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In the Stars for March

The winter season winds down this month with the transiting Sun moving through Pisces and entering Aries on March 20th at the Spring Equinox. Pisces is an emotional intuitive sign so this energy puts us in touch with our dreams, visions, intuition, and compassion. Two major planets to highlight this month are Saturn will shift into Pisces to start its 2-year trek and Pluto will shift into progressive Aquarius for 2 months starting March.

Pisces Sun signs are intuitive, quick-witted, charming, compassionate, and sympathetic. They like to identify with their surroundings and associates therefore their moods change like the chameleon. They do have a depth of personality and most live for the arts and music. If they are indifferent to anyone it’s because they are being protective of their deep insecurity which they can hide by being evasive.  The symbol of the fish swimming in opposite directions is symbolic of Pisces’ duality. They like to escape the harshness of life or practical responsibilities. Although, they are productive and most want to make money before they get around to their spiritual or artistic aspirations. They love romance and have friendships but they can suffer from heartache due to an unrequited love affair. They love dancing, fishing, movies, poetry, and anything that makes life enjoyable. Happy Birthday Pisces, for those of you born later in March, you may become more spiritual or visionary as Neptune crosses over you Sun., and for those of you that have already had the aspect, those who were born late Feb. – mid-March hopefully the fog and clouds have cleared. But all Pisces natives will experience the serious vibes of Saturn coming up which will strengthen you nonetheless. 

The Planetary Aspects for March
1st week, we are growing towards the Full Moon this week is the 2nd Quarter Moon in Gemini started on Monday, Feb. 27, the Moon will shift into the intuitive water sign Cancer on Wed. March 1rst Venus in fiery Aries joins Jupiter also in Aries this aspect can lend a lot of positive notes to this day and benefits the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer Libra, and Capricorn, this can be a good week to get things decided and completed. Mercury in Aquarius conjoins Saturn in the last degrees of Aquarius on Thursday bringing in the completion of new reforms before Mercury goes into imaginative Pisces. The transiting Moon travels through Leo this weekend, which is positive for joy and fun with friends.
2nd week starts with the Moon in Virgo on Purim. This lunar energy increases our capacity for conscientiousness on the Full Moon as Virgo is detailed orientated on Tuesday. This is a good day to focus inwardly on compassion as big old karmic Saturn starts its trek through illusory Pisces. Hope, fears, and compassion are some of the themes we will face karmically while Saturn transits through intuitive Pisces for the next 2 years approximately. Some people could have more phobias therefore getting in touch and overcoming one’s fear is one of Saturn’s tests, especially for Pisces natives who will be tested and strengthened by this aspect. This weekend brings better energy for socializing with the Libra Moon but things change on Sunday when we start Daylight savings time with the Moon moving through deep instinctive water sign Scorpio the Moon opposes erratic Uranus of Sunday morning some may have a restless early morning. Things calm down by the afternoon when the Moon in Scorpio trines intuitive Neptune in Pisces relax and enjoy your quiet time.

3rd week, of March 20th, is the Spring Equinox the Sun enters fiery Aries. This picks up solar energy like more light and more energy for all in the northern hemisphere. The New Moon follows on Tues in Aries charging us up to begin new projects or plans. The big planetary shift this week along with the Sun is that Pluto goes in progressive Aquarius for only two months then back into Capricorn until January 2024. It will finish its reconstruction of economics and government structures which it has been doing for the last 16 ½ years since 2008. In Aquarius, we have hope for new reforms on a global level. Most Capricorn natives were the most influenced to transform their ego selves during this time. Mars planet which represents energy, war, and strategies goes into the water sign Cancer on Sat. March 25; this will help us to promote family values, home repairs, and gardening. We move forward with our subjective emotions. And this will energize the USA natal chart with its planets in Cancer in the 7th house and Pluto in Capricorn in the 2nd; expect challenges to our partnerships overseas.

4th week, March 27-31 the month ends with the 2nd Quarter Moon in the emotional water sign Cancer. This energy can help us focus on work around the home, and gardens and to insure our family’s security. New inspiring ideas can come through with Mercury joining Jupiter in Aries on Tues. March 28th.
Venus in Taurus joins erratic Uranus on Thursday the 30th this can disrupt some relations where folks are looking for freedom, and it can affect change in the banking industry.
And that’s the astrology for March in like a lion out like a lamb, maybe.
Peace and Blessings


Sun in Aquarius 

In the Stars for February
The winter season continues with the transiting Sun in the air sign Aquarius. This energy uplifts our spirits to seek higher perspectives and inventive ways of thinking about life. There are no retrograde planets this month, everything is flowing forward. the Sun signs in the last degrees of the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will receive the last difficult hit from Saturn and Uranus in Taurus for Taurus natives. Venus and Jupiter will benefit the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Mars in Gemini charges the air sign Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius to move forward. Neptune in its own sign Pisces continues to challenge the mutable signs, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces to ground themselves. Pluto is in the critical last degrees of Capricorn where it intensifies the need to break down old orders and create something new when it moves into Aquarius in mid-March 2023.
Aquarius Sun sign people are intelligent looking and always seeking an original way or a different perspective on all things. They appear eccentric, proud, distant, and sometimes dominating as Aquarius is a fixed air positive sign. The symbol of a man pouring water from a vase means that the energy he pours out into the earth is cosmic. That means it’s a symbol of raising consciousness with kinetic energy. In the age of Aquarius, we can do more with energy as we are starting to see technology evolve towards free energy. Aquarius Sun signs are ruled by Saturn and Uranus, this makes for a quick-witted yet discipline nature. They like their freedom to be who they think they are. Most participate in community groups helping others as they tend to think of themselves as humanitarian and fair-minded by nature. But they are a paradox as they can be stubborn, selfish, conceited, tolerant rebellious, erratic, and difficult to understand let alone try to please them. They like to help others but from a distant perch as being impersonal towards their many friends is more comfortable to them. They can be inventive and always tinkering with new ideas which they like to share with others. Happy Birthday, Aquarius, Uranus, and Saturn continue to aspect your Sun. This month,  they are making the last aspects to your Sunlike a last jolt to continue to change your ways and grow.

The Planetary Cycles for February
1st week, 1-5, the first week of the month starts with the energy increasing, Ground Hog day the Moon in Cancer can bring in more clouds perhaps winter will last another 6 weeks or it will be shorter.  A square from the Sun to Uranus in Taurus can make for an erratic day on Friday, Feb.3 rd. Then the Full Moon occurs on Feb. 5th in the fire sign Leo. This can be a positive week for most folks, especially this weekend while the Moon is in party-loving Leo.

2nd week, 6th-12th, the Moon in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius on Monday this aspect could cause depression for some folks and or a difficult day. Then Mercury in practical Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces this can help if you are inclined to imaginative thinking and work that inspires you, On Tues Feb.7, Venus planet of love in is transiting through the compassionate water sign Pisces forms a sextile to erratic Uranus in Taurus this aspect can benefit peoples love life and friendships.
On Friday the transiting Moon in Libra trines the Sun in Aquarius this aspect helps to raise the positive vibes. Mercury in Capricorn conjoins with transformative Pluto on Friday bringing in the power to think positively and change things where needed. On Saturday, Feb. 11th Mercury moves into the air sign Aquarius focusing on broadening new inventive ideas. Mercury moves quickly through this air sign and aligns with the Sun on the 18th . Saturday can be a tricky day, be aware that the Moon is void of course not great if you are buying big items. The Moon will square Pluto perhaps causing intense emotional outbursts and also not great for purchases. Then the Moon in secretive Scorpio squares Mercury Aquarius this can be difficult for communications. Sunday, Feb. 12 may be a good day to be quiet and work on things.

3rd week, 13-19, the last quarter moon occurs in the intense water sign Scorpio. This is a good time to finish projects and summarize the lunar cycle’s productivity. Then later in the day, it shifts into positive Sagittarius lifting up our spirits. A nice romantic aspect occurs the day after Valentine’s, from Venus and Neptune, this aspect can brighten up Wed. morning for those whose Sun is in Pisces. This is a good morning for poetry and creativity. Duty prevails on Thurs, Feb. 16 as the Sun conjoins with disciplinary Saturn in Aquarius time to get to work. Friday can be a creative day as Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in Aries, this aspect can increase fun and spontaneity for most. This energy is highlighted again on Saturday and the Moon in Aquarius sextiles expansive Jupiter in Aries this aspect benefits the Sun signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The solar energy shifts as the Sun enters Pisces on Sat. 18th. The transiting Sun in Pisces can bring in moodiness, imagination, and compassion to most who are intuitive. The energy picks up on Sunday, Feb. 19th as the New Moon increases the light in the mystical water sign Pisces. This can be a dreamy day, also as  Venus planet of love and fine things charges into fiery Aries on Sunday and will charge up the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

4th week, 20-28th, a positive day on Monday with the new Moon energy in Pisces on Presidents’ Day and while Venus is in Aries it will charge up relationships with positive energy. Happy Mardi Gras, on Tuesday the Moon in Pisces can be good for music lovers, and Mercury squares erratic Uranus on Tuesday so you may want to watch your words on this day. On Feb. 22, Ash Wed arrives with the Moon in compassionate Pisces which is a Christian symbol to practice lent before Easter. For modern folks, it’s a good time to start a cleansing diet. The Moon in secure-minded Taurus this weekend helps you to appreciate what you have and then the Moon shifts into witty Gemini finishes out the month and starts the 2nd Quarter Moon on Monday, Feb. 27th starting off this week with a time to build your network and connect with others on Tues. 28th The Moon squares Neptune, but then trines Mercury and Saturn this can lend positive energy, and discipline to this last day of the month.
A regular month with not a lot of drama, use the energy to work on your creative projects, and for those who travel this can be a good month to take that spring break.
Peace and Blessings
In the Stars for January 2023

Happy New Year! This year the vibrations shift to the number 7 which represents peace and solitude. We may find ourselves seeking perfection and peace and finding the time to specialize in our chosen fields.  Some may seek to work quietly or behind the scenes where research can benefit from these energies. Analytical work and independent action can increase this year,  perhaps we may seek more intellectual development, and some may improve their intuitive psychic abilities as dreams will be enhanced this year. We can benefit from introspection and meditation on what has occurred and passed in 2022, this month. Thus we may want to develop plans first before taking action this year. Our wisdom will help us this year as gratitude and reflection will help us as we face more difficult earth changes, and political conflicts up ahead. The Uranus and Saturn square is impacting us in this last go-round this winter be challenging in some areas but this aspect can help us learn to rebuild practically; as things seem unstable, especially regarding the weather. Overall 2023 starts out with several planetary shifts between January thru March. Pluto ends its transit through Capricorn and enters into the air sign Aquarius in late March, Saturn in Aquarius moving to Pisces, and Jupiter moves quickly through Aries and then goes into Taurus where it will lay down more pragmatic foundations for the rebuilding in the near future. Hopefully, more egalitarian movements will emerge in 2023, as plans will be important to inseminate new ideals for society to move forward, as we can get creative during a crisis. The month starts with difficult shifts and changes mid-month and gets better. 

