Astrology Newsletter

In the Stars for September
September always reminds me of my childhood’s anticipation for returning to school after a hot slow summer, plus anticipating cooler weather and for the coming holidays time in the Fall.
The Sun transiting through the service-orientated practical earth sign Virgo which can help us get in the mood to pay attention to details, clean things up gardens, homes, paperwork any way we can organize our intentions like making lists of things to do. This placement can promote a critical mind lost in the details not able to see the big picture, thus encouraging criticisms rather than cooperation. Later in the month, we may see more cooperation in negotiations as the planets start to move through Libra particularly Venus and Mars will form beneficial energies to Jupiter and Saturn.
Virgo Sun signs are motivated by the purity of thought, work, ethic, dedicated effort, drive, and a sensible attitude for life. They have discriminating minds with a sense of duty as they go about fulfilling their obligations and service. They enjoy their work and find themselves working tirelessly on behave of others. They prefer to be logical and rational in their thinking and attitudes. They make thoughtful friends, happiest when they are being creative and always doing something like taking care of their garden and pets. They do pay attention to their health and diets for the most part. They are idealistic when it comes to mating preferring that special person in their life. Happy Birthday Virgo this month may be challenging or confusing for some Virgos as the Sun, Mercury, and Mars in Virgo oppose Neptune in its sign Pisces.  Also, for those born early degrees in the sign Virgo, the Moon’s transiting nodes in Gemini are square to your Sun perhaps adding a push to decisions that are on your horizon.

The Planetary Aspects for September
The Sun  (ego) and  Mars (our drives)  in Virgo stress that we focus, clean things up, helps to direct our communications and drives, while Venus planet of love and relationships in harmony seeking Libra adds a sense of rationality and justice to our values and relations. For the first two weeks of Sept., Venus in Libra starts to trine expansive Jupiter retrograde in Aquarius; perhaps may help to increase prosperity and luck for some until Sept. 11th, then Venus shifts into the intense and secretive water sign Scorpio and starts to square karmic Saturn in Aquarius. This aspect may restrict or limit our capacity for love and forgiveness, especially for our enemies it brings constraint to relationships. After the new moon on Sept. 6th, Mars in Virgo opposes transiting Neptune in Pisces. this aspect can stir up more chaos, confusion, polarization around beliefs and a sense of victimization motivates those who are highly critical now concerning health mandates and service to others. Doubt and hopelessness versus faith and belief is the theme of this aspect which challenges  Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces natives until mid-month when Mars shifts into Libra which will lighten things up and we can call for fairness in action and harmony. Mars in Libra seeks peaceful negotiations as it forms a beneficial aspect to Saturn in Aquarius for the rest of the month. This aspect will add more rationality to our thoughts and may help to stabilize any difficult military or social upheavals that are occurring this month.  
Saturn in Aquarius continues to square Uranus in Taurus continuing the fears tension/action drives around abundance, security,  economic growth, jobs, and humanitarian programs. Things are yet to be resolved with regards to the ongoing pandemic and the insecurity people feel about the reasons for mandates.
Overall, a longer aspect affecting the USA consciousness is that transiting Neptune in Pisces continues to square Mars in Gemini in the USA natal chart and transiting Neptune opposes its natal Neptune in the 9th of values, ethics, and wisdom, we may continue to be a nation confused, frustrated and deluded by our imagination, paranoia, and susceptibility to delusions and cults. The lesson is to learn to be clear about our values, ethics, and relations if we are to pursue a democratic type of relationship with one another. We are still a young nation in the throes of learning how to be democratic and not tyrannical. This aspect is in play until Neptune moves into Aries in January 2026.
Also, Pluto planet that represents death, transformation, renewal, upheavals, and endings continues to conjoin its natal position in the USA natal chart in the second house in the earth sign, Capricorn which brings a need to change and transform our governing paradigms based on just materialism. For Capricorn Sun signs it represents a time to change or curb one’s personal egoic ambitions around power and structure in life as this is a very humbling aspect for most Capricorns.

The Lunar Cycle for September
The New Moon ushers in on Sept. 6th Labor Day in the practical earth sign Virgo. A good time to put plans into action that you want to develop this month. This analytical energy is full of insights and awakening for most aware souls. New projects and initiatives started now will come to fruition by the Full Moon on Sept.20th. 

The Second Quarter Moon occurs in the enthusiastic fire sign Sagittarius on Monday 13th. This is a good time to analyze your plans and projects, perhaps you may also feel like traveling on this day and get a broader perspective on life.

The Harvest Full Moon in the compassionate water sign Pisces occurs on  Monday, Sept. 20th, This moon can increase our imagination, psychic awareness, and compassion for all living things. This is a good time to celebrate the bounty the earth gives us and to evaluate how you use your energy as Pisces moon stirs up the imagination and the Sun in Virgo its opposite polarity shows how to take practical steps to create those imaginative forms. 

The transiting Sun enters into the air sign Libra, at the Fall Equinox Sept. 22, it’s a time for celebrations and social occasions that celebrate the earth’s bounty at this harvest time for most who live in the northern hemisphere a time of gratitude for what we can share with others.

Mercury goes retrograde Sunday, Sept. 26th, its time to slow down, be flexible with schedules, go over plans and projects that need to be finished up before you start any new ones. Mercury in Libra retrograde can encourage our communication and peacekeeping ideas with others. In this air sign, Mercury who rules over communications can help us with negotiations to be fair and just. And to go over our concepts are they fair and just? Mercury goes direct on October 18th.

The Last Quarter Moon occurs Sept. 28th in the water sign Cancer. This can be an emotionally sensitive time as we nostalgically review our home, security, and comforts. The last quarter moon is good to recharge one’s energy.

And that’s the forecast for this month, email me with questions or to make an appointment for a reading. Take care,