.

5th week, Aug. 27-31, Mars has been retrograde perhaps building up reserves of energy which can now be realized as Mars moves direct Aug. 27th in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn where Mars is at its best executive level of energy. This could be the week to get things done and finish up projects you had going on all summer.

Astrology is a way to look at energy and cycles as we move through the celestial zodiac. We always have a choice on how to perceive and utilize the energy.

Peace and Blessings



Sun in Gemini




In the Stars for June
This month we have the last few weeks of the spring season and the beginning of summer on June 21rst when the Summer Solstice occurs.  The signs associated with June are Gemini and Cancer. The Sun now transiting through the witty air sign Gemini encourages communications and networking. This energy can help us engage in intellectual games like wordplay or social activities and celebrations for those graduating from schools and it’s no coincidence since Mercury ruler of Gemini has an influence over schools particularly learning and the increase of the communication of ideas in the air.

Gemini natal signs are very intellectual, witty and fun to explore mutual ideas.  The twins Castor and Pollux often associated with the negative and positive polarity of this mutable sign also stands for the theatre arts. Since Mercury-quicksilver is the ruler of this sign the emphasizes is on communication. They can be quite adept at languages, acting, logic and manual skills. Gemini people enjoy friendships that engage them in their ongoing intellectual pursuits. On the other side the other twin they can be nervous, restless, superficial and inconsistent being unable to pursue one thing and rather flitting off to another.  Happy Birthday Gemini, this year mystical Neptune has been in aspect to your Sun in the water sign Pisces forming a square aspect which can challenge you to be more imaginative and creative.

Weekly Planetary Aspects for June

Week 1, June 1-3  We start the month with the Full Moon energy in Sagittarius, lots of ideas and ideals may have become apparent the wish for travel is very high this time of year. Venus trines Jupiter add some benevolent energy for relationships with loved ones and family ties are strengthened this weekend. Some may have more wealth from this aspect. The planet that rules relationships, Venus trines Neptune giving a boost to our imagination, romance and creativity.  Quicksilver Mercury trines Mars and lends the energy to direct things in a clear way good for communications and strategies.  Uranus planet of change shifted into the practical earth sign Taurus which is affecting most Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius natives. Change and insights are probable yet Uranus inspires us with dramatic surprises.

Week 2, June 4-10th The Last Quarter Moon occurs June 6 in the mystical water sign Pisces. The last quarter moon is a good time to make decisions, clean up messes, and rest while the moon starts to wax again during the new moon. Pisces is a dreamy intuitive sign and it great for creative work and or just relaxing by the beach this time of year.

Week 3, June 11-17, the New Moon arrives at 22 Gemini as we finish the cycle of spring. Gemini Moon like new ideas and networking. This is a good time to launch projects that require planning and communications. Venus shifts into the fire sign Leo and squares Uranus setting off some challenges to some. Mercury opposes Saturn now in Capricorn the earth sign it rules,  The weekend could foster somewhat negative attitudes as Mercury now in Cancer opposes Saturn in Capricorn both of these signs can be overly cautious regarding security.  Sunday Father’s Day, June 17th can be positive and happy for most during the celebrations as the Moon in Leo likes a party.

Week 4, June 18-24, The First Quarter Moon occurs in the analytical earth sign Virgo a good time to plan and organize projects. Neptune the mysterious planet will go retrograde June 19th, this transit can deepen our mystical perceptions or delusions until Nov. 25th, and it will work on the water signs Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces in a spiritual way to trust and flow in life.  The Summer Solstice occurs June 21rst, the Sun enters the water sign Cancer and we are midpoint to our cycle around the Zodiac. The Midnight Sun celebrations occur now as, in the past, the light has come back to the northern hemisphere which is a marking in time our ancestors observed. All is well with the cycles. Cancer Sun is a very emotional sign to be born under, caring, protective and insecure these individuals do their best with their intuition yet they may be soft on the inside and hard or secretive on the outside. Cancer is ruled by the Moon we have a time of flowing with emotional sensitivity, people may feel like retiring and enjoying their homes during this time. Venus in Leo opposes Mars in Aquarius we want to be aware of forceful communications, like jealousy in relationships, or quarrels stemming from fixed separate views. Mars goes retrograde in Aquarius, strengthening the fixed notions about inventions, and innovations fostering anything that is unique,

Week 5, June 25-30th, the Full Moon occurs in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn, it opposes the Sun in the intuitive water sign Cancer.  We will have the swing of the polarity between the intuitive feeling part of self and the reserved, cold and calculating rational self. The energy steadies the self in the centre of the both combined yin/yang in balance.  Mercury shifts into the fire sign Leo and will square Uranus in Taurus the tension may be around egocentric views of power, materialism, and the prevailing traditional status quo. Yet intuitive flashes may clash with the outworn as we get to choose between the egocentric and practical ways to enhance our systems of financial security. Perhaps our egocentric views about ego status, wealth and authority will undergo the changes we are truly seeking for there to be a paradigm change.

As always astrology is the observation of the phenomena of the interplay of the stars within our celestial zodiac.
Peace and Blessings