 We start this cycle with the transiting Sun in the earth sign Capricorn. We may tend to feel more serious and focused on our ambitions while the Sun transits through this earth sign because it is ruled by Saturn who represents time, discipline, limitations, and Karma. Capricorn Sun signs know the value of working within imposed limitations. These folks are born old and become younger in old age since they do learn to lighten up. Some Capricorns are eager to gain status and power by climbing to the top of any organization. They can appear to be conscientious and dedicated to their objectives, but most feel an inner need to accomplish something worthwhile at any age. They seek a place in the community, hierarchy, or corporation. However,  seeking financial security is in itself a lesson for some who must overcome the fear of poverty and to learn to trust that the universe provides as long as you believe that it will. The Goat with the tail is the symbolism for as the goat climbing to the top and slowly but surely overcoming obstacles and the tail is the connection to the intuitive psychic realm.  Capricorn Sun signs can be intuitive and refined in their manners, seeking to be proper and appear respectable, they may dress like an executive wearing suits or even dressing up casual wear. They choose their friends wisely and are dedicated to their partners. One of their obstacles is not to be so controlling of everyone and things in their life and to have faith in the future and in their abundance. Happy Birthday, Capricorn, this year will be better for change and expansion due to a trine from Uranus and a square from Jupiter to your Sun. Get out of the rut in 2023, clear out closets, give away what you don’t use, and open up to the inflow of knowledge from the universal vibration of this 7 year.

The Planetary Transits for January 2023
1st week, of Jan.1-8, the shift in energy occurs Monday as Venus planet of love moves into Aquarius lifting up the energy. The Moon while in Taurus encourages practicality in all matters. Venus forms a nice sextile to expansive Jupiter on Wed. the 4th while the Moon in Gemini engages us in networking and conversations. The Full Moon illuminates the skies on Friday, Jan. 6th in the water sign Cancer a good weekend to focus on your creature comforts, at home with family. During this Full Moon, it’s good to share and appreciate the comforts you do have, as gratitude goes a long way this winter season.

2nd week, of 9-15, Monday starts out with the Moon in fun-loving Leo but it receives tough energies from Saturn in Aquarius this could feel like life is hard, but Venus in Aquarius trines Mars in Gemini and this helps to focus in a more positive direction. Moon in Virgo for the mid-week stirs up the need to organize and pay attention perhaps to the new diet and follow through with your new year resolutions and on Thursday, Jan, 12th, Mars in Gemini goes direct motion which helps to move us into new strategies. For the weekend the Moon in harmony-seeking Libra opposes Jupiter in Aries and can put a damper on grandiose schemes and cause excessive emotional outbursts but take heart as the Sun in Capricorn sextiles Neptune in Pisces this aspect can inspire creativity and psychic sensitivity. The Last Quarter Moon in Libra helps to make decisions to clean up and finish projects.

3rd weeks, of 16-22, we start Monday on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, with the Moon in intense Scorpio. Some may feel intense emotions on this day as the Moon opposes Uranus’s planet of change and also squares to Venus in Aquarius, something like a clash of emotions and ideals. Mercury in ambitious Capricorn in-conjuncts Mars in Gemini can cause irritation and disruptive communication, and instigate some folks to quarrel. Mercury in Capricorn goes direct on Wed. 18th and starts its forward motion but expect it to move at its rate of speed by next Monday.  Still, there will be time to sort out any messes you created while Mercury was retrograde. However, the transiting Sun moves into Aquarius on Friday the 20th and the New Moon energy brightens the day on Sat.2rst also in the air sign Aquarius. Aquarius wants to shine by sharing knowledge with all, as this sign encourages objectivity and an increase in our awareness of group work. You can start new projects on this new moon now that Mercury has gone into direct motion. Another strong change this week is Uranus in Taurus goes direct this may affect a lot more people and things since it’s in the earth sign possibly more around the earth changes. On Sunday, Jan. 22, starts the Lunar New Year which is the Rabbit. The sign of the Rabbit is a symbol of longevity, peace, and prosperity in Chinese culture. 2023 is predicted to be a year of hope.
4th week, 23-31, this week starts with the Moon in the humanitarian sign Aquarius the Moon shifts from objective air to the Moon in sensitive water sign Pisces. The transiting Sun in Aquarius sextiles Jupiter in fiery Aries on Tuesday, Jan. 24, some may feel like things are getting better so we may want to push forward with goals. On Thursday Venus the planet of Love, shifts into sensitive Pisces this transit encourages us to be more compassionate towards others. On Sat. Jan. 28th, The Second Quarter Moon is in the earth sign Taurus and can help us to start practical projects.
This new year feels overall to be bringing in better opportunities to change our patterns so we may continue to evolve as a society.
Peace and Blessings
Sun in Sagittarius, Winter Solstice, Mercury Retrograde
In the Stars for December
The fall season ends this month as the Sun in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius moves into the ambitious practical earth sign Capricorn on the Winter Solstice on Dec. 21st, Yule tide celebrations are observed.
When the Sun moves through Sagittarius ruled by Jupiter, this adds more enthusiasm, and hope and helps us to expand aiding our motives. It’s good to have enthusiasm given the challenges of today’s world events,  perhaps more people will gather for peace meditations this month as Jupiter in compassionate Pisces moves forward to help expand wellness, and wishes for us all to be fulfilled.
Retrograde planets can deepen or focus the energy, this month we have Mars planet of action and strategies in the intellectual sign Gemini, Uranus planet of abrupt changes in materialistic Taurus, Mercury in Capricorn good for making plans for another day, while Neptune planet of mystery and illusions in its own sign Pisces at 22 degrees which affects Pisces Sun signs born in mid-March goes direct on Dec. 3rd hopefully helping those who are deep into illusory thinking to come out of the rabbit hole and wake up illuminated, but more of this next year as the greater awakening is when Neptune starts its transit into Aries in April of 2025.
Sun sign Sagittarius people are usually forward-looking enthusiastic and inspiring to be around. Some take on missions dedicated to making the world a better place. They like to promote ideas, morals, and ethics with zeal. Sagittarius is a mutable fire positive sign, this gives them an eager, adventurous, and philosophical attitude. They can be flirtatious and cunning. Daring to be the life of the party they reach out confidently making friends. They are always aiming to hit the bull’s eye of the goals. They need to remain physically active to be happy and to release tensions as they can be impatient with others who do not share their intellectual concepts and can be known to blurt things out which gets them in trouble . Happy Birthday Sagittarius, this coming year 2023 your ruler Jupiter in Aries will add a positive aspect to your Sun sending beneficial aspects perhaps increasing your confidence and eagerness for an adventurous life.

The Planetary Aspects for December
1st week starts the week on Wed with the first Quarter Moon in Pisces squaring the Sun in Sag, this is time to establish what dreams you are going to aim for this month, Venus in Sag. opposes Mars in Gemini retrograde, not good for couples as it can cause sexual tensions and upsets also extravagances with spending later in the evening. Creative challenges are met with Mercury in Sag, square Neptune in Pisces on Thursday, Dec. 1st try to stay centered as this aspect can bring on mental fog and confusion. As Neptune goes direct we can start to separate fact from fiction as if we awaken from a deep slumber. Neptune will square Venus this weekend, this aspect may be good for creating inventive work but be careful with love affairs and quick rich schemes. However, buying what you can afford as credit may be tricky and deceptive about the value of things.

2nd week Monday, December 5th we have the Moon moving through practical Taurus stay grounded for the next two days. The Full Moon occurs on Wed. in the intellectual Gemini opposite the Sun in Sag. This may increase and enliven the news and messages circulated while forward-thinking ideas emerge. The full moon is always a time of high energy and a culmination of the lunar phase which shows how things are growing and developing at this time. Mars retrograde in Gemini also opposes the Sun on Wed.7th, disagreements and competitiveness are in the air. A difficult square between Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Pisces on Friday can make some struggles emerge as to what to expand regarding ongoing projects. Try not to please others or watch out for extravagances with your spending. The weekend could be best spent at home while the Moon is in the water sign Cancer, we may want to seek nurturance and comfort on this weekend.

3rd week, the Sun sextiles Saturn on Monday, Dec. 12th, and the Moon in Leo makes for an inspiriting creative productive start to this week. While the Moon is in Leo people are apt to want to have a good time this is a good week for any Xmass parties or get-togethers this week. The 4th Quarter Moon happens in the industrious analytical earth sign Virgo on Fri. 16th, this encourages us to get work done or to plan details featured on this day. The weekend has the Moon in Libra great for socializing and being fair and just with others. Moon goes into mysterious Scorpio Sunday night when Hanukkah begins adding a serious tone to this Sunday evening.

4th week Monday, Dec. 19 the serious intense Moon in Scorpio continues for the next few days. The Winter Solstice occurs Wed. 21, the Sun enters the earth sign Capricorn, and the winter season is upon us. We can celebrate the return of the Sun as our northern ancestors have observed by burning lights and bringing the fir tree indoors a symbol of everlasting life. Capricorn is an ambitious and serious earth sign this brings a grounded quality to the energy of December through mid-January. On Friday, Dec. 23rd, the New Moon occurs in grounded Capricorn, a new beginning is ushered this Christmas evening and the Day will be buzzing with new exciting energy. The Moon shifts into the objective air sign Aquarius on Christmas Day encouraging us to be humanitarian with our views and a good time to socialize.

5th week, the week starts out with the Moon in objective air sign Aquarius, Mercury in Capricorn starts its retrograde phase on Thurs. Dec. 29th in Capricorn and will transit retrograde until January 18th, 2023. This can slow things down for this last week of the year so if you got major decisions to make wait until mid-January or early December before the retrograde as things can always go sideways, confusion abounds and schedules are delayed or thwarted, machinery, if it’s about to break, will do so and computers always are sluggish during this time.  The Last Quarter Moon in the fiery sign Aries will stir up our optimism and courage as we face another.  Give yourself plenty of time while traveling, and look towards a brighter year for 2023.
The stars incline us but we make the choice of how to use the energy.
Happy Holidays
Peace and Blessing 
In the Stars for October
Happy fall season the transiting Sun is moving through the air sign Libra.  This energy is concerned with harmony and balance, the day on the Autumnal equinox is an equal day to night, Libra is connected to Aries, it’s opposite, in that it wants to restore the balance between the self and the other. Teamwork is a keyword for this sign, during this time until Oct. 24 when it will move into the mysterious water sign Scorpio.
The holiday season starts this month with Yom Kippur Oct. 4th, Sukkot Oct. 9th, Indigenous Peoples Day Oct. 10th, and later Halloween Oct. 31. There are many planetary aspects to pay attention to this month.
The fall season is the transition between summer and winter a great time to enjoy nature’s array of colors, as most people like to go out hiking and leaf peeping during this month. Libra is co-ruled by Venus ( arts) and Saturn (karma). Justice is another theme of Libra where the scales are the symbol of the fact that justice is objective. And this month of October we may see more of that in the news. Mercury will go direct on Oct. 2nd and things function better, but give it about a week. Mercury moves back into Libra on Oct. 11th and this will aid communications. Saturn will move direct on Oct. 23 in Aquarius and Pluto goes direct on Oct. 9th in Capricorn late degrees. That means that major life cycles are affected this month, what you plan to do for the next 5 months is determined by the Saturn cycle going forward everything gets a push forward depending on the energy of your chart.
Libra Sun signs folks like to be aware of their social interactions especially when they can be charming and helpful to others since they like teamwork. Libras like cooperation, action, problem-solving mentally motivated effort, and impartial views. They want to stay impartial and promote peace rather than conflict. Some are able to do that as they can be objective with respect to others’ points of view. But they do enjoy a debate on intellectual topics and like to strategize around any debates. Therefore they are skillful in the art of persuasion and fair play. They have an aesthetic sensitivity that makes them good fashion and home designers. They can charm others and socially they are hardly crude or coarse in their manners. They prefer a life mate rather than to be alone and will dedicate their lives to their chosen mate as they are loyal. They can have wealth but they mostly like what money can buy to enjoy this may appeal to their artistic sensibility. Happy Birthday Libra, Saturn’s transit through Aquarius has been supporting you giving you strength around any major change and transformations that Pluto in Capricorn has brought on. Jupiter transiting through Aries opposes your Sun sign causing possible distortions in self-aggrandizement or personal extravagance so watch your spending at least until mid-November when Jupiter goes direct.

The Lunar and Planetary Transits for October
The first week, Oct, 1-9th, the Moon is the 2nd Quarter in the earth sign Capricorn makes for a work type of day plans may be instituted now that Mercury goes direct in the earth sign Virgo clean up the mess or finish up the details from this retrograde cycle and review what is still in process to be completed. Pluto goes direct in Capricorn on Saturday, Oct. 8th. This Pluto station can release a lot of energy and which oftentimes brings a termination to things at a time of transformation. On Oct. 9th we have the Full Moon in the fire sign Aries brings in some balance to your sense of self and relationship with others are they just and fair? This is a good theme to meditate on during this full moon.

2nd week, Oct. 10th -16th,  on Monday people observe Indigenous Peoples Day while the Moon moves through the charging fire sign Aries bringing in a dynamic for inspiration and action with Mars in Gemini strategies for plans are concocted. Mercury enters Libra which increases our capacity for fair relations and helps with negotiations. On Tues. Mars in Gemini squares Neptune in Pisces this is not an easy transit for it can bring in deception and delusion with regards to motivations and action. Mercury will also be in Libra opposite Jupiter in Aries also can help to inflate or exaggerate our plans. On Thursday, Oct. 13th, Venus in Libra trines Saturn in Aquarius this can bring stability to our relationships. This can be a good day for communication and networking whilst the Moon is in Gemini. On Sunday, Oct. 16th you can sort through all the ideas and thought forms from the previous days when the Moon was in Gemini, try to feel what you really want.

3rd week, a challenging week, Oct. 17 -23rd.  On Monday the Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer continues to help us feel our way through this heavy energy day while the transiting Moon makes aspects to Saturn, Venus the Sun, and Pluto. Venus in Libra in-conjuncts Neptune in Pisces the Sun in Libra trines Mars in Gemini. It will feel like stop and go all day. On Tues. Oct. 18th the Moon in Leo mellows us out but on Wednesday, Oct. 19th this day is packed with transits: like the Sun in Libra squares Pluto, Moon in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus, Mercury opposite Chiron, and Venus in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn. It can feel explosive or difficult to get things done on this day. Thurs Oct. 20th the Moon enters Virgo and we get to focus on our work and details.  Then on Saturday, Oct. 22 Saturn the lord of Karma, goes direct in Aquarius, this is a big shift this weekend, especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius Sun signs who will feel this transit strongly. The transiting Sun moves into the intense water sign Scorpio this will enable us to go deeper into our feelings and motivations while the Sun goes through Scorpio for most of mid -October through mid-November.

4th week, Oct. 24th– 31rst, a Solar Eclipse on Tues. Oct 25th will challenge some to awaken as the New Moon in Scorpio moves us forward for a new lunar cycle. A good time for insights and if you are already awakened. For Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius natives to have greater insight into their motivations, Eclipse cycles wake us up and bring issues to the surface. On Wed, Oct. 26 Mercury in Libra trines Mars in Gemini stirring up ideas, communication, and strategies. This energy can lighten us up. Jupiter retrograde goes back into Pisces on Oct. 27th it will bring into our awareness the need for compassion and to grow energetically perhaps more spiritual insights will come in and it helps all the water Sun signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Mars goes retrograde from Oct. 30th until Jan, 12th 2023. This is a very long Mars in Gemini transit. In general retrograde planets can strengthen the energy so it may turn out to be good for planning, strategizing, and research. This can be a competitive and aggressive time for Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius natives and perhaps a difficult challenging time for Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces which Mars will square in aspect. A general restlessness may prevail with this aspect and for the U.S.A. it can stir up more aggression amongst the disconcerted perturbed populace. On Oct. 31rst Halloween the 2nd Quarter Moon moves into  Aquarius and will bring in altruistic energy to the evening hours for those who celebrate this holiday and for those who like to plan it can highlight altruistic egalitarianism concerns for all.
And those are the energies for this month; Astrology teaches cycles and influence that we can choose to direct our destiny.
Peace and Blessings

In the Stars for September
The hot summer season is winding down as the Sun transits through the practical service-orientated earth sign, Virgo. We have unusual weather patterns which are hard to predict in some areas of the globe, as I can see that astrologically speaking Uranus in Taurus energy is affecting the earth’s magnetic patterns as it receives a hard aspect from Saturn in Aquarius. This pattern may be causing friction with electrical systems, and Teutonic plates, as Uranus has rulership over the magnetic field of energy connected to electrical and magnetics on the earth and the circulatory system in the human body. On a personal level, it is affecting the Sun signs Taurus, and Aquarius those who were born mid-month of their sign challenging them to shift their consciousness which fixed signs are not always willing to do.  
The Autumnal Equinox occurs on Sept.22nd, as the transiting Sun in Libra starts the cooler fall season in the northern hemisphere. Mercury in Libra turns retrograde opposite Jupiter in Aries starting Sept. 10-24 these two planets represent communication and wisdom it may affect the cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn, and in the houses, the aspect falls in your natal chart. However, generally speaking, it may cause some to experience sluggishness, with thoughts and ideas, poor planning, and projecting blame on others. Whenever Mercury goes retrograde it can bring to the surface any underlying problems with communication, contracts, schedules, relationships, and computer systems or machinery tend to break down. So, pace yourself and pay attention to details.  Mercury goes direct on Oct. 1rst in Virgo. This will be a long 4 weeks of uncertainty coming up this month, so pay attention to details as the saying goes, wait on the will of heaven.
The transiting Sun is now in the practical analytical earth sign Virgo ruled by Mercury. Virgo enjoys analytical projects, methodical action, and dedicated effort which drives this intellectual earth sign. They like to be serviceable and they tend to be down-to-earth, busy folks with lots of plans and projects. They must learn to finish up and organize their ideas since they are ruled by Mercury. Some strive for perfection which may get in the way of objectivity and they can be obsessed with the details. This may manifest as insecurity and indecision. They can be loyal friends more practical than romantic. They are meticulous in all they do and are concerned with health and hygiene some like to work in their gardens or caretaking pets.  The parts of the body they need to watch are the abdomen and intestines, also the female reproductive organs.  With Neptune moving in the late degrees of Pisces this square to your Sun for those born in mid-Sept. may continue to challenge your perception of reality. Neptune may be influencing your consciousness to be inclined towards the spiritual realms or it can wreak havoc with deceptive suppositions so be aware of self-deception. Happy Birthday, Virgo.

The Lunar Cycle for September

The first week Sept. 1-11, starts off on Thursday, with the waxing new Moon in the mysterious water Sign Scorpio forming numerous difficult aspects to Mars in Gemini, Jupiter in Aries, Chiron in Aries, Uranus in Taurus, and Saturn in Aquarius- perhaps a difficult day of frustration and Venus planet of love in Leo in- conjuncts Pluto in Capricorn which may affect Leo Sun signs or any planets in your chart with this opposition which can bring on power plays, drama, and disputes. On Saturday the  Quarter Moon charges the weekend energy with the Moon transiting through the enthusiastic fire Sagittarius this will be a good weekend to go on hikes and discharge all the previous frustrating energy.
Monday the 5th of  Sept. starts with Venus shifting into critical Virgo, the Quarter Moon is a good time to start projects but with Mercury retrograde, it is better to refine and evaluate your plans this month. The Moon shifts into serious earth sign Capricorn on Labor Day; you may want to get down to business or work on garden clean-up on this holiday. Mercury officially goes retrograde Friday, Sept. 9th in Libra so relations and communications may be difficult plus it in-conjuncts Jupiter in energetic Aries. Be aware of boastful, self-centered exchanges with others. Also, Aries and Libra people may feel inclined to over-calculate their projects. The Full Moon highlights the sky in the water sign Pisces on Saturday, Sept. 10. This mystical Moon will increase our compassion and imagination this weekend, this is a good time to meditate, create beauty all around you and aim for a higher perspective.

2nd week, Sept 12-18, Moon starts the week off in the fire sign Aries, pushing our agendas but pace yourself as it forms a square to Pluto and in-conjuncts with the Sun in Virgo, you can expect frustration as Mercury retrograde opposes Jupiter retrograde. This aspect can cause difficulty with negotiations, exchange of ideas or plans can fall apart during this transit for the next few days effective from Sept. 18-23rd.  Pay attention to the details of contracts. The Last Quarter Moon in witty Gemini can increase our intellectual conversations and socializing this weekend. Finish up projects and plans during this last quarter Moon. 

In the 3rd week of Sept19th-25th, the Moon starts off in the emotionally sensitive water sign Cancer and it forms a difficult in conjunct to Saturn in Aquarius; if you are at work plow through this day. Venus in detailed orientated Virgo trines Uranus this can help our relationships and creativity and can aid the confidence of Virgo and Taurus natives. . The energy lightens up with the transiting Sun moving into Libra as the Fall Equinox occurs on the evening of Sept. 22. The Sun in Libra joins with Mercury in Libra retrograde,  perhaps we can find harmony and balance as we may be seeking justice and harmony while the Sun transits in Libra. This energy can motivate or be difficult for the cardinal Sun signs Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn who may feel challenged this week. Sometimes a challenge is a good thing to grow from. The New Moon occurs on Sept. 25th in the harmony-seeking air sign Libra. We may feel inspired to drive our plans ahead.

4th week we starting Monday, Sept. 26th with the Moon in airy Libra, trine to Mars in Gemini, and Saturn in Aquarius this is helpful to launch new plans and projects but with Mercury retrograde, you may want to look over them with wisdom and wait for October before launching big projects. You can use the energy to refine or define your plans. Use this air energy for structure and strategies with Mars and Saturn forming a beneficial aspect. Gemini and Aquarius Sun signs are powered up by this aspect. Venus in practical Virgo trines Pluto in Capricorn this aspect can help with transformation and healing. Mercury retrograde in Virgo conjoins with Venus and Pluto to help gather or research on relations and health issues. The Moon transits into the mysterious intense water sign Scorpio this may bring caution and quiet the midweek. The Moon in Scorpio squares Saturn Aquarius on Thurs. 29th pushing Scorpio issues around intense emotions versus discipline and authority. Venus moves into Libra which it rules so it adds objectivity to relationships. The Moon moves into enthusiastic Sagittarius and forms a pleasing sextile in Libra to most benefitting the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius folks.   The last week of September may drag on as Mercury slows down and stations direct.
Patience with all things this month
Blessings Yahaira
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In the Stars for August
The transiting Sun is moving through the fixed fire sign, Leo. This energy can be fun and easy or we get a mixed authoritative energy brewing. As the planets, Mercury and Venus in Leo form a square to Mars Uranus and the dubious North Node moving in fixed Taurus these aspects make for difficult energies like tension, anger, anarchic and rebellious upheavals this early part of August challenges us and so changes are not easy this month.

Sun in Leo people are busy, creative, and full of energy and they like to show off their gifts and talents including ruling others. They can make strong leaders, visionaries, and actors, who seek power and the limelight. They build pride in themselves and try to live up to their reputation. They can be generous or demeaning stubborn and opinionated. They work hard, exert authority, and can be flamboyant, ardent lovers who can be vain but also warm-hearted. Happy Birthday Leo,  this will be a significant year for most Leos, as the aspects from Jupiter, Uranus, and Saturn have been nudging you to change and move forward, grow and make the changes.

The Planetary Aspects for August
The planetary lineup is:  Sun in Leo/Virgo, Mercury, Leo/Virgo, Venus Cancer/Leo, Mars Taurus/Gemini, Jupiter Aries, Saturn Aquarius, Uranus Taurus, Neptune Pisces, and Pluto Capricorn

First week 1-7, the first week of August is slow and tense as the energy builds around the fixed signs Leo and Taurus with Sun and Mercury squaring Mars, Uranus, and the North Node in stubborn Taurus. Mars in Taurus squares Saturn in Aquarius adding more friction to this first week where you may make tough decisions around security and reforms. Perhaps more mixed news about the recession emerges in the news. Mercury shifts into the practical earth sign Virgo for more flexibility and fast analysis to organize your work.  The first Quarter Moon in the intense water sign Scorpio forms trines to both Venus and Neptune softening the energy for this weekend as Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces on Sunday, Aug. 7th good artistic or imaginative work and a mellow day to enjoy.

Second week 8-14, Venus in Cancer opposes Pluto in Capricorn, this can represent challenges for relationships, and tempers may flare. On Tues. Mercury and Jupiter in conjunction cause friction around networking, and plans and things are hard to push forward, Full Moon on Aug. 11th in the fixed air sign Aquarius can help us with our analysis of the group vs the individual. Try to adopt a sophisticated attitude toward relationships as Venus moves into the fire sign Leo adding energy to the detached view that this full moon can encourage. This is a good time to reflect on reforms and groups that create order in society. The intense energy dissipates on Saturday and Sunday while the moon moves through the impressionistic water sign Pisces, compassion, and sympathy are the trademarks of this sign. However, the Sun in Leo opposes old father Saturn in Aquarius on Sunday – this opposition will highlight conflicts with authority, a difficult aspect for the fixed Sun signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. Generally, we may all feel a lack of vitality so try to rest and recuperate.

third week 15-21, Mercury in Virgo trines Uranus in Taurus a good aspect for resourcefulness, witty communications, and ingenious ideas. This aspect can bring in some conflict between the ego-driven Sun in Leo and transcendental Neptune in Pisces clouding up one’s ambitions. Thursday brings in the Last Quarter Moon in the materialistic earth sign Taurus. This can be a good time to finish up projects, evaluate the plans look to see what is growing productively, and then decide what to keep. Venus in Leo trines Jupiter in Aries this is good for the expansion of relationships, networking, and creating inventive plans. This being a good luck aspect can help your wealth grow. This is a positive aspect for Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius natives. Friday morning can be rough for some as the Sun in Leo in conjuncts reformist Pluto in Capricorn controls can seem to slip away.  Mars enters the strategic air sign Gemini bringing in quick and fast energy to the planetary mix by picking up Mercury’s agenda and Virgo’s analytical plans and towards achieving them, this is a good aspect for air signs Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, and the earth Virgo. Mercury in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces this aspect can be confusing and bewildering for us on Sunday

Fourth week 22-31,  the transiting Sun enters the practical earth sign Virgo and shifts the energy to dryer cooler temperatures that are on their way as the summer will come to a close in mid-September. Traditionally this can be a good time to harvest plants and clean up the gardens for the next 4 weeks of growth. Uranus in the earth sign Taurus goes retrograde until January 2023. This transit adds more pressure for the need for reform and a reassessment of material resources and their usefulness globally. Some Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius natives may experience sudden shifts and changes under this station retrograde.  Mercury goes into the air sign Libra to help bring harmony and balance to communications. The New Moon awakens us for a new lunar cycle with practical energies in Virgo. This can initiate a time of fastidious action for the earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Venus in Leo squares Uranus in Taurus is shifting relationship statuses for some may adjust as people may adopt unconventional attitudes regarding relationships and money. Venus opposes Saturn reminding us of obstacles, and restrictions within relationships, especially those limits to relating caused by the ongoing pandemic. Tuesday, Aug. 30th may be a difficult day as the Sun in Virgo in conjuncts Jupiter in Aries, perhaps plans can’t seem to grow or move forward, and we may feel thwarted in our efforts, but this will pass Venus also inconjuncts Neptune in Pisces on Wednesday stressing our relations with dubious ideas that challenging our sanity. In summary, August seems to be a challenging month urging us to change for the better.
And those are the planetary aspects for this month.
Peace and Blessings
In the Stars for July
The transiting Sun is in the water sign Cancer, Happy summer solstice everyone. Cancer is also the Sun sign of our nation’s birth coming up on July 4th, which marks the 246 birthday of our democracy. It is an ongoing challenge for fairness and justice in this developing democracy as we see currently, the challenges to the autocratic rulers and structure will continue. Our values and laws are challenged with Pluto’s return in Capricorn to the USA chart in the second house which signifies family values. And Cancer Sun signs are very protective of family and patriotic towards the welfare of the country here and abroad. However imperfect we are at it, the effort continues, Happy 4th of July!
Cancer sign Sun people are sunny caring people who will protect family and friends. That is why the symbol is the crab which works hard sidestepping danger to protect its inner vulnerable self. They can be secretive but only to protect others from being hurt, so sometimes they wear a mask. They can clam up being defensive when they are not sure of their feelings. Cancer is an intuitive water sign that gives and needs nurturance from their friends and mates. They are warm and affectionate and at times self-sacrificing. They are tenacious and can be imaginative since the Moon rules this water sign. Intuition, inspiration, and creativity are natural to most. Some may currently have dreams and visionary inspirations while Neptune trines their Sun. Jupiter’s transit through Aries throws a challenging square to your Sun for those born mid-June. The next few months will helps you get on with the things you want or need to change, it is a good time for growth.

The Planetary Aspects for July
Mercury is moving direct through its own sign Gemini, and then will move quickly through the emotional water sign Cancer, this aspect can cause a lot of emotionally motivated challenges to our rationale but is good for intuitive or artistic pursuits. It will shift July 20th into the fire sign, Leo, for the rest of July lifting and increasing the intellectual debates, stepping up creative ideas towards a new direction in leadership around the 12th of July. But watch out for individual arrogance during this time as our viewpoints are likely to be self-centered.
Venus planet of love and relationship values moves through friendly witty Gemini which can keep us light-hearted about our friendships while encouraging communications. Then it shifts into the emotional water sign Cancer around July 19th. This can bring up sentimental feelings and values however Mars, Venus’s consort, the god of war, energy, and action, will be moving through the slow practical earth sign Taurus for most of July stirring up the materialistic values for most. A strong restlessness can influence us in the last weeks of July as Mars joins with rebellious Uranus around July 27th. So be aware of your energy, as this can make some folks accident-prone, and rebellious about money, values, and the economy as Taurus rules financial security and materialism. Taurus energy seeks to secure things and derive safety and comfort from the things that are owned. We may yet see more changes and innovations with currencies.
Jupiter in the fire sign Aries has been expanding our energy and charging up our aggression around our values in our homeland as it squares into itself in the natal USA chart and to transiting Venus in Cancer. This energy promotes new challenges to our spiritual, philosophical, and moral religious expressions within partnerships and commitments as natal Jupiter is squared by transiting Jupiter in Aries. Jupiter rules law and children and in Aries, this can create new inventions, a time to expand personal opportunities for most. The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn benefit from Jupiter’s aspects this month for those born early in their Sun sign’s 1-10 degrees decan.
Saturn the planet of karma and restrictions continues to move through Aquarius which it co-rules with Uranus, bringing up the need to reform our collective’s progressive goals. Saturn can bring the lesson of learning the hard way through the imposition of punitive laws for women’s rights in this country now since the USA‘s Moon is in Aquarius. This aspect can be difficult for the fixed signs:  Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius sun signs. Yet it signals a time to mature and allow the deep changes to come from within yourself while Saturn and Uranus square one another.
Neptune in Pisces influences people whose Sun sign is in Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. This planet stirs up our imagination to the point of delusions or higher spiritual levels as we can witness false gods among some as Neptune can blur the line between illusion and reality. Neptune in Pisces retrograde is opposing the USA’s Neptune in Virgo in the house of higher law, philosophy, and education. There is a review and evolution and evaluation taking place in the higher levels of Law.

 Pluto in Capricorn continues to bring about rebellion and usurping of governmental use or abuse of power and control. The cardinal signs Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn Sun signs are challenged by this transit. We reap what we sow as a nation during the next 6 months.

The Lunar Cycles for July
The New Moon energy came in Tues June 28th in the water sign Cancer while Neptune went retrograde can make for an emotional moody start to this month’s energy. The Moon will be in the practical and critical earth sign Virgo on the 4th of July perhaps people will be focused on the details of their celebrations or demonstrations of criticism around the country’s direction.

First Quarter Moon occurs Wed. July 6th in the harmony-seeking air sign Libra this square to the Sun in Cancer encourages us to decide on our plans and projects. Libra energy seeks harmony and balance for our communications and relationships. Decisions on how to move forward our in effect during this week.

The Full Moon occurs July 13th in the serious earth sign Capricorn; it’s a heavy day full of lunar aspects to the planets, Mercury, Chiron, Uranus the Sun, Venus Neptune, and Pluto, plus Mercury squares Chiron, Venus trines Saturn, Mercury sextiles Uranus, and Venus squares Neptune. So stay focused on your work or go for a hike and you can get through this day. The balance lies in our emotions having a practical outlet.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs July 20th in the fire sign, Aries, this will charge up as the Moon squares the Sun in Cancer a good time to make decisions and organize your work. This is a finishing-up type of energy as the transiting Sun enters the fire sign, Leo, on July 22nd. Leo will charge up the energy and vitality for most fire signs; Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius natives.
The New Moon arrives on July 28th in the fire sign Aries and increases our energy and heat in the northern hemisphere. Jupiter, the planet of expansion moves retrograde for the next 4 months.  This transit will bring about a review time for most of the things we learned in the last year 2021- 22 as Jupiter moved in the compassionate water sign Pisces.

Peace and Blessings,
Astrology helps us understand the choice we can make as we filter the planetary energy in our life.

Sun in Taurus/Gemini, Mercury, and Pluto retrograde, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
In the Stars for May
The Sun is moving through the practical earth sign Taurus. This feels like sluggish, slow-moving energy as Taurus can be comfort-seeking, lackadaisical tending to do practical things that matter the most like tending to gardens, fixing things, and do enjoy the flowers blooming this season. The weather patterns are somewhat odd and choppy with strong winds as the Sun conjoins Uranus which seems to be creating some of the tension in the air, this first week of May we may see more intense weather patterns as the earth is constantly shifting and adjusting itself throughout this year expect an intensification.
Taurus natives are responsible reliable individuals who seek status, material comforts, and pleasure. They make practical decisions and are likely to be slow at times as they chew on their options, so to speak. They attract their opposite Scorpio for intense contrasting personal exchanges. They are purposeful and can withstand difficulties by persevering. They can be stubborn and stick to their plans and are determined and conservative in attitude. Their challenge in life is to be flexible and trusting of others however they prefer to seek material security. Taurus rules finances which they like to accumulate and possess wealth. In love, they can be passionate, loyal, and yet jealous and possessive as is their opposite sign Scorpio. Most are warmhearted and popular with many friends with whom they share their bounty. They can be creative with projects and work well with their hands, like flower arranging, cooking, and gardening. Some are theatrical, talented with beautiful voices and a flair for the arts. In general, they have fine taste in décor as they reach for the best of everything. Happy Birthday, Taurus, move with the challenges and changes brought on by the Saturn Uranus aspect to your Sun. Some of you may want to re-direct your path this year.

The Planetary Aspect for May
Mercury will be in apparent retrograde from May 10th until June 3rd, trekking through the witty air sign Gemini which it rules; this can be a good time for air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius individuals this month. Mercury (the trickster) is all about communications, networks, and how things connect to one another so when it moves apparent retrograde things can break down, contracts are difficult to sign, and it can cause delays and changes with schedules. However, this can be a good time to finish projects. Pace yourselves and be conscientious because things can go awry sometimes. Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn also turned retrograde so we are in the shift of energies this first week of May. There may be continued upheavals in governments, money, and finances as we move through the next 5 months while Pluto planet of transformation is now retrograde- secrets are revealed. Mostly affected by this transit are Capricorn Sun signs who may have had a total change in their ego ambitions perhaps being reborn during this time.

Venus planet of love and relationships is moving through the intuitive compassionate water sign Pisces and will join with expansive Jupiter and Neptune the first week of May perhaps we will feel dreamy, sensitive and compassionate towards others.  However, on May 4th, Venus moves into the fire sign Aries this will pick up the energy as we can feel more passionate and energized to get things done and launch new programs.
Mars planet of action and strategies will join with imagistic Neptune on May 15th-24th this conjunction signifies physical and spiritual energies blending to help us evolve but the energy may feel sluggish for this mid-week, any inner work that involves creativity and imagination is best during this time. In general, be aware of the deceptive media that floods the internet during Neptune’s passage through Pisces until April of 2025 when it starts to move through the fire sign, Aries. This transit has caused much of the confusion that people believe to be facts. This passage is as if we cannot tell the truth from the lie. 

On May 11th, Jupiter, the planet of expansion, wealth, and wisdom moves into the fiesty fire sign Aries, which can signify a period of outspokenness for our beliefs. Better opportunities and inventions can emerge during Jupiter’s passage through individualistic Aries. This aspect will benefit the fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius for most of 2022.

Saturn planet of karma, restriction, and limitation, in Aquarius, will square with the North Node in Taurus a sign of karma signaling changes in our destiny as patterns are due to manifest within the next 6 months. This can affect the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius Sun signs. In general, the ongoing theme of reform to governments affecting the collective mind and our ongoing economic and class struggles.

The Lunar Cycles for May
The first week of May the New Moon occurred Saturday, April 30th in the earth sign Taurus a time for tough decisions and or awakenings for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius. It is better to start new projects during the  New Moon phase and to develop them at the first quarter Moon which occurs on Sunday, May 8th in the fixed fire sign Leo, a fun day for Mother’s Day activities.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on May 15th and 16th Eastern Time, in the intense water sign Scorpio, this is a powerful Full Moon for Taurus and Scorpio Sun signs. The eclipse can demarcate an awakening time so look out for the shadow as it reveals darker energies that can be transformed and transmuted during this time. This can mark the time in this late spring season when our consciousness can awaken and we can measure our internal growth gotten from the winter’s phase of gestation.

On Friday May 20th, the transiting Sun moves into the intellectual air sign Gemini bringing in lighter uplifting energy. On Sunday, May 22nd, the Last Quarter Moon occurs in Pisces this is a good time to organize your work and finish projects. The Moon in Pisces favors inspiration, imagination, sensitivity, and compassion for others.

Monday, May 30th,  starts a new lunar cycle, the New Moon occurs in Gemini this Memorial Day will feature networking, fun, witty exchanges a good time for sharing news, information, and intellectual debates.
 Happy May to all,

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in the Stars for April
April’s showers bring May’s flowers, a nice saying for this time of year. Here are the currents in the celestial skies this spring season. The Sun in Aries shines forth with exuberance to meet the day head-on with energetic outbursts this encourages us to put plans and projects forward in our lives. As we awaken from the sleepy slumber of winter.
Aries Sun sign people are dynamic, ardent, passionate individuals. They can be highly competitive, seeking the limelight in any field. Fearlessly, they move about their business pursuing their interests boldly and impetuously as they are headstrong and quick thinking. They are likely to be impatient in wanting fast quick results and may not finish their projects. However, they move forward with confidence to see things through. They can be outspoken, aggressive, and argumentive so they need to channel their anger in a useful way. They like outdoor sports, golf, tennis, and auto racing some do like indoor hobbies. They need to have the persistence to follow through and the ambition to move forward. Some just need a good pat on the back type of supportiveness which they seek from their friends. Happy Birthday, Aries!  This should be a productive month for you since there is only one major aspect to your Sun and that is Pluto in Capricorn which is going retrograde later this month. A big shift and transformation for those born in mid-April as Pluto forms a square to your Sun challenging you to change but you rest assured that you have the time to work on this until October.

The Planetary Energies for April
1 week, starts off the month with the New Moon charging in the fire sign Aries, put your thoughts into action today if you feel bogged down go out and work out the winter cobwebs.  This weekend should be nice and mellow as the moon moves through Taurus allowing us to enjoy the earth’s beauty opening before our eyes, the tree’s cherry blossoms budding with fresh flowers are a sign to see this time of the year.

2 week, a more challenging day on Monday, April 4th Mars and Saturn join in Aquarius this is a highly focused dynamic energy and will influence the fixed signs Taurus, Leo, Scorpio people.  This can be felt as sluggish energy however mid-week the energy picks with as Mercury in Aries sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. Venus planet of relationship and values moves into empathic Pisces helping others through compassion and this steps up our sensitivity to others in need of help during this time. Friday brings in the 2nd Quarter Moon in the water sign Cancer, deepening our emotions as it trines Jupiter on Saturday the Moon enters fun-loving Leo on Sunday this could be a day we focus on practical thoughts around our values and security as Mercury moves into practical earth sign Taurus on Palm Sunday, April 10th.

3rd week, a sluggish Monday with the Leo Moon opposing restrictive Saturn in Aquarius makes it difficult to balance creativity and reforms. Tuesday is more productive as the Moon shifts into industrious Virgo and the Sun in Aries sextiles Saturn in Aquarius. The Moon in Virgo opposes Jupiter in Pisces the planet of expansion on Thursday, April 14th,  our faith may be tested by the details today. Mars planet of action moves into the intuitive water sign Pisces shifting our energy perhaps we will be feeling more sensitive. Mars in Pisces will affect the Sun signs Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces natives. The weekend energy picks up as The Full Moon occurs on Saturday, April 16th in the air sign Libra.  This Sun and Moon opposition may help us realize how to find balance in our relationships and to be teamwork orientated and cooperative.  The Moon shifts into the intense emotional water sign Scorpio on Easter Sunday perhaps helping us to resolve deeper issues in our lives.

4th week, this Monday starts out with strong impulsive energy as Mercury joins with rebellious Uranus in the earth sign Taurus, The Sun in Aries forms a challenging square to Pluto in Capricorn. This energy can be upsetting on early Monday morning to start the week. On Tuesday, April 19th, the Moon in Sagittarius squares Venus in Pisces we may be inclined to fuel our goals towards acts of compassion. Then we shift midmonth as the Sun enters the materialistic earth sign Taurus on Tues. April 19th which brings mellow energy hence we can calm down a bit and enjoy the security and share the values and concerns regarding the earth’s changes on Friday, April 22 Earth Day events while the Moon is in the serious earth sign Capricorn. The Last Quarter Moon occurs Sat. 23rd in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. This is the end cycle for this lunar phase it is a good time to make decisions, finish up projects, or analyze what changes need to be made. Passover ends this Saturday while the Moon transits through the progressive air sign Aquarius which brings in objectivity and is good for promoting celebrations this weekend.

5th week, a dreamy Monday with the Moon in the intuitive water sign Pisces conjoins Mars in Pisces, later in the afternoon charging up our feelings. Mercury in the practical earth sign Taurus sextiles Jupiter planet of expansion in Pisces this increases our ability to move forward with our tasks those motivated towards material growth and expansion. Venus planet of love and relationships conjoins with mystical Neptune on Wed. April 27th, this may be a good day to dream and visualize this world filled with love.  This is a good aspect for any trance meditation, and for tuning psychically into the ethereal vibrations all around us. This aspect is great for any artistic creations, and for falling in love. On Thursday, Mercury planet of communication, in practical Taurus trines Pluto in Capricorn on April 28th a good aspect for promoting issues that rely on practical reforms. Significantly this Friday,  Pluto the planet of transformation goes retrograde on April 29th, this aspect will impact the cardinal signs in late degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. This energy continues for a 5 month period until Oct. 8th, 2022. Pluto rules the underworld, death, obsessive energy, rebellion, and destruction to name a few so be aware of what you are doing to affect change in your life for the next 5 months.
On  Saturday, April 30th we have the first Solar Eclipse for this year in the earth sign Taurus, this energy will awaken our vital force, especially for earth and fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius, and Virgo, Capricorn natives. Venus and Jupiter join in Pisces on Sat. 30th, the last day of the month bringing in creative and beneficial energies to all.
And that is the report for April’s major stellar configurations.
Peace and blessings

The transiting Sun enters into the intuitive water sign Pisces today, it starts to conclude this year’s cycle. This passage through Pisces ushers in the beginning of a new cycle around the tropical zodiac in March when the Sun enters Aries. This is a good time to finish up old projects and make ready to spring forth with new energy this spring.

In the Stars for February 2022

This New Moon in Aquarius on Tuesday, Feb. 4th kicks off the year of the Tiger,  it is a water element sign and will help with the predatory nature of this majestic animal adding a spirit of compassion and sensitivity to our ambitions, perhaps it will help those nations involved in the present struggles and saber-rattling around the globe.

Aquarius Sun sign people are helpful, progressive, and humanitarians who want to reform the world. Aquarius ruled by Saturn and Uranus represents progressive actions. Aquarians like to help others, they are a friend to all and are inventive people. They want to invent reforms, gadgets, and ideals to help their fellow man or community. They can be paradoxical as they are friendly, progressive, conservative, and fixed in their opinions. They are genuinely interested in others but are friendly yet in an impersonal detached way. Aquarius symbol is the water bearer but it’s really pouring energy waves because its co-ruler Uranus represents waves, quantum physics, and all technological inventions that harness energy. Happy Birthday Aquarius Saturn and Uranus continue to aspect your Sun ushering in changes, wake up calls to those stuck in a pattern for progressive growth to follow this year.

The Planetary Aspects for February
The transiting Sun is moving through the humanitarian air sign Aquarius. This air sign lifts up our spirits out of the pessimistic practical energy of Capricorn that we are now leaving behind. The lessons we gathered as Venus and Mercury were retrograde may be apparent now as these planets move forward which is why everything feels slow and sluggish; that is life with limitations to put bluntly.  It is winter so what are we to expect but to do the internal work the season is good for. However, as these inner planets Mercury and Venus turn direct motion and pick up speed this first week of February and join with Mars planet of action, also transiting through Capricorn the energy can pick up and we can move forward with our ambitions around Saturday, Feb. 5th.
Jupiter is now moving through its sign of dignity the water sign Pisces is a welcome change. This transit will stir up our passions, emotions, imagination, and compassion for the welfare of others at its best.  However, it can increase the level of illusions people are hooked into these days especially all the false narratives as people who are vulnerable can be victimized by all types of escapist cults. Jupiter will conjoin Neptune the ruler of Pisces in April. An increase in the earth changes can be signaled by the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction more so in April. Also, we can be more susceptible to viruses around the planet perhaps due to the increase in the earth changes primarily water type disturbances.
Saturn in Aquarius continues to form a square pattern with Uranus in Taurus now moving direct motion. Uranus wants to change the security structures and Saturn wants to reform them. This aspect can affect the economic markets, for instance,  with nations feeling threatened by others who are seeking to further their economies like China and Russia by disrupting and challenging the minor nations. The old war-making strategies to further one’s resources are at hand here. Perhaps other nations will continue to band together to help reform and renegotiate the distribution of resources and promote how we can share them that may be the best way to use this Saturn/Uranus square. For individual horoscopes look at the houses triggered in your own chart where Taurus and Aquarius are located that is where the tension will occur in the affairs of these houses. For instance, the 10th and 7th houses would engage us in career and changes with partnerships. This square is challenging to Taurus and Aquarius sun signs.
 Pluto continues its trek through Capricorn bringing in those challenges to Capricorn sun signs and promoting life changes to Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn sun signs. Pluto in Capricorn has been conjoining with the USA natal chart’s Pluto in Capricorn for a few years it will continue to impress upon our consciousness the need for governmental reforms. 

The Lunar Cycle for February
1rst week, The New Moon on Tuesday in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius kicks off the Chinese New year of the Tiger, which features water and compassion.  Mercury in Capricorn goes direct on Thursday, Feb.3rd and the Sun joins Saturn in Aquarius on Friday making for an intense first week, perhaps we feel like awakening from a dull energy pattern.

2nd week, The First Quarter Moon in Taurus conjoins Uranus and squares Saturn and Mars in Capricorn trines Uranus charging up the air, this aspect initiates a time we can think clearly to make some decisions and execute plans.

3rd week The Moon in Cancer makes us sentimental on Valentine’s Day. Mercury shifts out of Capricorn and into progressive Aquarius where it steps up the communications and makes available new inventions this month. The Full Moon in the fun-loving fire sign Leo shines forth on Wed. 16th, highlighting relationships as Venus and Mars both in Capricorn conjoin adding a concerted effort to our ambitions, negotiations, and strategies. The transiting Sun enters the compassionate water sign Pisces on Friday, Feb. 18th. Pisces Sun will change the frequency to attune us to the intuitive realm and other dimensions are imagination gets a boost during this time.

4th week, Monday starts this President’s day holiday with the Moon in harmony seeking Libra. Moon moves into Scorpio and trines the Sun in Pisces for a dreamy mid-week. The fourth Quarter Moon occurs on Wed. in Sagittarius squaring the Sun which can help us to pursue our goals and interests Mercury in Aquarius sextiles Chiron in Aries this can reveal an independently spirited dash to communicate something unique or inventive. During the last quarter moon, it is a good time to organize clean-up or finish projects and get reading for the next lunar cycle.
Peace and Blessings
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In the Stars for January 2022
Happy New Year! A new cycle begins and the numerology for this year is the number 6 frequency which signifies family, security, harmony, sympathy, responsibility, truth, humanitarian concerns, traditions, order, routine conventions, and emotional balance. The world may come under more challenges due to earth changes and the pandemic but we may strive to create a more responsible economy and ecology under the 6 vibrations. Perhaps we will have cooperation and agreements with other nations around issues of global concern. For this year 2022 expect more of the same but perhaps getting better. Hopefully, we are growing in maturity as a collective, and Jupiter in Pisces can help inspire us to be sensitive, engaged, and compassionate.

Capricorn natives are serious practical souls here to learn from the lesson that Saturn informs us to be responsible and mature individuals. Capricorn natives take their life lessons seriously often times being workaholics who eventually learn how to play in their older years. Capricorn likes to organize, control, and take on the burdens of others much to their disappointment. They seek status and are ambitious people who work hard to get to the top of the ladder they are climbing. They are conscientious and will better themselves through discipline and by overcoming fear of limitations.  Saturn, the planet of time and limitation, exerts an inner pressure on Capricorn to accomplish worthwhile achievements. This gives them a sense of timing in all their pursuits. They may be thrifty and conservative always saving up for a rainy day. Most Capricorns work on their self-confidence through the pursuit of self-mastery.. They are loyal friends and can be cautious with regard to marriage. Happy Birthday, Capricorn most of you have gone through all the difficult Saturn and Pluto aspects and should start to feel a great sense of relief as 2022 roles in.

Planetary Transits for January
The transiting Sun in the practical conservative earth sign Capricorn can help with organizing practical and ambitious structures to replace whatever needs to be changed.  On January 21 the Sun starts its transit through the humanitarian air sign Aquarius. This will lift us up to a more positive outlook.
Mercury planet of communications turns retrograde on Jan. 14th in the erratic air sign Aquarius, then direct in Capricorn again on Feb. 4th. This can signify a time to restructure plans and projects that are already started. Schedules can change, be flexible and review contracts carefully but if you can wait until the retrograde ends to sign and make sure you got all the details correct. Usually, if things like computers are affected and or break down it’s because they need maintenance and usually reveal them during this time. Venus is also in Capricorn but retrograde is making for a conservative time for love relations, values, and financial spending or investing. Mars planet that represents energy moves through the exciting fire sign Sagittarius bringing in the desires for new adventures and playfulness for some Sagittarians. Mars will square Neptune in Pisces once again as it did back in Jan.2020 when the news of the pandemic began to spread; this is happening again starting Jan.10th, 2022 for about a week. It’s a time for faith in our well-being rather than to go down into the rabbit hole with drugs or delusional thinking. 

Jupiter the planet of growth, wisdom, and benevolence moves into the mystical and compassionate water sign Pisces which can help us increase our compassion for all that is. It will transit through Pisces until Dec. 20th when it will shift into assertive fire sign Aries.  Jupiter co-rules Pisces with Neptune and this conjunction will bring in an expansive time for our luck, spirituality, sacrifices, imagination, compassion, and sensitivity, and earth changes that involve water increasing around the globe perhaps due to the icebergs melting. Also, it could bring on an increase in the spread of the viruses around late March and through April of 2022.

Saturn continues its trek through the innovative air sign Aquarius where it is demanding that we reform our structures with innovative changes and inventions as it demonstrates to us our fears and limitations with improving our energy systems. Perhaps it can help us understand the necessity to create new solutions to the energy and resource problems around the globe especially as the earth changes continue to increase globally.
 We will have sudden shifts and changes as Uranus in Taurus, a planet of erratic change moves forward on the 17th of January. This can stir up all types of challenges with rebelliousness on the increase in society. The Uranian challenge will continue to affect things ruled by Taurus like the status quo, earth changes, banking, and economic and security systems. Well laid out plans can suddenly change this month. If you are expecting a change look at your natal chart to see where Uranus in Taurus is transiting, that house shows where most of the action is taking place in your natal horoscope. For the nation the Uranus in the 5th house of creativity, willpower, and children on the USA natal chart. New programs, inventions are likely to
be revealed at this time.

Pluto planet of transformation and upheaval continues its trek through the practical earth sign Capricorn conjoining with the Sun in Capricorn around the 16-20th of January. This can bring in strong changes to Capricorn sun signs and to the 2nd house of finances in the U.S.A natal chart affecting the economic outlook to be conservative. Pluto in Capricorn continues to demonstrate that our government needs to reform and change its financial programs.

The Moon’s Nodes will start to transit through the signs Taurus and Scorpio this transit will put us in touch with our need for security and transformation. It will directly affect Taurus, and Scorpio Sun signs to seek a new direction this year.

The Lunar Cycle for January
On Sunday, Jan. 2nd, the year starts off with the New Moon energy in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn which can push you to start your resolutions and put your plans together for the New Year. Mercury goes into Aquarius for a short stay until Jan. 26th while it retrogrades until Feb. 4th in Capricorn.

2nd week on Sunday 9th the 2nd Quarter Moon occurs in the fire sign Aries this is a good day to organize and push your plans on paper but wait to start those plans that you can finish in February when Mercury is direct. This week starts the shadow time of Mercury retrograde so write things down and revisit launching them later in February.

3rd week Mercury retrogrades on Jan. 14th – Feb. 4th., Highlighting this week is the Full Moon in the water sign Cancer occurs on  Monday, Jan.17th.  On Tues. Jan. 18th Uranus goes direct bringing in big changes and increasing the energy. The Sun enters into the air sign Aquarius shifting and stepping up the energy for this week.

4th week, the fourth Quarter Moon in the intense water sign Scorpio heightens our drives to decide and finish projects. The Moon in Scorpio will trine Neptune in Pisces making things dreamy, imaginative, and out of this world for some who are out there working on artistic projects. Venus goes direct on Saturday, Jan. 29th in the conservative earth sign Capricorn perhaps things will start to move forward in the area of love affairs, and business relations with others. Finishing up this month with the New Moon on Jan. 31 in the humanitarian air sign Aquarius on Monday which helps to lighten things up.
 And that is the energy for this January 2022,
Peace and Blessings


In the Stars for December

The fall season winds down, the holidays are here as the Sun transits through the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter brings in the good cheer until Dec. 21rst when the Winter Solstice occurs as the transiting Sun moves into serious Capricorn.  But for today the holiday spirit is in the air. Sagittarius energy helps to broaden our perspectives and some of us may seek to travel literally or in our imagination. This can be a good time to have fun and learn new things from different books and media and through fantasy. Sagittarius promotes goodwill towards other cultures which stirs up the ideal to want to share through writing, speaking or journaling. During this time, we are inspired to be adventurous and outgoing. However, be cautious around crowds as the pandemic is still happening all over the world and Mars in Sagittarius will square Neptune (rules viruses) the first week of the New Year 2022. This aspect brought about the spread of the pandemic in the last week of January of 2019. So be aware of your surroundings as the virus situation will probably be here until 2023 in some form.
Sagittarius Sun sign display the attributes of being forward-thinking always looking for alternatives to what they know. Because they are ruled by expansive Jupiter they always try to look on the bright side of things. This eager positive effort can go a long way for their moral and ethical development. They aim high to fulfil their many goals but frequently they are pursuing too many at one time so they must learn to prioritize. Sometimes they need to restrain themselves and have patience developing things. They like to be physically active since Sagittarius rules the hips and they are naturally flirtatious. They make good friends and can come on strong with a sense of humour and sometimes they lack tact with their outspoken comments but all this is with sincerity and goodwill. Some prefer freedom at all costs and may marry once and in their older years. Being versatile they can be adverse to a rigid sedentary way of life. They must have love in their lives and creative challenges with their work and hobbies. Happy Birthday, Sagittarius, 2022 should be a good positive year for those born early in the sign as Jupiter moves into Pisces later this month you will feel more confident and self-expressive filled with optimism this helps to give strength to the vitality that Neptune is sapping from its square in Pisces. Hopefully, you will have inspiring dreams to pursue this year.

The Planetary Aspects for December
The first week comes in with a boost as a Solar Eclipse occurs Friday, Dec. 3rd in the fire sign Sagittarius. This expansive energy is stirring and motivating all the fire signs Aries, Leo and Sagittarian Sun signs. It’s helping to awaken new Sagittarian ideas which promote wisdom, travel, industry, media outlets and growth regarding foreign affairs. Neptune moves direct motion in its sign Pisces which it rules,  this may affect us for the next 6 months it will station at 20 degrees Pisces so if you are a Pisces Sun sign it will affect you, although Neptune’s energies are subtle and imperceptive unless you are psychic and intuitive it’s a good time for revelations for all of us in general hopefully away from all the fantasy and paranoia in the media that people follow today. The only messiah is the one within the self.

The second week starts with the transiting Moon in serious ambitious Capricorn things improve on Tues Mars in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Aquarius bringing in some type of decision for action to move things forward, just watch out for going overboard with your impetus. Friday brings in mellow energies as the 2nd quarter Moon in the water sign Pisces joins Neptune and the Sun in Sag. Squares Neptune in Pisces dreamy weekend energy is low until Sunday the 12th when the transiting Moon enters into the fiery sign Aries which charges us up and we will feel more positive and outgoing with our plans and projects.

The third week starts with Mars planet of action goes into fiery Sagittarius. A good day to work on projects as the Sun in Sag. Trines the Moon in Aries can give us charge and inspiration. Mercury planet of communication goes into the ambitious earth sign Capricorn which will lend practical ideas to our projects. It’s a good time to stick to your budget as our ambitious ideas are channelled practically this month. On Dec. 18th the Full Moon in the witty air sign Gemini increases the light and for sharing ideas and social events do well under this moon’s influence. This Full Moon squares nebulous Neptune in Pisces intensifying the end of year melancholy. 
Venus in the earth sign Capricorn, planet of love and relationship values, goes into retrograde motion from Dec, 19th through January 28th. Perhaps our love affairs and conduct with relationships will take on a more serious demeanour. Money matters may prosper those that are practical and conservative. Some folks may feel a bit gloomier this Holiday season. It’s best to enjoy nature and the simple things in life.

The fourth week of Dec. 20th, the transiting Sun enters into Capricorn on Tues. On Dec. 21 we have the Winter Solstice celebrating another cycle and winter begins. Saturn in Aquarius will do its final square to Uranus in Taurus on Dec. 23. This is heavy energy to contend with this Christmas week. The energy will be tense perhaps making us restless especially for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius Sun signs. But the Moon in Leo will help us party and relax for this holiday weekend.  The transiting Moon enters practical analytical earth sign Virgo and we may feel more studious, and able to clean things up, The Last Quarter Moon enters harmonious Libra on Sunday, Dec. 26th this moon supports socializing and for all celebrations this week. During the Last Quarter Moon, it’s best to organize and finish projects and get ready for the New Year’s New Moon on Sunday, Jan.2nd in the ambitious earth sign Capricorn. A good time to start your New Year resolutions.

The fifth week finishes the month and the year with Mars in bold Sagittarius, inconjuncts rebellious Uranus in practical stubborn Taurus on Tuesday, Dec. 28th followed by a harmonious sextile to Saturn in Aquarius that can help the erratic energy and frustrations around a goal and difficult or news about financial values changing the markets this end of the year. There are some concerns around the economic strength during this time as Xmass sales may have dropped this year. However, Venus and Pluto in conservative Capricorn join in to create upheavals and changes to the older traditions this week. While this fiery Sagittarius Moon gets us ready to welcome in the New Year with faith, hopefulness and wisdom. These are energies that can support innovations and help us build the courage to venture forth with better grounding as we start a new year, it will feel like a good ending to this year of 2021.
And that is the astrological report for this month.
Peace and Blessings
Sun in Scorpio, Mercury direct, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
In the Stars for November

Happy November the holiday season is here as the transiting Sun is moving through the intense water sign Scorpio. This energy can put us in touch with our deeper motivations and the shadow side of our primal nature. When the Sun is moving through the Scorpio, it is the time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere when nature changes into a dormant state for the winter hibernation period. The beauty of nature is seen as it changes the colors of the leaves. We can observe the transformation as all things go back to being dust. Scorpio rules the mystery of life, death, and renewal; the cycle continues.
Scorpio Sun signs are intense individuals geared to pursue their desires fervently. They will work long and hard for their objectives those that are above board or even underhandedly. They are ruled by Mars and Pluto which explains their tenacity, assertive drives, and staying power. These folks can be full of courage, driven, and passionate with their sense of purpose. They are a fixed water sign that means they may not change or forgive very well. They can exert tremendous energy and also have a volcanic temper. They love deeply, passionately and can be loyal to those that are close to them. They will fight for justice and fairness.  They may appear reserved but can be argumentative when defending others. They can be curious and suspicious as they make great detectives. Most do like sports and athletic activities. Happy Birthday, Scorpio!  During this year those born early in the month will receive a challenging aspect from Saturn and Uranus. Change is inevitable so make the right decision for the good of all concerned.

The Planetary Aspects for November

The first week of Nov. 1-7th, The New Moon occurs Nov. 4th this week starts off the lunar cycle it’s a good time to begin projects and plans as Mercury moving in direct motion in Scorpio joins energetic Mars in Scorpio which allows us to get busy and get things done under this assertive Sun in Scorpio time. Venus planet of love, relationships, and values moves into the conservative earth sign Capricorn this month where it will make aspects to Uranus in Taurus bringing in changes to those security issues and  Venus joins up with transformative Pluto in Capricorn later in the month. Some may find that relationship issues can become more intense towards the end of this month and in December.

The second week of Nov. 8th– 14th,  On Wed. the transiting Moon in Aquarius makes difficult aspects to Mars, Mercury Saturn, and Uranus which can be a challenging day for decision making. On Thurs Nov. 11th the 2nd Quarter Moon in Aquarius continues to form a challenging square to the Sun in Scorpio. But it will conjoin with Jupiter in Aquarius which highlights the theme of humanitarian causes that we can promote on Veterans Day, Mercury in Scorpio will oppose Uranus in Taurus which can bring up eccentricities with ideas and communications may suffer. Try not to be rigid and allow for opposite points of view when engaging with others.  The Moon shifts into the compassionate water sign Pisces on Sat. and Sunday we can be up in the clouds engaged with our imagination until Sunday morning when the Moon charges up the energy in the egocentric fire sign Aries.

The third week Nov. 15th, Monday could start the week off with challenges with Venus squaring Chiron in Aries, more insights can be gained about unique ideas and inspirations regarding relations. Then the transiting Sun in Scorpio squares Jupiter in Aquarius this aspect intensifies the energy on Monday for decisions and perhaps a deeper awareness on current issues that engage the collective masses could be energy issues since both the Sun in Scorpio and Jupiter in Aquarius is involved with these world issues. The Sun sextiles Pluto easing this intense energy for transformation, some may be helped by this aspect so that there is more ease with the work of transformation around energy issues on Tuesday, Nov. 16th.  The on Wed. aggressive Mars in its own power sign of Scorpio opposes rebellious Uranus in Taurus this aspect changes the money and power paradigm. This may be more apparent this week and it could reveal more news about the economy. This week looks difficult. On Thurs. Nov. 18th, the energy shifts as Mercury in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces which lends more intuitive insights to our perceptions of hidden issues. On this day, Venus in Capricorn trines Uranus in Taurus perhaps giving the feeling that security and safety are assured especially for those who are predicting a financial world crisis.  There is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on Friday, the Moon in Taurus and the Sun in Scorpio. Eclipse energy will affect Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius Sun signs this month. It may be an insightful time for those whose charts have planets in these signs. Eclipses bring about change, light, and insights. In olden times they foretold negative events, some may have those experiences it depends on your situation and consciousness. Look at your chart and see which houses Taurus and Scorpio signs fall in for information. This will be a high-energy weekend as the Sun will shift into the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius on Sunday 21rst.

The fourth week Nov. 22 -30th, The transiting Moon will be in the water sign Cancer for the first three days of this week, a time to nurture yourself and prepare for the holiday festivities on Thanksgiving Day this year’s theme is family and having fun while the Moon moves through the fire sign Leo on Thanksgiving Day. The Last Quarter Moon in the analytical earth sign Virgo helps us to get busy, organize, and finish up projects this weekend. Mars in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces on Monday the 29th, perhaps dreamy creative energy for this day as we end a lunar phase. The theme of this week is to finish projects and rest up as we ready ourselves for the next lunar cycle on Dec. 3rd.
Peace and Blessings
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In the Stars for October
Happy fall season! The transiting Sun is in the harmony and balance seeking air sign Libra along with retrograde Mercury and Mars. This month’s theme is harmony and balance with all things.  This is a good time to focus on balancing our connections with others. Libra is ruled by Venus and Saturn giving us this responsibility for seeking justice, harmony, and balance with others and for creating beauty in this world. Nature offers up a bounty of colors as the trees turn their energy inward. So get outdoors this fall season and enjoy the beauty and harvest of this month and live in balance with the earth. Strong changes are issued this month as the entire retrograde planets move into direct motion.
 Libra Sun signs enjoy teamwork and insist on justice with all relations. They are fond of the arts and beauty since they are ruled by Venus. They are graceful and refined desiring to work within a companionship or marriage. They can be mild-mannered, and peace-loving as friends. They will stand up for their principles and help with any debates as they are great negotiators and persuasive masters planting seeds very skillfully and subtly. This year Saturn makes a supportive trine aspect to Libra this can ease matters with the energy for supportiveness. If you are a Libra and feel a need to really change things up this may be the month that motivates and gives you the courage to do so.

Planetary Aspects for October
Mercury is retrograde in Libra this month until Oct. 18th stressing the focus on relationships between things and people this can aid us with reviewing negotiations and agreements. This is a good time to go over those way land projects finishing up things and wait for mid-October before you push forward with your newer projects and decisions. Mercury will trine Saturn lending focus and strengthening to our thoughts and communications.
 Venus is in the deep and murky intense transformative water sign Scorpio until Oct. 8th.  We get an invigorating boost when Venus moves into the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius. Mars is also in the fair-sighted air sign Libra moving with Mercury retrograde and trining Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect can give us the discipline needed to direct our strategies around new reforms with communication systems and government. Jupiter planet of growth, expansion, and wealth goes direct Oct. 17th, and Saturn planet of contraction, limitations, and structures goes direct on Oct. 11th, and Pluto planet of transformation moves forward Oct. 5th The energy moves forward this month making this for a dynamic month of shifts and changes particularly to Libra, Aquarius, and Capricorn Sun signs.

The Lunar Cycles for October
The New Moon in the air sign Libra charges up the first week of October for new beginnings. On Oct. 6th, energetic Pluto turns direct in Capricorn helping us with any assessment of structures that need transformation, Venus planet of love and relationships moves into the passionate fire sign Sagittarius and on Sunday, Oct. 10th heavy-duty Saturn turns direct.

The 2nd Quarter Moon increases the light on Oct. 12th in the structural earth sign Capricorn. The transiting moon makes square challenges to Mercury, Mars, and the Sun in Libra instigating decision making as we weigh the pros and cons regarding our current concerns. On Friday the Moon trines the Sun and the Sun Trines Jupiter.  The energy lightens as th, Jupiter planet of luck expansion and wealth turns direct on Sunday, Oct. 17th.

Mercury, the planet of communications, turns Oct. 18th in Libra station slows down the energy in the preceding days of the shift and then within another 3 days, things start to move at Mercury’s rapid speed. So hold on this week until Sunday will feel more at ease to put things into action.
The Full Moon shines brightly in the sky on Oct. 20th in the fire sign Aries and dynamic energy for this midweek and through the weekend of Oct. 24th. Some may feel very inspired this mid-month with all the planets moving forward.

The transiting Sun finishes trekking through Libra’s energy to then focus more deeply and intensely in the mysterious water sign Scorpio for the rest of this month.

The Last Quarter Moon finishes this month’s lunar cycle in the fun-loving fire sign, Leo. Mars enters its own sign of Scorpio which it rules and has the most power to transform things, and we can celebrate the Halloween festivities on Sat and Sunday, Oct. 31rst. However, the transiting Moon in Virgo can shift the focus of our attention to the details rather than the spirit of the festivities.  
Happy Fall Season
In the Stars for September
September always reminds me of my childhood’s anticipation for returning to school after a hot slow summer, plus anticipating cooler weather and for the coming holidays time in the Fall.
The Sun transiting through the service-orientated practical earth sign Virgo which can help us get in the mood to pay attention to details, clean things up gardens, homes, paperwork any way we can organize our intentions like making lists of things to do. This placement can promote a critical mind lost in the details not able to see the big picture, thus encouraging criticisms rather than cooperation. Later in the month, we may see more cooperation in negotiations as the planets start to move through Libra particularly Venus and Mars will form beneficial energies to Jupiter and Saturn.
Virgo Sun signs are motivated by the purity of thought, work, ethic, dedicated effort, drive, and a sensible attitude for life. They have discriminating minds with a sense of duty as they go about fulfilling their obligations and service. They enjoy their work and find themselves working tirelessly on behave of others. They prefer to be logical and rational in their thinking and attitudes. They make thoughtful friends, happiest when they are being creative and always doing something like taking care of their garden and pets. They do pay attention to their health and diets for the most part. They are idealistic when it comes to mating preferring that special person in their life. Happy Birthday Virgo this month may be challenging or confusing for some Virgos as the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Virgo oppose Neptune in its sign Pisces.  Also, for those born early degrees in the sign Virgo, the Moon’s transiting nodes in Gemini are square to your Sun perhaps adding a push to decisions that are on your horizon.

The Planetary Aspects for September
The Sun  (ego) and  Mars (our drives)  in Virgo stress that we focus, clean things up, helps to direct our communications and drives, while Venus planet of love and relationships in harmony seeking Libra adds a sense of rationality and justice to our values and relations. For the first two weeks of Sept., Venus in Libra starts to trine expansive Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius; perhaps may help to increase prosperity and luck for some until Sept. 11th, then Venus shifts into the intense and secretive water sign Scorpio and starts to square karmic Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect may restrict or limit our capacity for love and forgiveness, especially for our enemies it brings constraint to relationships. After the new moon on Sept. 6th, Mars in Virgo opposes transiting Neptune in Pisces. this aspect can stir up more chaos, confusion, polarization around beliefs and a sense of victimization motivates those who are highly critical now concerning health mandates and service to others. Doubt and hopelessness versus faith and belief is the theme of this aspect which challenges  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces natives until mid-month when Mars shifts into Libra which will lighten things up and we can call for fairness in action and harmony. Mars in Libra seeks peaceful negotiations as it forms a beneficial aspect to Saturn in Aquarius for the rest of the month. This aspect will add more rationality to our thoughts and may help to stabilize any difficult military or social upheavals that are occurring this month.  
Saturn in Aquarius continues to square Uranus in Taurus continuing the fears tension/action drives around abundance, security,  economic growth, jobs, and humanitarian programs. Things are yet to be resolved with regards to the ongoing pandemic and the insecurity people feel about the reasons for mandates.
Overall, a longer aspect affecting the USA consciousness is that transiting Neptune in Pisces continues to square Mars in Gemini in the USA natal chart and transiting Neptune opposes its natal Neptune in the 9th of values, ethics, and wisdom, we may continue to be a nation confused, frustrated and deluded by our imagination, paranoia, and susceptibility to delusions and cults. The lesson is to learn to be clear about our values, ethics, and relations if we are to pursue a democratic type of relationship with one another. We are still a young nation in the throes of learning how to be democratic and not tyrannical. This aspect is in play until Neptune moves into Aries in January 2026.
Also, Pluto planet that represents death, transformation, renewal, upheavals, and endings continues to conjoin its natal position in the USA natal chart in the second house in the earth sign, Capricorn which brings a need to change and transform our governing paradigms based on just materialism. For Capricorn Sun signs it represents a time to change or curb one’s personal egoic ambitions around power and structure in life as this is a very humbling aspect for most Capricorns.

The Lunar Cycle for September
The New Moon ushers in on Sept. 6th Labor Day in the practical earth sign Virgo. A good time to put plans into action that you want to develop this month. This analytical energy is full of insights and awakening for most aware souls. New projects and initiatives started now will come to fruition by the Full Moon on Sept.20th. 

The Second Quarter Moon occurs in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius on Monday 13th. This is a good time to analyze your plans and projects, perhaps you may also feel like traveling on this day and get a broader perspective on life.

The Harvest Full Moon in the compassionate water sign Pisces occurs on  Monday, Sept. 20th, This moon can increase our imagination, psychic awareness, and compassion for all living things. This is a good time to celebrate the bounty the earth gives us and to evaluate how you use your energy as Pisces moon stirs up the imagination and the Sun in Virgo its opposite polarity shows how to take practical steps to create those imaginative forms. 

The transiting Sun enters into the air sign Libra, at the Fall Equinox Sept. 22, it’s a time for celebrations and social occasions that celebrate the earth’s bounty at this harvest time for most who live in the northern hemisphere a time of gratitude for what we can share with others.

Mercury goes retrograde Sunday, Sept. 26th, its time to slow down, be flexible with schedules, go over plans and projects that need to be finished up before you start any new ones. Mercury in Libra retrograde can encourage our communication and peacekeeping ideas with others. In this air sign, Mercury who rules over communications can help us with negotiations to be fair and just. And to go over our concepts are they fair and just? Mercury goes direct on October 18th.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Sept. 28th in the water sign Cancer. This can be an emotionally sensitive time as we nostalgically review our home, security, and comforts. The last quarter moon is good to recharge one’s energy.

And that’s the forecast for this month, email me with questions or to make an appointment for a reading. Take care,